~Manocute x Manohawaii~♡

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (1)

Just about three weeks or so from now Manoeri will be releasing a new shashinshuu on September 27th and here in the latest issue of UTB (October 2013) we’re treated to a bit of a preview as Wanibooks (parent publisher to UTB) presents Manoeri’s~♥ very first pb since her graduation from Hello! Project and what makes this pb extra extra special for me is that is was shot here in Hawaii~♥!!!!!!! On second thought what this also means is that yet another idol whom I adore was here recently and I yet again missed the chance to stalk bump into them while I practicing the art of not being too groupy~like in the process =P! Sure Manoeri’s still donning the shorter crop cut and while I may be partial to Manolongerhair she’s nonetheless loverly here!!

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (60)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (61)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (62)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (63)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (64)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (65)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (66)


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to ~Manocute x Manohawaii~♡

  1. Ivan says:

    really ? i dont know about this pb @.@

    good good, looking ofward to it


    • U~n should be released just a bit later this month on September 27th =)….I’m thinking that these are off~shots from it in advance as Wanibooks is the parent publisher for her upcoming shashinshuu too…she looks so cute here!


      • Ivan says:

        oh its mano, always cute ;3

        but in my opnion she need let her hair grow again 😛 make her more beauty 😛

        and well im waiting some news about a single or something yet, dont want she to stop singing i love her voice


        • Although I do think she matches her shorter look she’s been going with recently I do love her longer look just as you say, it does match her facial features much better with her longer hair =).

          Perhaps she’ll get back to music too in the future as you just never know as remember not too long ago we were just talking about Acchan and music and you didn’t think that Acchan would get back to music while she’s so busy with t.v. dramas as a successful actress, and yet she indeed is back with a new single release so there’s always hope for Manoeri too ^ ^。


          • Ivan says:

            well some changes sometimes dont kill, lot of girls i like do this the last years hahaha
            talking about short hair ogasawara mayu(nmb) cute her hair too, but she stay amazing cute, more than she are before hahah

            i think they need create a method to let us from another country to talk with our idols hehehe
            so i going say to mano to let her hair long again haha

            yeh, and acchan back to sing too haha
            so lets hope to mano back :3~~
            i look her blog everytime she post something new ;3


            • Just for a change…girls can get restless having the same look for too long a period of time….just says something fresh in having a new dew. U~n some can match the shorter look more than others…facial shape, eyes and cheekbones play such a big role in all of that and hairstylists usually can help with choosing a new look if a girl is wanting some style change.

              Haha I’m sure you’re along with many other fans I’m thinking in the Manoeri~>long hair movement!! =D!

              U~n I’d welcome Manoeri back to J-pop is she chooses to and she really does post often, I have her bookmarked too ^ ^。


              • Ivan says:

                yah, have lot things to look to see if the hair styles go workout or no 😛

                hahaha so lets go search how to send her a letter so we collect a lot of signs to send to her talking to let her hair grow again 😛

                bad i cant read japanese so i dont know what she talk on her posts, but i think normaly she put some new info about her carrer, some pics she post there look like is from model pictures 😛


                • Best to have an envisioned ‘preview’ before getting a radically different cut, but in any case hair will always grow back but still it can be most devastating if one gets a bad cut or style which just doesn’t work xD.

                  Haha I’m thinking you could just post on her blog directly although a large signed petition by fans asking for a longer haired Manoeri to come back would be much more effective no doubt =P.

                  U~n everyday stuff and her career.


                  • Ivan says:

                    yah and girls get furious when this occours with their hair getting wrong haha

                    haha lets search her email, or maybe make a site, and put the petition there and send her the link on her blog and twitter hahaha


  2. bjk_kds says:

    cant wait for new pb..
    she’s always adorable n cute.. 😀

    btw, hi.. i’m newbie here.. 😀


    • Hello,

      Manoeri’s~♥ new pb is just about a week away from arriving here and I’ll definitely be scanning it upon arrival. Nice to meet you! =)


      • bjk_kds says:

        unfortunately, I’m not going to buying this one, -_- no leftover money 🙂
        actually, I had planned to buy manonano since there’s no one share the making of, still waiting for leftover money 😀
        btw, i didn’t know about this blog before, found it accidentally when searching mano’s random pics 🙂


        • Mmm…pbs can get pricey! Manonano is a wonderful pb to get!!…now that I think about it I never did get around to scanning that one =/. Haha that’s great!….there are quite a lot of Manoeri posts dating back to her very debut with Hello! Project, Ongaku
          Gatas and all of her solo work are here too ^^.


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