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ヤングジャンプ No.43 October 10th, 2013

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October 10th issue of Young Jump features covergirl Yukirin whom with her second solo single just a little over two weeks away has an absolutely gorgeous pictorial here! Also featured amongst the tons and tons of comics are Kikuchi Rika, … Continue reading

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~Weekly Playboy No.38 September 23rd, 2013 features covergirl Yui, Koike Rina, Nakamura Shizuka & Mocchii’s first solo photo book!

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One of the more idol~ly packed issues of WP with of course a gorgeous cover featuring AKB48/Not Yet’s Yokoyama Yui, model Sasaki Nozomi with her bedroom eyes ~*, the just turned 20 Koike Rina who’s umm in the bedroom w/ … Continue reading

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~Weekly Playboy no.37 September 16th 2013 features Adachi Yumi, Nakamura Shizuka, Shida Yuumi & SKE48’s Ayachan.

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(This post contains visuals and text which are of a mature nature so if you’re under the age of 18 or that sort of thing bothers you, please refrain from viewing this post. Thank you. =) ) This issue opens … Continue reading

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So what’s more painful? Childbirth or getting kicked in the n#ts? (Important mysteries solved one at a time) =D

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Well awhile back we learned why the chicken crossed the road, so it’s time to tackle one of humankind’s next most arguable of questions. And while I’m yet to personally realize firsthand the pains of childbirth, I believe the consensus … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays reminisces the Hello! Project shuffle groups on Utaban July 4th, 2002…the one where Taka-san is attracted to Gomaki, no one knows Ishii, the debut of Flat Three, & how an office girl can join the group! (Volume 65)

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Happy Aloha Friday~♥! For tonight’s Unzipped♥ we’ll be taking a funny and nostalgic look back at Utaban’s 2002 fourth of July episode =D. This episode had quite the unique set setup for the opening segment as with so many members … Continue reading

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September 18th marked the triumphant ~* return of Acchan♥ to the world of J-pop as she released her now 3rd solo single titled “Time Machine Nante Iranai” which yet again represents an all around outstanding production and a perfect follow~up … Continue reading

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2014’s AKB48 Calendar Order…

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~2014 Wall Calendars~ Indeed so many to choose from for 2014! 90 to be exact and while it was tough trying to narrow down my choices from so many that caught my eye, I needed to hurry as cdjapan is … Continue reading

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~Kisses 4 one

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Okay so I’ve really timed it!..and this entire post loaded completely in 2 minutes and 20 seconds exactly =O!! The actual creation of this post took just over 11 hours to complete including Bluray to mp4 encoding, screen capping, additional … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 64)

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Happy Aloha~♥ Friday!! The past work week’s been pretty exhausting (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!! (an understatement!) and I’ve had so little time for the internet as outside of work and daily errands most of my ‘free’ time’s been dedicated to that wonderful time … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…♥!

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Today’s bundled order includes quite a few long awaited new releases including Acchan’s solo single which marks her return at long last back to music (love the digipak for versions type A & B), AKB48’s now 3rd music video~♥ collection … Continue reading

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