Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for awhile, but I blame it all on PMS (*>ω<)!!!!


And ‘that’ being P esty M odem S yndrome (ノロ≦。)!!!!But everything’s in order now and and I can return to my random word associations which somehow or another become ‘posts’ here for better or for worse =D. So how’s your PMS been treating you?…(^q^)!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for awhile, but I blame it all on PMS (*>ω<)!!!!

  1. Ivan says:

    internet problems ahaha this occours with me yesterday when i has playing hahaha


    • Ugh! xD! Happily everything’s okay now =D. You were online gaming?


      • Ivan says:

        yeh i normaly do this in weekends with some friends hahaha
        here in the city i stay now i dont have “friends” to go out of house haha


        • A lot of friends at work regularly go online gaming..a lot of girls too =). I sadly don’t even have an X-box so I can’t join them, not that I’d know what I was doing anyway lol xD….those shooter type first person perspective games I think would make me dizzy with the screen moving around so much. I’ll stick to rpg’s, racing and fighting games I think =). Well from what I understand the online gaming is really interactive now where you can openly speak to everyone with headsets?…so it’s like you’re totally hanging out with your friends that way and my friends who play seem to love it and have a lot of fun with each other so I’m sure it’s the same way for you as I sometimes here all of the jabs and jeering the next day at work as they talk about the night before online ^^.


          • Ivan says:

            haha, introduce me ur gilrd friends gamers plsd ?? hahahah
            i dont have a console too, i play on pc ^^
            haha yes some games do this with me sometimes too, but is because u stay without pratice 😛
            i like rpgs :3~~ but this days is really hard found a good one, i like strategy ones too
            yup headsets is really cool to contact on games :3

            haha is really funny, why u dont try ?? if u want we can try some games together too ^^

            talking about games, i started a course of developing games 😛


            • A~h you’d need to have an Xbox for online gaming =)…I don’t have on either =P. They just make me dizzy no matter what it seems and any flying game where there’s an artificial horizon forget about me playing that xD…I’d get so nauseous!! I’m still partial to the Final Fantasy series for rpg’s. Oh that’s awesome!! I could be like your dream job? To be able to create games for a living, now that sounds like an enjoyable job for sure!


              • Ivan says:

                humm im sure they play pc games online too :3 only ask they hahaha.
                haha why u stay looking the horizon ?? oh cmon u need some trainning on it :P, is really funny play with friends.
                yah, i really wanted do some course about developing games, so i can try do some and who knows i can get “some much” money with this :P, so if its work i can go visit u 😛

                yah its a fun job 😛 see the things u thinked get “live” haha or something like this
                maybe this work and with the guys from the course we can create a company 😛


                • Haha you can’t avoid it it’s in the center of the screen mostly and that makes me feel nauseous after just a short while and dizzy, for those first person shooters type games xD. I’ll stick to playing with friends in person =P. It’s a growing business for sure! A great technology to get into as the need for game programmers will always be very much in demand I think with the video game market being so endlessly strong with no negatives in sight as far as their growing popularity. I was reading an article the other day which stated that now nearly 50% of all gamers are female which was a bit surprising as I definitely know of more guys who play but it really shows that with the diversity in gaming today even the girls are getting at it equally. You should visit Japan for a first after you’ve saved up =)!…just take lots of spending money too as I’m sure you’ll go shopping lots and oh the food!! Stick with it!!’s a strong career field to get into.


                  • Ivan says:

                    hahaha, i understand, so u can play fight, adventure, rpg and strategi games so :P.

                    yah is a great market to try it on, so hope i can do all things get good to enter in it and succed in it :p.
                    yah, the number of girls who play have increased, like u say now have games directed to the girls too and girls today like shooter and fight things too haha.

                    yeh i need do this first too @.@ go to japan… hope everything work so i can go ther soon engouth… want go with me when if i go ?? u can translate things for me hahaha

                    hahaha if i go there and back with nothing in hand u can kill me ok ?? hahaha
                    yah i go try focus a lot in it
                    so when i start develop somethin, do u want to playing a little of it and test for me ?


                    • Racing games are great too!..I still love that old Crash Bandicoot Racing game, I play Coco and she wins a lot =P.
                      It’s really great how the business has grown to be so diverse and there really are lots of games aimed at the female gamer so it’s great to see. Please keep at it, I’m sure if you put your mind to it and keep with the schooling you’ll do great and have a fun time too.

                      Lol you’d take me as your translator?! You’re supposed to be my bodyguard if we go =P but surely we’d find our way around okay just as long as we avoid the questionable areas xD.

                      Oh I’m sure you won’t fail to shop!!!! No chance of that!!! You’d probably have to restrain me from wanting too many things..afraid I’d run out of spending money in a single day like if we found a great used record store or anything AKB it seems xD. Would it really be possible to test a game from another continent? Just make sure it’s not a first person shooter or has any flying or swimming involved lol =P.


                    • Ivan says:

                      hahaha never played the crash racing, i played a lot mario kart hahaha

                      yah, this days the girls who play games has increased a lot 😛
                      thx for ur support ^^

                      want be my offial gamer tester hahah ??

                      hahaha so we cam exchange services, im ur bodyguard and u my translator hahaha
                      what questionable areas u mean ??

                      hahaha so we have a problem haha i can try calm down us to spend all money in the first day, but sure we go spend all until we get back ahahhaa

                      hahaha dont worry i go do it in english ^^ not portuguese
                      haha om thinking in do a puzzle game for my first one :P, i have some ideas 😛

                      hey do u stay in a relationship yet ?


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