Do that to me 2049 more times…


No not that* =P….although that* would be some kind of record I’d imagine and not one which one would want in succession!

I’ve been a bit busy the past few days with non~blog things but I have been for the past few days actively searching for a new theme to use here @ WP and the reason was that after a recent eye opening event I’d begun to want the posts here to appear more like brief summaries instead of the full blown posts appearing, unless of course if you were to click on one. So I’ve been searching through the massive inventory of themes which WP offers and to my initial dismay I wasn’t able to find one which would be completely compatible with how my layout works now with just the body of the post area changing to post summaries. It seemed that no matter which theme I previewed there would be some sort of snag such as my widgets not being properly displayed or disappearing altogether or my header looking odd or no widgets (they’re gone =O!!) or…well you get the idea. But then common sense suddenly struck me and I looked into my current theme which is the only one I’ve ever used here and with a quick search of other blogs also using this theme I discovered that one such blog actually had their posts appear as summaries before you click on them to ‘read more…’ and then realized that it’s all in the post formatting which you can set permanently in settings or you can also set them individually per post as you wish. It contains choices such as: standard, aside, image, video, quote, link and yeeees one called gallery which does just what I wanted!!!

So I’ve now changed my settings so that all posts here forth (unless I change it during the actual post launch which is always a possibility for tinier posts) will appear as summaries and one neat part of it is that there’s actually an image count which appears atop each post summary….like the time recently when I created a post containing 924 photos =P!! I had no idea it was that big?!? Anyway the goal was to have entire posts not appear readily unless one chooses to see it and that way I’m thinking it’ll be a whole lot easier to navigate the site =D.

Okay but here’s the catch, you always know there’s one right. It seems that there’s no bulk action option to edit posts in terms of their format settings so it’s pretty funny (no not really XD!!) that I’m going to have to do this process post by individual post and after editing one post I’ll then need to return to the posts page and select the next post and edit its format to gallery and so on and so forth. And I’m just thinking that I’ll also need to select page numbers in the post screen as I progress from page one to two to three and so on all the way up to page number 107 which is how many I currently have here. So that’s 20 posts per page times 107 pages =O!!!! This is going to take awhile and that’s a true understatement. So for now I’ve done about the first two pages which equals to the latest 40 posts here as they now will appear as summaries for easier navigating but until I’ve completed the process or at least are much further on I’m thinking that I’m going to keep each web page to a limit of just 5 posts so that way if one were to click for more posts beyond that point they won’t be bombarded by more posts automatically appearing where some could include 100’s of photos in them which may or may not upset one’s browser as they’ll still appear in the standard format setting where the entirety of the post is shown, that is until I’ve gotten around to editing them all. That is going to take a very very very long time….maybe I’ll just do a few a day or so I dunno? In any case at some point in time into the future I hope to have all posts set to the gallery format setting but until them I do ask for your patience =D.

So as far as the title atop and what that actually means, well it’s what my WP post editor screen is saying to me right about now as I attempt to edit each individual post one by one to the gallery setting……yup do that to me 2049 more times!!

Haha hindsight speaks in volumes here as if I had only known about this little post format setting years ago when I first arrived here lol (-∀-`)。

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to Do that to me 2049 more times…

  1. george-b says:

    Very Wise…. I like to split my post, when they are longer (rarely) and I show just summary of posts.
    The main reason was been for me, the speed of download of my website, With a little tweaking you can get posts to show much faster. it does depend on the size of the pics (including the background: you’ll see some websites take forever to download) I’m always thinking of the folks behind slower, older computers, with lower speed, taking for ever…


    • I only wish I had known about this simple setting long before xD. I was getting concerned about that very thing too as I had come upon a thread where this blog was mentioned and in particular the loading issue was mentioned…so many posts have numerous images here so I can totally understand that. That’s very conscientious of you =D! This is going to take awhile….=P.


      • george-b says:

        Everything in good time….Check the “read” WP or my site, there are some stories I thought
        you would find interesting…regarding the developments with the watchful eyes of microsoft, and skype, and much more (I try not to use “words of interest”). We’ll learn to use typewrites again….Believe it or not…Others already do 🙂


        • Thank you~! I’ll take a look there as you cover such a broad range of topics, interests and news…you’re so knowledgeable!


          • george-b says:

            thanks, it’s just the sources, but I do take all the photos,and sometimes I find something I think is worth saying…But then you have that quality too…Let yourself create, do something you always wanted to, but were afraid you wouldn’t know how, or afraid to fail….So far you’re great at writing!that’s the most important


      • george-b says:

        all tin good time


  2. mikeymikez says:

    A lot of work! But I think it will help people find things they want faster! 🙂

    On another subject, do you know what Podcasts are?? Basically like the radio but on very particular subject, like blogging skills, etc. with my bad eyes, I like to listen to them a lot! Perhaps you will want to do a podcast one day?! Hehe

    What podcast subjects would you b interesting in hearing about? Hawaii Japanese, etc


    • I really need to do this but it’s going to take time and I’m thinking I’ll do this in my free time on days off perhaps?

      You know I have friends who regularly get podcasts but I just haven’t found anything that I’ve wanted to listen to yet =P. I’m sure there’s lots of great media but I just don’t know what I’d want. I’m told that I sometimes sound part chipmunk so a podcast may not be in my favorable future xD….but you never know =).

      I have no idea…? I like some sports radio depending on the hosts but I get enough of that into my daily diet in the mornings on the way to work ^^.


      • mikeymikez says:

        [audio src="" /]

        NASCAR Beat!! This the direct link but iTunes is the normal place to search . Many peeps do listen on their commute. As well as walking or working out.

        You might think about doing the occasional mp3 for your blog? I want it!! Yet another mb dimension!! ❤

        You still have your iPod Classic?


        • I always thought you had to pay for most of these? I’ll definitely keep the idea in mind, not sure though if anyone would actually listen to a post here xD.

          I do, in fact I have two of them now, one for all of my Japanese music and the other for everything else =P…they’re both like best friends and I take them everywhere.


          • mikeymikez says:

            Virtually every podcast I’d free! Sometimes it easier to locate a podcast with google. Like
            Best podcasts for NASCAR

            It will usually give you the iTunes URL for that podcast.

            iPod mania! These support podcasts too I believe. 🙂

            Since podcasts are basically mp3 files you could link your little comment like you do a song! Be very kawaii! ❤


            • Okay I see those =)! There are so many!!! =O I had no idea!

              Hmm..maybe if this blog becomes more social again one day like it was back @ Vox I’ll do one of those podcasts for a post I think ^^…although I’m not going to hold my breath on that thought as it’s mostly very quite here and has been for the last couple of years or so =).


      • mikeymikez says:

        Yes, take your time or just do new ones from now on?

        I’m thinking LJ Cut? Live Journal started this with a command to create a little thingy that said press to continue with the rest of the entry after he opening paragraph.

        WP has this command too. You could then keep the same theme then I believe! 🙂


        • I’ve got the settings now to ‘gallery’ for all posts so every post from now will be in this easier to load format =)….but with my free time whenever I can I’ll continue to go back track and change the post format settings for as many older posts as I can…the goal still being all of them. lol I haven’t had much free time lately =P.

          In the gallery post format setting it’s just like that with just a short preview of text and a single photo appearing along with a ‘read more of this post’ click~ey link =). U~n this WP theme has been home from the beginning so it’d be difficult to change perhaps, and in any case I’ve not found one that allows the header and widgets to all appear as they do here right now so I may be sticking with this theme into the far future.


          • mikeymikez says:

            That’s awesome that you now have new posts handled! I think it will work well and add a little drama as to what is there to further on! Hehe

            Did you like that NASCAR podcast I sent you?



            • I like Rusty’s commentary =)….he’s always honest and to the point no matter what the controversy or subject and since he’s raced so long before he knows what it’s like to be out there in competition racing for a title. Haha you may get me addicted to these now =P.


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