Imai Miki performs one of my favorite J-Pop songs of all time!

One day I’d like to compile together my top 100 favorite J-Pop songs including all groups/artists and while pondering this daunting task Imai Miki’s “PIECE OF MY WISH” came to mind as a sure top 25 candidate. I only have a modest collection of her music which includes 6 of her albums and most of these were purchased during my experimental J-Pop period. What immediately comes to mind the second that you hear her voice is just how elegant and graceful it is and in this regard she’s part of quite an exclusive group in J-Pop. Hmmmm…a good analogy I think would be to compare the aura of her voice to Barbra Streisand’s as it’s a strongly projected one that floats with a seemingly effortless flow. Every note and nuance so perfect and beautiful. Imai Miki debuted in the mid 80’s and luckily a lot of her back catalog was still available all those years ago with the earliest album that I was able to find of hers being from 1987, titled “Elfin.” Through the years her music has seamlessly adapted to the changes in style all the while that immaculate elegance has remained intact as her voice is that of an almost trademarked ability and is instantly a recognizable tone.

Her live performances resemble more of a “concert hall” experience and as a true test of her vocal ability she sounds equally amazing and perhaps even better live as she does in her recorded works. For this reason I’ve chosen to share a live performance of “PIECE OF MY WISH” versus the studio version. One thing that you’ll readily notice is just how quiet the audience is during the entire performance…think concert hall atmosphere! Okay so here’s a small singular glimpse into my projected top 25 J-Pop songs of all time…hmmm a list that may take years to complete! 😛 I can’t stress enough just how beautiful this song is so just imagine me going on and on and gushing about it more than I possibly have done before on this site! Well that’s probably difficult to imagine as the gush-o-meter has hit its peak many a times before…think Mr.Children! 🙂 This song (also a drama theme song) is a perfect match for any relaxing evening when you really need to wind down or just would like some moving dinner music to accompany your meal, please enjoy! ^ ^。

This version is from her album “THANK YOU.”

~Imai Miki “Piece of my wish” (live) mp3~

Well the Labor Day weekend’s almost here! And does anyone understand the notion of ‘you should never wear white the day after Labor Day?’ Just curious as I heard another reference to this while watching a sitcom last weekend. Happy Thursday!

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6 Responses to Imai Miki performs one of my favorite J-Pop songs of all time!

  1. mikeymikez says:

    I love that song as well and you introduced me to it! ❤


    • It’s still as lovely today!! I’ve been continuing to revive select Vox posts here as I’m gradually adding back their lost media in mp3’s and videos and reposting them whenever I can….this song really needed to be shared again I think =).


  2. mikeymikez says:

    Pops above is wrong one!


    • Hm..clip above doesn’t seem to want to play right now?….was wondering how similar a performance this may be to her version recorded for her “Thank You” CD. In any case a most most favorite song of mine!


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