Tomorrow Never Knows

Mr.Children visual collections on VHS and DVD

(above, a few of my visual collections of Mr.Children which still leave an absent gap in their history)

Much like Amuro Namie’s early music videos which would frequent the VTR monitors of all those Hey!Hey!Hey episodes during their Music Champ corners (think Super Monkey days and just beyond), Mr.Children’s earliest music videos have also alluded an official release, and that is to say that there’s an abundance of just incredible songs along with their artistic visuals missing from Mr.Children’s official collection. So while I do own each of Mr.Children’s pv offerings whether they be by first press album editions or separate DVD or VHS pv collections…..there’s still so many out there which I’ve only been able to see through their original television broadcasts which air during new release and chart topping showcase programs which are then shared online by fans lucky to have caught these original broadcasts live back then and then recording them live and then  in return have happily shared them with the rest of the fandom….so here’s just one of many Mr.Children gems from their earlier days which had then just begun to define them, their diversity, their roots…their full circle longevity which would only grow furthermore meeting the grandly refined and revolutionary band that you see today before you, an all time~legend you see…still in the making~.

Honestly when “Tomorrow Never Knows” first coincided with my J-pop awareness they were just about to unleash upon the world their statement album in “Atomic Heart”, which would be my very first taste of what would become a life~time musical love affair of mine (you probably already know that Mr.Children is my all time favorite band) and fittingly so it’s as if lighting had indeed struck twice in the very same spot of my fandom in this coincidence between song and album, a song which I really had likened to be perhaps a Beatles tie-in in mind before I had ever heard it, only to discover then that it really was a Mr.Children trademark all along~.

So here’s hoping ~* that Mr.Children will yet release a retrospective pv collection which will close that visual absent gap of so much which remains missing from an official release today. Also notable is that Mr.Children’s “ALIVE” music clips VHS which is pictured above left (with the yellowing from time outer slip case which was once a clear plastic) is yet to receive either the DVD or Bluray upgrade treatment it so deserves….still I hold onto hope ~*…..

…so for now here’s a televised recording of Mr.Children’s masterpiece “Tomorrow Never Knows” in all of its shared pv glory.

~Mr.Children “Tomorrow Never Knows” (music video)~

Translated by: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Stuck in time which doesn’t know enough to stop moving forward
I’d watched people coming and going about their daily affairs
Seeing glimpses of immature dreams I can never have again
In a boy who brushes past me.

Desired everything so badly that I could betray others without a flinch
even going so far as to want my good friend’s lover

denied even my redemption, today too I embrace that pain.
if you run through with your eyes set only on the prize,
you won’t be able to see tomorrow
without victory or defeat, the lonely race is going to continue on.

Sadly people are living things that forget
the joy of being loved and their miserable past
In order to advance farther than you are now,
you can’t flee from from the conflict
if you can do that, even today the world will keep on turning.

I’ll reach out a hand oh oh beyond the endless darkness.
even if you try to live for someone else’s sake oh oh tomorrow never knows

my heart just as it is, I go to a tomorrow in which no one knows.

I can’t live with just gentleness.
There are also those who choose their partings,
I wonder if we will meet again somewhere along this long journey.

I’ll reach out a hand beyond the endless darkness oh oh
if your pain is incurable, better to bring it with you.
it’s okay to go outside the borders a little, I’ll paint the dream
Try to live for someone else’s sake oh oh Tomorrow never knows
My heart just as it is, I go to a tomorrow in which no one knows.


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