~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays presents Miura Rieko “First Concert Belong To You”..the complete concert (Volume 58)

Idols unzipped...

Happy Aloha~♥ Friday! and as promised tonight we’ll be watching Miura Rieko’s complete first concert “Belong To You.” And if you’ve had the chance to watch through her music videos which were posted as last Friday’s IDOLS♥ UNZIPPED then you’ll surely be much more familiar with a number of tonight’s songs as I always find seeing a concert that much more enjoyable if one were very familiar with many of the songs on the setlist prior.

Miura Rieko

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You VHS with photo pamphlet (liner notes)

Miura Rieko’s first concert was released on February 21st, 1992 and was both available on laserdisc as well as VHS (my copy to the left) and it was a Christmas themed concert hence the large Christmas tree on stage =P with the entire performance running at just about 50 minutes or so including her encore. The VHS pamphlet you see in the photo folds out to quite a large size as it doubles as both a photo memorial in addition to including liner note credits as well as Rieko’s setlist for the night, here I’ve included in its entirety scans of this pamphlet which will be flanking all of tonight’s performances dividing each live video clip from one another.

And just as with last week’s IDOLS♥ UNZIPPED I’ve managed to transfer my VHS to DVD through an all in one recorder/player however there seems to be a bit of digital blur occurring during movements on the screen which is a bit mysterious as my original VHS is quite clear albeit it’s still a VHS making its visual qualities quite limited although at the time it was the best we really had to hope for, for most music releases of those days. Just as the concert title suggests this night’s performance was in support of featuring Miura Rieko’s very first solo mini album “Belong To You”, titled by the same name here and with the exception of just one song “Itsuka okure no birthday” (“a birthday five days late”) the entire mini album is performed live by Miura Rieko. And so without further ado let’s watch tonight’s concert “Belong To You.”~~>

~Miura Rieko “Tender Christmas” (First Concert)~

Fittingly the concert opens with a performance of “Tender Christmas” as this concert took place on December 19th, 1991 just a few days before the most magical day of the year~*. I’ve always loved the use of bells whether they be school or otherwise and it was a frequent signature of numerous songs of back then thought the eighties and early nineties, you may have noticed how AKB and family too have incorporated this style of chiming to some of their songs as well, as AkiP’s heart truly lies in this golden age of J-pop. Rieko~chan’s vocals are as adorable as ever throughout the show as one of J-pop’s truest of anime~licious vocalists rules the stage on this night. “Tender Christmas” appears on her debut mini album “Belong To You” which was released on December 15th, 1991.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (1)

~Miura Rieko “Goodbye Friends” (First Concert)~

A very brief MC addressing the crowd leads into “Goodbye Friends” and we also get our very first visual confirmation that a real live band is accompanying Rieko~chan onstage, also take notice of the bit of dance choreography which I like to call the ‘chicken wing’ gesture as it appears in great abundance in so so many AKB and 48 family dance choreographies. “Goodbye Friends” is the coupling with song to the title track single “Namida no tsubomitachi” which was released on February 14th, 1991. The live band performing with Riekochan onstage is also CoCo’s regular live band whom stayed with the group throughout the entirety of their career.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (2)

~Miura Rieko “Tenki ame no machi kara” (First Concert)~

(“From the rainy weathered street”)

“Tenki ame no machi kara” appears on the mini album “Belong To You”, a very cute mid tempo melody plays host to Rieko~chan’s spirited vocals, also love the simple choreography as many times when complex and fast moving dance choreography collides with a live performance usually an artist’s vocals suffer a bit, you know from all of that bouncing around which occurs.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (3)

~Miura Rieko “Hanbun fushigi” (First Concert)~

(“Half Miracle”)

And here Riekochan begins the brief MC with her trademark charm words, “minna genki?!….” which always gets a wonderful response from the audience!! “Hanbun Fushigi” is actually a CoCo song (the group Rieko is from) and if you get a chance to hear the original it’s pretty cool hearing all of its lyrics sung by here by a single vocalist as the vocal lines for this song in particular are divided so much including those back up vocal lines as seen in the parenthesis below with its English translation. “Hanbun Fushigi” was originally released as a CoCo single on January 24th, 1990 and was the group’s second single.

Please note that the following translation is of the entire single version of the song whereas Riekochan’s live performance here is a bit abbreviated as the 5th, 6th and 7th sections of the song are omitted.

Hanbun Fushigi

Running in the evening heat at the river

Quietly my shoulders are put in place

I see a grassy baseball field, the road returning from the library

Explaining about the rules to you

I’ve been crazy about you

I’ve been sulking a little bit

Together, always to the end

Seems we’re fighting, how silly

You’re mean (but spirited)

I really hate him (I shout out I like him)

Why my feelings are just the opposite

My lips drop

I’m heartbroken (I’m thrown down)

I really hate him (Don’t believe it)

Misty heart, a girl in love

Half wonder

Continuing to the station, a deserted street

My hands tied, bored

Together circling around the store nervously

Suddenly exchanging jokes

Purposely joking around, it’s no good

What’s wrong with me (It’s only this time)

I’m fretting (Because it’s important)

Now, I’m overcome by brightness

I’m becoming uneasy

Why you (Can’t see you at your place)

Diverting students (He’s a kind person)

Misty love, a boy in love too

Half wonder

Sometimes I’m not happy, and also have chosen

Now, the same future, I live in my fantasy

You’re mean (But spirited)

I really hate him (I shout out I like him)

Why, my feelings are just the opposite

My lips drop

I’m heartbroken (I’m thrown down)

I really hate him (Don’t believe it)

Misty heart, a girl in love

Half wonder

Half wonder

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (4)

~Miura Rieko “Sasayaka na yuuwaku” (First Concert)~

(“Modest Temptation”)

“Sasayaka na yuuwaku” is also an original CoCo song and was the group’s 4th single release which hit record shelves on September 5th, 1990.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (5)

~Miura Rieko “Nichiyou wa dame yo” (First Live)~

(“Sunday’s No Good”)

Now here’s one of the cutest of Riekochan’s discography in “Nichiyou wa dame yo” which is Riekochan’s 3rd solo single which was released on November 7th, 1991 and later appeared just a month later on her first mini album “Belong To You” which was released on December 15th, 1991. Here Riekochan goes through her first wardrobe change of the concert as she’s now dressed in a most pretty red princess dress while her hair is also let down which is always an adorable look! As aforementioned in last weeks IDOLS♥ UNZIPPED “Nichiyou wa dame yo” has the cutest of playful lyrics as the girl here is standing strong on her inability to agree to a date with a boy who keeps calling her on the phone asking her out, giving him the reasons which are that her days are completely filled with prior commitments although she hides a secret away from till the very end that she still longs to hear his voice on the other side of the line..a bit of a tongue in cheek sassy humor for sure in her intentions.

Here, unlike Riekochan’s performance of “Hanbun fushigi” she performs a non abridged version of the song in its entirety and likewise the English translation below is of the complete single version as well.

Sundays no Good

Bad and busy

Begin talking on the phone

I don’t have the time to talk to you

Girls are busy

I have to practice fashion and chatting

Sorry I don’t have the time for a date

Sunday’s no good

Also Monday and Tuesday

Even Saturday evening is tight

Today is particularly busy

My mom and younger sister are really bothersome

Now, I’m not talking on the phone

Later on, maybe once

Too busy to see

I wonder if I’ll like seeing you play around

I don’t have the time to explain it to you

I’m not lying, I’m busy

Especially the girls of marrying age

It’s important that our anxiety goes down

Sunday’s no good

Next week or the following week

Even Saturday is tight

I’m busy today

You’re thinking it over

My heart beats now that I’m not talking on the phone

Please, don’t end the phone call

Also call tomorrow

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (6)

~Miura Rieko “Heart no Earring” (First Concert)~

(“Earring of the Heart”)

“Heart no Earring” is originally a Matsuda Seiko song and here in the opening MC Riekochan pays respect and tribute to one of J-pop’s all time artists whom paved the way for so many aspiring female artists who followed. Love how Riekochan says that from since she was really little she used to watch Matsuda Seiko on television loving her cuteness and likewise her princess dress tonight is also fashioned after the iconic artist. Here too a table prop is now onstage with even a glass of water upon it as well as a beautiful floral decoration…Riekochan here gets a bit of time to rest as she performs this sweet song so adorably.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (7)

~Miura Rieko “Himitsu no hanazono” (First Live)~

(“Secret Flower Garden”)

“Himitsu no hanazono” is also originally a Matsuda Seiko song and was originally released as a single on February 3rd, 1983 and that being a vinyl 45 single release from so long ago, it was Matsuda Seiko’s just then 12th single release overall and for its time selling in the neighborhood of 400,000 copies was quite the accomplishment! Here Riekochan does a wonderful tribute to Seiko~san once again, lending her adora~sweet vocals to a timeless classic in J-pop history.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (8)

~Miura Rieko “Tomodachi yori tooi hito” (First Concert)~

(“A More Distant Person than a Friend”)

Here Riekochan opens with a short MC where she asks the audience whether they’ve  listened to her mini album “Belong To You” and follows with a lovely performance of the mini album’s opening track “Tomodachi yori tooi hito.”

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (9)

~Miura Rieko “Namida no tsubomitachi” (First Concert)~

(“Flower Bud of Tears”)

“Namida no tsubomitachi” is the title track of Riekochan’s debut solo single which was released on February 14th, 1991. Remember that A-ha “Take on Me” inspired music video of hers from last week’s IDOLS♥ UNZIPPED?…well as inspired and cool as that video was it’s always better live!…and so adorable how Riekochan frequently squints her eyes while singing, I’d go as far as even saying this little nuance to be a trademark of her live performances as not a concert went by without this cute gesture always being present at any give moment.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (10)

~Miura Rieko “Suiheisen de tsukamaete” (First Concert)~

(“Catch the Horizon”)

“Suiheisen de tsukamaete” is Riekochan’s 2nd solo single’s title track which released on July 3rd, 1991. Rieko’s best MC of the night leads into the song performance, and the reason being that during this MC she directly addresses the audience with her emotions leading up to this night’s concert where despite her being well rehearsed in preparation nothing could really ease her nervousness and anticipation of meeting her fans on stage in a solo capacity for the very first time outside of CoCo….really fan endearing words spoken here as it all leads into her ‘final’ song of the night and that being such a such a fan favorite for the ages in “Suiheisen de tsukamaete!!” Everything about this song rocks!..the catchiest of melodies! the memorable choreography! that screaming guitar! those funky bass lines! those perfectly punctuating brass notes! and here too one of the benefits of performing with a live band onstage is played out as Riekochan spends a few moments with each fronting band member so cutely and gets wonderful reactions from all!….well with the exception of that most stoic trumpet player who barely notices Riekochan next to him and is about as fun as…well lol you can fill in the blank there =P!

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (11)

~Miura Rieko “Suteki na Labyrinth” (First Live)~

(“Incredible Labyrinth”)

Here the curtain has just fallen to ‘end’ the concert but of course the fans want more!!!..so calls for an encore soon come in unison amongst the venue’s attendees and then soon turn into unified chants for Riekochan herself~♥. The credits begin to roll but soon we see behind the curtain a wardrobe change has taken place and Riekochan is already posed ready to perform the actual concert’s final number! “Suteki na Labyrinth” is the coupling with song for Riekochan’s 3rd single “Nichiyou wa dame yo” which was originally released on November 7th, 1991. Do stick around though even after the song and likewise tonight’s concert has concluded as we’ll soon get a great look backstage live immediately after Riekochan has bid farewell for the evening to her fans. There’s such an intimate and real reaction as Riekochan has open expressions of relief that the concert went perfectly as well as her fatigued body falls to a squat as staff come to greet her backstage. Congratulations are abound with applause too and just the honesty of her face saying so much is most endearing to witness after such a momentous and memorable event for her career has just concluded on this day….tears of joy, tears of jubilation….tears of accomplishment~.

Miura Rieko First Concert Belong To You (12)

Thank you for watching tonight’s concert

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17 Responses to ~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays presents Miura Rieko “First Concert Belong To You”..the complete concert (Volume 58)

  1. philipleslie says:

    Lovely post indeed. I’ll listen to more of these later. She looks so at home on stage, and I do ove ‘From the Rainy Weathered Street’: a great tonic on a day when the sun’s not shining. You are so fortunate to have this concert among your treasures!


    • philipleslie says:

      I’ve just watched all your video clips, and what a truly lovely concert that was! Thank you again for sharing. It’s so good to be able to see this lovely singer in action (winking too), especially when she’s interacting with the band. As we agreed recently, there ought to be much more of that with the AKB groups. Yukirin really comes into her own with instrumentalists on stage (or when she’s seated at a drum kit and enjoying every second of it). Thank you for the translations of ‘Sunday’s no good’ and ‘Half miracle’. Very helpful.
      It’s so interesting how Miura Rieko appears very shy and the ultimate in kawaii (I love the moment backstage after the encore), when some of her idol shoots had a simmering, almost Gomaki intensity to them. There’s one set of pictures in black and white where this is most apparent and even had me starting to wonder if this was another Miura Rieko!


      • That’s a great observation as I sometimes take that aspect for granted xD but here it is truly her very first solo live without the comforts of having her fellow CoCo members with her on stage so she’s so nervous in preparation as she expresses later in the concert and still she performs so confidently!

        U~n the live band possibilities with idols we’ve talked about is so evident here! I do have to apologize so much for all of the digital blur which somehow has occurred during the VHS to DVD transfer as it’s no where to be found on my original VHS which is much more vivid and clear xD….I did try to tirelessly redo them time and time again with various different settings and yet the digital blur wouldn’t go way xD. Riekochan really does have charm the audience and can you just imagine if AKB were to have that type of interaction with a live band?!!!I It would be incredible!!!! So cute I imagine in my mind’s eye. A~h you’ve watched Yukirin’s lives! I miss French Kiss =(.

        I love the openly mixed feelings in “Nichiyou wa dame yo” and so cutely delivered! “Hanbun fushigi” along with “CoCo’s “Equal Romance” (Ranma 1/2) connection always such fan favorites!!! These always had gotten the biggest fan reactions it seems live…Hanbun fushigi is funny how the girl is fighting within herself her true feelings of loving the guy truly all the while sighting his faults which are unimportant after all, such cute lyrics and so so relatable =D.

        U~n Riekochan was even in Weekly Playboy back then…those photos will probably appear in my upcoming CoCo post if I ever finish is =P She’s definitely shown her sexy side and even more so with her last shashinshuu.

        Thank you~♥ for watching Philip!!!!!!!!!!! Us old school J-pop fans are an even rarer breed these days! But as with all music no matter what genre, there’s always those poignant idol♥ roots to look back upon in order to further appreciate what is before us now, and you totally get that ^ ^。


        • philipleslie says:

          The digital blur you mention didn’t distract at all from the lovely music.
          ‘Baby Blossom’ should have recorded more music! I love that the members learnt the instruments from scratch for ‘Give Me Five’. And I’ll repeat it again: Yukirin looked amazing on drums, especially at the big live concerts.
          (I too miss French Kiss. It was an excellent combination of voices and personalities. no3b was also a winner as far as subgroups go.)


          • I’m so relieved it wasn’t overly distracting as I just can’t figure out why when I encode particular videos for WP they don’t seem to play without that odd blur happening, it’s really odd as my VHS doesn’t have any blur to speak of. U~n Riekochan performs so well here too and to think it was really her very first live without the other girls in CoCo and despite being really nervous she did so well. That was a most ambitious and well directed project for AKB! I didn’t know to expect them to play, and then everyone exceeded what I could have imagined, all idol groups need much more of that type of collaboration with their music whenever possible. Yukirin made me thing of Moritaka Chisato behind the drums…very inspired!! I especially loved that Akicha was in French Kiss and for awhile she was really gaining in popularity even getting a solo image DVD too…I was so sad that she dropped so dramatically during the recent General Elections =(. Still Yukirin was front and center and well deserved for that, and their vocals just blended together so well, too bad they seem inactive now.


            • philipleslie says:

              Yes, it seems French Kiss have joined Not Yet and WH7 in that heavenly resting place where all subunits go… I wonder if such projects are ended by accountants, or if there’s another reason? For me, the subunits are every bit as interesting as the main show. Team Surprise is a more flexible format, I suppose, so maybe that will be kept going a while longer, although it’s a little cruel that each release is a single song/pv. (The MoMusu video singles had two versions of the song and a making-of: far better value!)


              • Happily I got the e-mail from cdjapan notifying that Not Yet is indeed back \(^o^)/!!! And what timing with Sasshi taking the center role now! Interestingly Team Surprise’s releases don’t seem to made available through commercial retailers, I was just watching a pv preview recently and they really are an awesome unit!! U~n at first the whole PV DVD single seemed like a money eating idea from record companies/ group management but looking back at them they were a good value and for what it’s worth a definite sign of those times with H!P… I believe I own just about every pv DVD single that H!P ever released back then =P….one thing that always bothered me about them though is that they typically for the most part weren’t released on the same day as their ‘accompanying’ CD releases…and usually a week or two later so I’d always have to delay getting the CD releases as I would bundle them together with their pv DVD versions so that they’d all arrive at once and also to save on multiple shipping costs.


                • philipleslie says:

                  I’ve just acquired Ayaya’s ‘Your Song-seishun sensei’ video single via eBay, still sealed! As for Team Surprise, I’ve bought mine from eBay too. My favourites of all are ‘Suiyoubi no Alice’ and Suteki na sankaku kankei’, but the other songs have good things about them too. I’ve seen a collected set of, I think, the first 12 releases, but that was pretty costly!


                  • “Your song seishun sensei” is such a great song!….and the accompanying CD has a first pressing in a really thick outer jacket which holds three B3 sized posters which was really a rarity even for H!P back in those generous and creative extras days. Do you have The Last Night?…it comes with a really beautiful photo book and that pv with the strings and colors of autumn are stunning!! Still one of the most unique first pressings also belongs to Ayaya as her Ne~e? first press single is housed in a clear vinyl pouch with a sticker booklet and picture labeled disc! It’s so oddly shaped that it doesn’t fit next to her other CDs and perhaps the only things more unusual from H!P would be a Nacchi linen basket, a Miya air freshener or most likely it’s Kamei Italian parsley =P….



                    • philipleslie says:

                      ‘The Last Night’ is one of my favourite Ayaya songs of all (and Tsunku’s, too, because I think he excelled himself with that). I’ve seen that unusual release of ‘Ne-e?’ (another favourite, and so brilliantly produced, especially with Tsunku’s voice in the mix), but was holding out for the release with pv, which I only have on other DVDs. That would also have the mini-Ayaya ‘dance shot’ too and hopefully a making-of. I expect you have that!


  2. @Philip u~n the DVD does have a making of included too and in the earlier days Tsunku was indeed so much more involved with all of his music projects and after awhile when H!P grew and grew into what it became at their height he had accomplished so much with different styles and genres, he’s just an amazing producer for sure. At the time and I guess also now, “The Last Night” was so unique to H!P and for the idol world for that, it’s like with Ayaya Tsunku knew that he could go outside of the idol box so to speak and venture into other forms of music and production that her alone in H!P could pull off amazingly.


    • philipleslie says:

      ‘Ne-e’ V disc is bound to turn up one day. It’s a must-have. I love that Mochida Maki clip you’ve posted that has Tsunku in the background! To think that just a few years later he would be one of the most versatile producers in the world. Is there anyone else who can do what he does? Surely there can’t be many with his range of abilities. The Last Night shows just how extraordinary he is: able to write anything from the most knockabout songs of Minimoni to this. It’s a gift to any singer, but Ayaya really gets inside it. Her delivery makes you weak at the knees, it’s so beautiful.
      Now I’m going to have to watch the video for it.


      • I remember a few years ago there was this whole the sky is falling out of Momusu fear and you’d see more and more of their merchandise, collectibles and releases appearing on auctions all over =O. I for one will never part with my H!P collection, period. It’s a a landmark time in life for me and I have so many memories from my late teens and far into my twenties where I can remember what songs I was listening to back then and whom my favorite members were and what I was doing in life too as Momusu/H!P continued to grow and grow, they’re completely nostalgic that way for me forever.

        I thought that was such a great coincidence, Tsunku being there for that MS show and sitting right behind Mochida Maki for that matter =D. U~n from SharaQ leading man to limitless producer! He’s really done it all. I remember when I first heard Pucchimoni’s “Chokotto Love”…I was like EH?..it was just so uniquely different from anything anyone was doing then! He can write the sweetest of ballads to the rockiest of songs to sometimes wacky arrangements which work wonders to awesome dance tracks….reggae…techno…just anything really, I so agree. “The Last Night”….Yes! Must be late there, goodnight Philip!


        • philipleslie says:

          I was typing to you while watching the concert I mention elsewhere! Midnight, it was, so mid morning with you. I find this time-difference great fun. I think East Coast US is 5 hours behind us, so California must be behind by 8 or more(?). I suppose California must be getting on for a day behind you? (Now my brain hurts.) What happens if you fly to Los Angeles, then? Do you end up with an extra day?


          • Let’s see our west coast (California) is now 3 hours ahead due to daylight savings time or otherwise they’re two hours ahead and the east coast (New York side) is 6 hours ahead which is a ton!..without daylight savings time they’d be 5 hours ahead. But you’re like waaaaaay ahead of us!!! It’s funny Hawaii is one of the last areas on earth to celebrate the New Year so if I could get on a really fast jet and travel from our east coast to our west to home I’d be able to celebrate New Years several times in a single year…like time traveling =P.


            • philipleslie says:

              I need to brush up on my time zones. I thought you were ahead of the UK, based on the fact that Japan is 8 hours ahead (9 at the moment). My mind is truly boggled.


              • I used to think that the U.K. was the very beginning of the day so we’re both miffed for sure xD and Japan I think is 19 hours ahead of us which is just woh quite nearly an entire day =O!


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