How Do You Like Them Apples?「ヤングジャンプ 2013年9月12日No.39 feat. 指原莉乃~♡」

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (1)

Still the most troublesome aspect of ordering any weekly/monthly manga magazine are their enormous size and therefore weight which means upped shipping costs xD…still for a Sasshi cover it’s still worth its weight in adorableness~♡. Also in this issue are Passpo’s leader Negishi Ai and model/actress Taketomi Seika.

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (2)

Good Will Hunting

Cookie Monster says...

the white faced monkey says...

The bunny says...

The baby lama says...


you get the idea (。ーωー。)笑。

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (3)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (4)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (5)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (6)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (7)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (8)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (9)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (10)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (11)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (12)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (14)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (15)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (16)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (17)

Young Jump September 12, 2013 (18)


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11 Responses to How Do You Like Them Apples?「ヤングジャンプ 2013年9月12日No.39 feat. 指原莉乃~♡」

  1. philipleslie says:

    Sasshi’s photo sequence is really striking. What does ‘ma, sore wa sore toshite…’ on the apple mean? ‘ah, this…’?


    • Let’s see, that’s like saying….be that as it may or something along those lines but it’s in context with a previous dialogue. ‘toshite’ creates like a role for its direct subject. For example if wanted to say….”Kamei’s last photo book as a Hello! Project girl” it could be said….”Kamei eri no saigo shashinshuu, Hello! girl toshite….”

      Sasshi has such a unique beauty to her, her outgoing and extra expressive personality makes her such a rare beauty too as she’s such a fangirl herself of the culture, I find that so special about her. Back in 2010 when AKB48 visited the U.S. headlining as guests of honor for the Anime Expo in L.A. a friend of mine hooked up with some friends I had met online in L.A. and attended the festivities there including nearly every AKB48 event held. He agreed to attempt to get the girl’s autographs along with as many photographs as he could take and luckily he succeeded with pretty much everything he had planned to attend and collect there. He also got to meet and shake hands with Manoeri at her movie screening for her horror feature and got some photos too of her which are so cute…he says that she has the most tiny~adorable hands a person could ever have and actually he lucked out and got her autograph too on a photo he had taken with him and lol in the end he couldn’t part with it but he did give me the AKB48 girl’s autographs that he was able to get on a wonderful shikishi! Anyway the reason why I’m mentioning this is that Sasshi was there for the red carpet, concert, their panel appearance Q&A and a really exclusive meet and greet in a private room which he actually won in a raffle style game and so he actually sat just like a foot away beside here at one of the tables there which also featured Kitarie (the old duo~♥!!) they were so perfect together! And he got to ask her questions and said that Sasshi was so candid and friendly singing and laughing and being open to everyone’s questions of her….it was quoted as being the ‘loudest’ table at the private room meet & greet!

      After he got back and after a bit….no a lot of nagging I actually got him to sit down and properly chronicle his entire trip to the Anime Expo along with Manoeri’s event in wonderful detail here…I only helped with some of the blogging format as he doesn’t blog and never has and probably sadly never will again but all of the text and excitement and amazing details are all in his own words, it’s the only guest post I’ve ever had and if you have the time to read through it in entirety it’s so rewarding in showing just how an AKB48 event can be if one is lucky to attend and all of the wonderful drama and treasures that go along with it, there are also quite a few eye opening times as well as humorous moments to enjoy:

      If you do happen to comment in that post I’ll try to get him to log in and reply =D.


      • philipleslie says:

        Thank you for explaining ‘toshite’. Quite often in the performer blogs there are little phrases that I simply cannot ‘get’ and aren’t in the dictionary. Learning is so much easier (and quicker) when you have a native 先生!
        I love your friend’s story, and thanks for the guest blog link: I’ll bookmark that for later. It looks a great read. Sasshi must be so much fun to know. (No one can match the wonderful faces she can pull.) You can see her early total commitment in the pv of ‘Kimi no koto ga suki dakara’. You can tell how much she’s adored by the fans too, because last year’s hurtful ‘scandal’ didn’t make a jot of difference as to how she was perceived. In fact, the fans voted an overwhelming ‘we love you!’ at the election.
        As for that last Seika Taketomi photograph, do you think white goods manufacturers, inspired by CD retailing, are now including idols/actresses as external privileges?! I’m wondering if I might get an Aragaki Yui with a new fridge freezer.


        • I was so jealous knowing that he had been seated directly beside Sasshi for the meet & greet! It was amazing that Andy was able to accomplish all of the goals we were planning out before he left for L.A., I think he was most starstruck or idol~struck coming back after seeing so much there! That’s a great pv!!..and Sasshi yes really strikes a chord there for fans’ hearts I would have to believe just as you’ve described. That was a total triumph for her and management surely was put on notice that Sasshi’s not to be messed with although they did ship her out to HKT48 but in true hindsight it was the perfect move for her as she’s now manager and mentor to the entire group there which also says that management truly understands what fans think of Sasshi~♥. Haha I love that!..I hadn’t even considered how interesting that photo was as if it could be an ad which would most likely sell many units upon arrival =). I’ll take a Yuko~refrigerator or perhaps a Manodryer =P!


          • philipleslie says:

            Fukuoka is Sasshi’s kingdom (or rather, queendom) for the time being. I would never have bothered with HKT48 had she not been involved. Interestingly, in the pvs she’s never foregrounded at the expense of the other singers. She’s really part of the team. I hope she can get s to stay there for a while.


            • U~n I’m sure many other fans too were attracted much more to HKT48 upon Sasshi’s sudden arrival =D….great for the group gaining much more publicity too. That’s a great point as although one would have expected her to be the center there, they’ve certainly made it a point to not push Sasshi to the forefront and she being their manager too says a lot about that =).I’m thinking she’ll be there for the long haul, although with the AKB world one can never tell.


  2. Ivan says:

    humm i see this magazine before

    really the first time i see negishi on magazine with solo pics… and she is so beauty… but her voice talking is really funny 😛


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