Cubic Girl~♡

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (1)

Rubik's Cubesuga nanakosuga nanakosuga nanako

suga nanako

(sigh*…) a girl and her cube.

Make that the classic puzzle toy, the Rubik’s Cube.

You know I can remember trying to solve that thing relentlessly with not much luck or skill for that matter at solving it so easily. Sure give me a day and I’ll eventually figure it out =P But to solve it within just seconds?!? Oh and remember that they actually made tiny cute keychain versions too way back then =).

Nanan says...

“なな子ろびやおき、どんな時でもめげずにファイト。 ”

So anyone who brings with her and then solves very quickly a Rubik’s Cube just within a brief MC period is beyond impressive and + to that the intriguing fact that Nanan actually builds robots within her spare time and it’s then no wonder that Nanan’s now appearing in UTB in a solo pictorial in the latest October issue (just got mine!) with an abundance of cubic cuteness! Surely she made quite the impression as even the publishers here couldn’t resist the play on words…love that!

suga nanakosuga nanakosuga nanako

Nanan~♥ says...

~2013 Sousenkyou by Nanan~

And you really get the ‘impre[s]sion’ that while there are so many girls waiting their turn for this recording that they did prior to this year’s elections that there was no way that anyone was getting a second take =O!! Just note Nana’s falling robot @ the ending lol it’s so oddly cute in any case and Yes while some idols plan to fill the world with love~♥….here Nanan has much bigger ambitions with world love domination via robotics being part of the agenda folks =D!

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (38)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (39)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (40)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (41)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (42)

UTB vol.216 October 2013 (43)


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to Cubic Girl~♡

  1. Ivan says:

    hahaha i have tryed too but never solved it 😛
    but u know that have a sequence and so hints to solve the cubic?

    this magazine of nannan i never see before @.@, whats the date of it
    and nannan so cute 😛

    and u have luck with the pics u going to zip for me ?


    • The Rubik’s Cube has always driven me bonkers but it’s still fun to play with =)….I’m sure there’s a method to the madness of solving them but it escaped me then and I’m sure it would do the very same today if I still had one….and I remember seeing these little kids solving them with amazing speed and ease =O! Did you see Nanan solve her Rubik’s Cute?…and her robotics talents are great too! lol and when it fell down at the very end I cracked up…just wondering why she didn’t get to retake her video?? xD

      Haha..okay Ivan hover your mouse over the top cover pic and wallah! =) I usually label photos and scans with some description or another.

      Sorry I still am zip~inept it seems =/.


      • Ivan says:

        yeh, when i see one i stay moving the sides hahaha
        haha, i dont care about the method to, like only playing with it 😛
        but this method is what make ppl solve so fast
        no i dont remember see this video, do u have some link to it ??
        hahah i remember this videos of sosenkyou promotion :P, i laught so much when i see the robot with her face hahaha

        oh ok, i dont stoped the mouse up the pics hahaha

        haha its ok 😛


        • I was just checking but sadly it’s been removed =(…so disappointing when you’ve bookmarked a video only to go back and find that it’s then gone =/. It was so funny that she did that to her robot and I still can’t get over it that they didn’t let her redo it after her robot fell face down =O lol!

          U~n pretty much on any post here most images (not all though) are labeled and you can view their description that way by using your mouse =).


          • Ivan says:

            yah, have occours with me too :\
            hahaha maybe is because stay more funny so more chances to her get attention… if i remember a friend said her father works with robot things 😛

            the mouse disturb my views :3~~, good views cant put the mouse there hahaha
            what impresses me is nannan has only 13 years… and look her body O.o


            • That’s so true, funny I wasn’t thinking that way but having that bit of a blooper right at the end of her Sousenkyou video is endearingly funny =D…agreed! agreed! Oh that would explain her interest and expertise in operating’s such an unexpected and awesome interest and talent of hers.

              Ehh? the mouse pointer is just a tiny arrow/dash though on the computer screen =P. A~h yes she is quite mature in that manner isn’t she…just the clothing and swim suits that the youth can wear today….it’s nothing like when I was growing up or at least my parents I don’t think would have allowed me in them at that age ^ ^。


              • Ivan says:

                i think i watched close to all sousenkyou videos promotion of the girls hahaha
                yah, and if u look i think is really hard a girl like this things :P, so maybe in long future she continues her father work 😛
                i think she go make a gundam nannan yet hahaha

                u got what i mean 😡 hahaha…. hahaha, yah normaly parents has to be much protective to they children :P… but nannan is for work, but i think if im her father i dont allowed the pics O.o


                • Wow that’s a looooooot of videos =O!! I stuck with my main faves~♥. If she truly is in love with the technology of robotics I bet she just may continue on with it, but being so young yet you just never know if something like that will stick as she reaches adulthood. A Gundam Nannan would be perfect ~*!!

                  U~n is a tricky line between work and keeping an eye out for your child’s best interests and well being. Still it’s often shocking how children’s clothing styles have changed so much over the years and even more so recently. For idols and modeling I can see how it’s part of the culture, so yeah it’s a tricky line in between no doubt.


                  • Ivan says:

                    yah i think more than 200 hahaha.. ah lot of the vids are really funny :P, if i remember one of the girls drop water in herself haehahea
                    haha yah lot of things can change
                    so now think in a bikini gundam nannan ahehaeha

                    at other point of view… normaly when have money in it u can do somethings O.o


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