While I’ve often felt so badly in the final few years of Melon Kinenbi’s H!P tenure as their releases had become so far and few between to the point where it really seemed that they were being neglected, what remains is quite simply a body of work which stands as one of the more powerful and memorable for H!P including some of Tsunku’s best of song♪ writing for sure!…especially in their earlier years and Melon Kinenbi really were like the rockin’ outfit of Hello! Project back then and for the most part their songs were distinctly unalike from their fellow family counterparts to the point where they sometimes appeared as an outside entity and so far apart~.

And just thinking back to Melon Kinenbi’s then just released new album which just four days later brought fans the official announcement of their impending break~up, it’s title then and now still most ironic to say the least…”Melon is not dead.” (+_+) Why by the time this album arrived at my home back then surely Melon was already dead upon arrival, no kidding (+_+)。

Melon Kinenbi URA MELON & MELON'S NOT DEAD albums..Melon Kinenbi collection continued.

While there would be so many Melon Kinenbi releases and memories to be thankful for, in fear of scaring anyone away by going on and on as I sometimes do (._.;), here on this day of reminiscing I’ve narrowed them down to my most favorite 8 which was a task it itself.

So to Melon Kinenbi I say….

Thank you for “This is unmei”, a pure masterpiece in J~Pop for its originality X’s 10 and a ferocious chorus also X’s 10; thank you for “Akai Freesia”, so uplifting and catchy on any given day no matter what my mood may be and for many years this remained as my most favorite of MK songs♪; thank you for “MI DA RA Matenrou”, for your stomping flamenco even before there was Momusu’s “Iroppoi Jirettai”; thank you for “Kawaii Kare”, for showing us how to rock a dance track’s choreography and for your infectious rhythms; thank you for “Onegai miwaku no target” my most favorite♥ MK song♪ all~time, for your power to rock an arena and engage an audience even from an ocean apart and additionally with this release also many thanks to you UFA for giving us quite possibly the strangest pv ever made in idol history!!! and actually for its initially baffling but then awesome way!; thank you for Shibata “Bunny” Ayumi, my most favorite melon♥ and for your cutest of smiles ( ̄▽ ̄)*….and lastly but definitely not least thank you Melon Kinenbi for capturing and moving me with your music, style and endless energy~* ^ ^!

Melon Kinenbi live in Fruity Killer Tune

~Melon Kinenbi “Onegai miwaku no target” (music video live version)~

Only fitting to begin with my most favorite MK song!…even better live and this ‘music video’ version is in some ways perhaps even more enjoyable than any straighforward live performance as it’s an awesome collage of both candid footage from backstage and during the tour intermingled with live stage performance footage all in perfect sync with the song throughout and add in some really cute and amusing moments from the girls and this one’s gotten lots of replay value over the years for me.

~Melon Kinenbi “Onegai miwaku no target” (live in Fruity Killer Tune!)~

Just an awesome all around performance by the girls and so much fun energy to speak of onstage!! Again I just can never get enough of this song!!

~Melon Kinenbi “This is unmei” (music video)~

By far one of the most creative songs ever released by Hello! Project, really I mean ever. The complex mix of classical meets rock ~n~ roll has never sounded more unique and with this one Tsunku really had outdone himself to this point which I think says a lot.

~Melon Kinenbi “This is unmei” (live Fruity Killer Tune)~

For its time and even now, still one of the greatest H!P music videos with choreographed perfection.



~Melon Kinenbi “Akai Freesia” (live Fruity Killer Tune)~

Only second to “Onegai miwaku no target” is “Akai Freesia” which will forever be made further famous by one Sayu singing karaoke in a most enthusiastic and somewhat unusual of ways as she appeared on a most memorable episode of H!P’s Futarigoto series.

~Melon Kinenbi “Akai Freesia” (music video)~

A perfect song in all regards which hooks you right from the opening verse only to further reel you in by the amazing chorus! Shibata ‘bunny’ Ayumi simply shines in this one!


~Melon Kinenbi “MI DA RA Matenrou” (live Fruity Killer Tune)~

Great flamenco flavored tune with an equally ambitious choreographed dance!

~Melon Kinenbi “MI DA RA Matenrou” (music video)~

Love the girl’s wardrobes too in this one! Sexy!

~Melon Kinenbi “Kawaii Kare” (live Fruity Killer Tune)~


~Melon Kinenbi “Kawaii Kare” (music video)~

The sentiments of a sweet storyline always brings a smile to my face watching this clip and who knew,….Ayumi was a 49er’s fan? =P


And it only feels fitting to end with Melon Kinenbi’s”Saa, sassoku moriagete iko ka~!!”

~Melon Kinenbi “Saa, sassoku moriagete iko ka~!!” (live Fruity Killer Tune)~


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2 Responses to ~Reminiscing~メロン記念日。。。(´⌒`。)

  1. philipleslie says:

    Continuing from elsewhere…’This is Unmei’ is wonderful, yes, and great in live performances! H!P videos are extraordinary. While I enjoy Kyari Pamyu Pamyu videos, they’re a little bit ‘knowing’, a bit too carefully done. Meanwhile, H!P plunged merrily into weirdness and just enjoyed itself: Kusumi Koharu and Minimoni spring to mind, and Nacchi wearing a Mexican moustache or driving a racing car!


    • A~h you’re wide awake 😀 “This is Unmei” has got to be one of Tsunku’s most triumphant pieces of music, it’s not only daring musically blending classical touches directly with rock n roll but the arrangement in particular has always blown me away each and every time I listen. Is this your most favorite MK song? I’ve got mines listed atop in this post with “Akai Freesia” (aka: the Sayumin audition reenactment song =P) which is just catchy beyond words while my overall number has to be “Onegai miwaku no target” which is pure love!!!!!! Oh the interestingly/ shocking to bizarre music video in particular in which I was speaking of is actually for this very song, now it’s not their ‘live’ music video but rather the original one which came with their single release…..hint: if you’ve seen the cover artwork then you’ll immediately know which one I’m thinking of =D!!:

      Sadly the pvs in the post linked below were lost when I moved to Vox and I haven’t gotten around to reupping them just yet but this version’s probably online I imagine as it’s so…..um unexpected. I’ve written the tale of my initial expectations versus my actual reaction upon seeing it for the very first time and let’s just say that the title of this post pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell =P:



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