~Your Yagishan♥ survival guide just in case you’re planning on dining her, shopping for her or perhaps even dating her….

Entame August 2013 (1)

Nagao Mariya

Getting to know your favorite alien whisperer a bit better!

Nagao Mariya in Entame August 2013

So I thought what a cool feature in Entame and if it’s a regular monthly thing in Entame then I’d surely love to see Yuko or Sasshi’s personal data too in these regards…so anyway while the fashion check on Yagishan was informative I was much more intrigued by her personal data answers which are just below a bit enlarged and then following that is the translation of fan’s need to know Yagishan♥ stuff!..you know just in case you want to take her to a movie, have lunch together, buy a gift for her that’s sure to please or perhaps if you want to date♥ her.


Yagishan’s♥ personal data

Chousho (Strong points)

“Omoiyari ga aru” (Caring person)

Jakuten.Kaizenten (Weakness; Point of improvement)

“Horror eiga” (Horror movies)

Suki na tabemono (Favorite food)

“Supamu ♥ abokado” (Spam ♥ Avocado)

Spamganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Now this is awesome!!! Seems that Spam is totally a Hawaii love thing as it’s believed that the Hawaiian Islands consume the highest quantity of Spam and more than any other place in  the world?! So to learn that Yagishan~♥ luvs her some Spam is both eye opening and awesome!!! Here Spam is an ingredient in just about anything including our breakfasts, sandwiches, with fried noodles, bundled with rice (Spam musubi), etc etc! And even that guy on the Travel Channel (Bizarre Foods) whom eats all of that gross out stuff like goo from the ground, animal guts and other unspeakable things gross visited Hawaii for one of his episodes awhile back and he couldn’t handle Spam, wouldn’t eat it =O!! What’s up with that?!? So it seems that if that Bizarre Foods guy were to have lunch with or near Yagishan he’d most likely puke and run away from her Spam delight~* lol =D! And to say the very least, puking is gross no matter what has been consumed…!


Suki na iro (Favorite color)

“Kuro~shiro, go-rudo” (Black & white, gold)

Suki na dansei no type (Favorite type of guy)

“Nuketeru hito” (A natural person)

Saikin hamatte iru mono (What have you become addicted to recently)

“Rokuga suru koto” (Video recording)

Oshimen (Favorite member)

“Itano Tomomi~san” (Tomochin!)


Ima ichiban hoshii mono (What do you desire the most now)

“Okii baggu” (A large handbag)


Kongo chousen shitai koto (What’s a future challenge of yours)

“Guro-baru ni ikiteru” (Live globally)

Fan e no api-ru point (Your personal point to appeal to your fans)

“Hyougen chikara!” (Expressive power!)


“ みーんなに幸せを届けたい。ウィンクキラー永尾まりやです。よろしくお願いします!!


Also don’t forget that Yagishan♥ believes in aliens so it may help to believe too ^^。


Have a nice day!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~Your Yagishan♥ survival guide just in case you’re planning on dining her, shopping for her or perhaps even dating her….

  1. Ivan says:

    how much handbag do u have hahaha ??

    haha yagishan i want one :3, this count ?? give me one ?


    • Lol handbags are essentials!!!! I’ll just say ‘enough’ and leave it at that =).

      Did you find any of her answers interesting? She’ll be heartbroken when Tomochin graduates from AKB =(….I’m not sure of what you’re asking for? One? One of? Eh?? Or do you mean you want Yagishan~♥?….just remember shhh you musn’t be seen with her or you’ll get her Friday’d for sure =O!


      • Ivan says:

        haha ok lets stay with the “enough”

        humm the 2 answers match her :P, but is bad yet she dont appear much in th tv programs and this things… at least she has appear in lot of magazines… talking about, where come from the one u used in the post ??

        yah i mean i want yagishan :3 haha
        “friday’d” or u mean fired ?? dont get this word hahaha

        dont worry ;3~ i go take care of dont be catch with her and go take care of her :3


        • Well they need to match a variety of outfits so you’d need to have several for sure =).

          Haha wait those are all of her own answers, which two match her?..only two? She does appear quite frequently in magazines recently so that’s always a good thing and I sort of thought that she’d rank a bit higher in the General Elections this year. Oh it’s scanned at the very top, the cover, it’s the new issue of Entame with Mayuyu on its cover.

          Oh by being Friday’d I meant you know how when some celebs/idols get caught in paparazzi photos dating someone and it gets printed in magazines, well Friday magazine is pretty famous for covering these types of stories it seems.


          • Ivan says:

            hahaha 😛

            oh wait, i thinked i get the top of the page @.@ (its what occour when u stay in the nite answering things haha)
            but reading all other, is all simple questions so i think is matched to her all answer :P… and she like and believe in aliens but dont like horror movies haha

            ohm agree with the election :3~~ , this is really good, hope she stay more time in the group to try get a good position someday ;3

            ah ok u talk about the magazine hahaha
            i really hate the guys who only do this… let the girl have their life ;\


            • That’s a funny irony with the horror movies and aliens for Yagishan =D….you really must get more sleep if you managed to truly miss half of the top of the page here lol =P.

              It’s like baby steps though so I hope she doesn’t become discouraged as she hasn’t gotten a high ranking as of yet after being in group for a few years now and it’s been baby steps for her since ranking for the very first time in the fourth General Election…although being ranked as a Next Girl is encouraging.

              (sigh….) that’s the paparazzi =(. Popular idols will never have any peace and privacy it seems as these photographers are just salivating at getting the next ‘scandal’ scoop to report on =/. It sucks but it’s a part of being a celebrity these days.


              • Ivan says:

                hahaha i know im strange :\
                so that why i dont have a gf i think hahahaha

                yah, enter in the rank the first time change lot of things, but some times i hope they dont get so much rank or attention… so they arent focused by the haters and the paparazi so they dont suffer bullying hehe and low chances of getting in trouble

                yah :\


                • Strange..so that makes the two of us, don’t tell anyone we’re strange like that =P! Nah….some girls like an oddity in guys, just not creepy odd or creepy weird or just plain creepy…don’t be that guy xD!

                  It can be a double edged sword…celebrity status. I say ignore the haters and don’t break the idol rules is all =D.


    • Her personality really is uniquely wonderful with her belief in aliens, her worldly aspirations and of course her love of spam! I would have never imagined an idol loving Spam so much =D


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