~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 53)

Idols unzipped...

Happy humid and hot aloha~♥ Friday (_´Д`)ノ!!!!

While I’ve touched upon the music of Moritaka Chisato in little breaths in the past here I’m yet to write a total and proper post on her so for tonight’s Unzipped♥ I thought I’d give just a little additional taste of her unique music here. One of my longstanding most favorite songs by Moritaka~san has to be the fan loved “Fight!!” Here she performs this catchy and uplifting song during her Lucky 7 Live tour taken from her concert DVD release of the same name.

Moritaka Chisato Lucky 7 Live DVD

Over the years I’ve managed to collect Moritaka Chisato’s complete original album and single collection many releases of which I obtained through used record shops in Japan as much of her collection was already long out of print when I first discovered her music which would be at about the time of her “Do the Best” album compilation release which had charted on the Oricon all those years ago. The first thing you fall in love with is her voice!!! I know this can be said a lot when it comes to favorite artists but truly in Moritaka Chisato’s case her vocals are so so uniquely different from any other vocalist I’ve ever heard! Add in some of the best musical compositions from the golden age of J~pop and there is so much to love!!!

Moritaka Chisato single collection complete

~Moritaka Chisato single collection complete~

Moritaka Chisato original album collection complete

~Moritaka Chisato original album collection complete~

Moritaka Chisato DVD collection

~Moritaka Chisato DVD collection~

…and Moritaka Chisato just recently released a mini live album which was recorded late last year at Yokohama BLITZ.

Moritaka Chisato YouTube Kokai Shuroku & Live at Yokohama BLITZ

An upcoming post dedicated to this legendary J~pop artist could be in the works, just wanting to know if there are any fellow Moritaka Chisato fans out there too?

~Moritaka Chisato “Fight!!” (Lucky 7 Live)~

Moritaka Chisato performs on drums, guitar, piano, keyboards and recorder and also composes and writes her own lyrics for much of her songs.

I hope it’s much cooler wherever you may be on this evening!! =)

Moritaka Chisato♥2

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3 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 53)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely a fan! She’s one of the greats. Once again, I’m impressed by your CD collection.


    • It’s not often that I meet a fellow fan of Moritaka Chisato, you’ve no idea of how excited this makes me as she’s definitely one of the greats in j~pop…totally agree!!! It took a few years to complete her collection but her’s is most worth it, thank you Philip and I hope we can share and talk about more of our J~pop loves~♡.


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