The 7th one.

 Okay so to say I’m a bit preoccupated at this hour may be an understatement =P!!!!

This is huge!!!!

And it’s four quarters of amazing!!

Four quarters of history!!

A champion will be crowned tonight!!!!

I can’t seem to find the right words @ the moment so let’s just let the world who’s without question watching (did you see those ratings from game 6?!?) take it away from here =D…..

Akiyama Nana

Ogura Yuko


Suenaga Haruka



Wada Eri

Nakamura Shizuka


Jimi Hendrix

Johnny Mac

Samuel Jackson

Yoda says

Indiana Jones





Pretty please!!… either case of outcome it’s been a most outstanding series from a fan’s perspective and let’s just hope for another classic~* for sports’ history!!!! The Spurs are awesome!! The Heat are awesome!!

May Yoda♥ be right though =D!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to The 7th one.

  1. SagSousuke says:

    What? I’m very confused about this post. But I liked what I understood =D Especially Indiana Jones.


  2. Hahaha I love You…you’re the only one that gets me!! (well Ray too =D) but I’m just so hyper now with the game starting in just seconds!!!!

    They’ve long said that the NBA has become an international sport, so I just thought that maybe we’d give that ‘international’ interest a bit of spice of life =P lol…..

    Truth be told I’ll be most devastated if the Heat lose tonight =(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. May Mike Miller never cut his gorgeous hair =D!


  4. Okay with the headband thing….Tim Duncan of the Spurs knocked it off of the Heat’s Lebron’s head late in the game (it’s his trademark headband look! =D) but then unexpectedly as it’d never happened before LeBron didn’t put it back on and proceeded to kick the Spurs’ butts!!!! So, I’m thinking no headband tonight for what it’s worth lol =P.


  5. And at one point of the game Mike Miller lost one of his shoes and then proceeded to hit a big three pointer with just his sock on one foot =O! It’s sort of legendary now…..maybe on a smaller scale but much like schilling’s bloody sock for the Red Socks against the Yanks~!


    • SagSousuke says:

      You know, sports sound a lot more interesting when listening to your well chosen stories. Funny for sure. And now I have to wonder how common it seems to be for players to lose pieces of clothing during games. This gives me a whole new perspective on the world of sports!


      • I’m still not very proud of my whole ‘the way I’m sitting’ ritual which I believe causes positive things for the team/person I’m rooting for but I’ve heard I’m not the only one so indeed there are other weirdos out there in this world like me….how scary (゜Д゜;)!!Of course my options may be much more limited depending on what I’m wearing at that specific time, unless I want to give someone here the wrong idea lol.

        The shoe thing was bizarre and yet amazing as he simply picked it up and threw it off the court and proceeded to continue playing with no time out called like he didn’t actually need both shoes to begin with =D. And i’m still scratching my head about the whole LeBron headband thing as he did wear it all game long last night and he still proceeded kick the stuffing out of the Spurs at will. So now I’ll have to reassess the whole his headband equals kryptonite theory….back to the drawing board of fan superstitions for me.


  6. We’re all superstitious…sports fans…xD! Change underwear, what to wear, how to prepare, what to eat prior game and it’s ultimately but most awesomely the reality as it’s exactly what fans do too!!! =P I’m not ashamed to admit that I do change the way I’m sitting in the room if I believe it helps my team…lol! how silly but a lot of us do it =P.


  7. And of course the Spurs were winning by 5 with just 28 seconds left in game 6 which is a finality if anyone could think it as the series was way over and yet the Heat came back with two key three’s, two key blocks, a couple of key missed free throws by the Spurs and two key rebounds and a lot of heart to believe it wasn’t yet done two nights ago…that was an elimination game =(. So the Heat were literally in Dire Straights….!!!! And to top it all off a whole lot of their fans in the arena had proceeded to leave the arena (assuming that the Heat would lose) only to try to get back into the arena when they realized that the Heat had tied the game leading it into overtime!!! Reports say that some fans were even giving the arena the ‘finger’ and that the police had to be called =O. But for security reasons, the fans who left couldn’t be let back in then in that moment…and so the legend of this series is now sealed. It’s game 7. I’m nervous!!!!!


    • SagSousuke says:

      Bad, bad fans, never leave before the credits. You never know when Reina might start singing acapella…


      • lol that’s sooooo true!!! As slow paced as Reinachan’s solo DVD was, I’m strangely attracted to film/feature credits =P. And on top of that I’ve now read that some fans were actually flipping off the building on there way out before realizing that the Heat actually tied the game and it was going into overtime =O. What’s with expressing that to a building?!? Strange….and I thought i was weird.


        • SagSousuke says:

          Talking about “flipping off the building”, I wonder when I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Some idiots decided to bring down the city hall one block down from where I live, on a Friday night. I wonder what’s really going on, I’m disconnected enough from the news around here that I only learned that there’s been a lot of protests in Brazil when I got to work yesterday, because everybody was dismissed earlier. Lots of weird people around who seem interested in flipping off a building as if it’d do anything. I mean, if you’re going to do something, at least be competent and theatrical about it and give the neighborhood a little show like the buildings exploding in “V for Vendetta”, with classical music playing out of speakers in the streets… But no, reality is just a bunch of really dumb kids breaking their legs because apparently kicking a very thick glass entrance (about 1 inch thick) sounded like a good idea (true story).


      • I forgot to mention that with just those 28 seconds left in game 6 the championship trophy was seen making its way onto the arena floor as even those people in charge of the trophy thought that the game was over….what a premature ejaculation moment in sports if there ever was one =O!!! Awkward….! Just imagine them wheeling it back whispering put it back! put it back!…I hope nobody saw! Awkward times two!


  8. \(^O^)/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heat win back to back championships!!!! Team effort!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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