Today’s arrivals…♥!

cd japan order

Today’s bundled order includes quite a few long awaited new releases including Acchan’s solo single which marks her return at long last back to music (love the digipak for versions type A & B), AKB48’s now 3rd music video~♥ collection which I opted for on Bluray going with the all inclusive box set (5 randomly inserted member photos inside too!), Moritaka Chisato’s “Moritaka Land Tour 1990.3.3 at NHK Hall” on Bluray (quite an exciting surprise when this release was first announced as it’s quite the gem to be getting an additional classic concert from the J-pop legend herself after so many years gone by!), the October 2013 issue of Bomb magazine which features HKT48 on its cover and last but certainly not least is gravure idol Nakamura Shizuka’s mook release which is a rarity as she’s opted for DVD releases till now =).

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to Today’s arrivals…♥!

  1. philipleslie says:

    What a fantastic parcel!! Looking forward to your reviews of Acchan and Millions ga ippai!


    • philipleslie says:

      I’ve just ordered Acchan, Type A, from CD Japan. There were just 3 first press left. Better late than never…Only a matter of days now before Not Yet will be in the post!


      • I like that Acchan’s singles are in digipak format just as Mayuyu’s most recent single was, although I have to say it does make for a bit of an oddity as those singles can’t fit properly upon the same shelf as her other singles…still love this style of packaging. Awesome you got the first press before they ran out =D! U~n looking forward to Not Yet’s new single too~~!


    • U~n will be posting those soon =).


  2. Ivan says:

    so u got hkt magazine :P, want so much look inside of it hahaha

    so how is acchan single ??


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