~The Melancholy of Paruru Shimazaki

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (8)

(Special thanks to SagSousuke)

~The curious case of Paruru~

Watching this year’s AKB48 General Election results show live for the very first time and being able to converse about the broadcast with SagSousuke was both entertaining as well as very insightful when it came to each ranking girl’s thoughts, demeanor and reactions throughout the night’s broadcast. And while there was a wealth of emotions on display, one member in particular both before and in those moments when she stepped up to the mic for her acceptance speech remains a most puzzling affair.

Paruru’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric~*~~* with a ranking which sat at 23rd just an election ago has transcended beyond that of Under Girl status prior to this year’s election via both her triumph at the janken tournament as well as through the media itself both being most significant vehicles for success in themselves and how things have played out since. While watching the girls’ reactions throughout the night one simple and true parallel of emotions rung time and time again in each girl’s choice of words and demeanor for those who ranked within the top 64 and it was undoubtedly that of pure joy and a sense of gratitude towards both fans and the opportunity it proposed and that happiness at times even likened with surprise from having received so many votes and this rang true no matter what their tally ended up to be. I at times would wander beneath the politically correct realm to ask what could truly be, as in do some of the girls wait in a sweat of anticipation just hoping that their name will be called at some point while do others as the night progresses wish to themselves for their names not to be called just yet as in it’s too soon as those would wish to be ranked much higher? Throughout the night Paruru showed nearly no emotion either way nor any hint of what could be burrowed within her mind as the cameras caught her from time to time. While yet ranked as an Under Girl for that time being was it deep sentiment and yearning for her fan’s acceptance or could it have been rather an expectation which she held onto as if expecting to be much higher ranked this year in an assuming state of mind? Graciousness versus presumptuous. Now called at #12 and well within the ranking of Senbatsu, Paruru would take to the mic and in a few moments take my initial jubilation into a awkward realm of confusion where even SagSousuke noted how the stage MC needed to come to her rescue to help save her from herself when she lacked the words and simply nothing would come out. Where were those heartfelt feelings of joy, graciousness and gratitude? Masked perhaps by an expectation not quite fulfilled as her name was called much too soon for her liking? Or was it nervousness or a lack of confidence causing an outward appearance of one being frozen in the moment? While obviously no one can get inside her head I was enlightened to learn of Paruru’s recently developed reputation amongst fans and in particular those who attend handshake events where she would regularly appear uninterested in showing fans a sense of gratitude for those attending, now even with that said today’s instant and all reaching media with your blogs and Twitters alike can often times lend to over exaggerations and even untruths being told only to have them blow up into life forms all their own if read/heard enough times over but still with a bit of further digging this sense of disinterest appears to go a bit further into her personality as well as its outlets as she’s also been said to present a similar demeanor within other events and programs and if something is said enough times over from a number of people the sense really is that how can it not be true? From what I’ve seen of Paruru in the past and although honestly it hasn’t been that much as I don’t consume a regular diet of the AKB programs like I’d wish, this isn’t the same girl at least from the personality which she exhibited then. Paruru was never a cyborg, nor a Vulcan without feelings. She has cried before us. She has smiled even. And still the most puzzling aspect of it may be much ado about nothing I wonder? As on this night 57,275 votes were cast in her favor~.

~Paruru (covergirl) in Playboy Weekly April 22nd, 2013 issue~

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (1)

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (2)

….see that’s ↑↑ nearly a smile (・_・)。I think? With all kidding aside though Paruru takes an awful lot of melancholy themed photo shoots and it’s happening much more in recent times as in earlier photo shoots there was a happy idol in there, …somewhere. Did Paruru rise up too quickly too soon? History has proved that fame can be a double edged charmer where some skyrocket while others have faltered not knowing how to handle the situation.

AKB48 Team 4 at Tokyo Dome 1830m no yume live

~Team4 “Boku no taiyou” (live in Tokyo Dome 1830m no yume)~

Just a day prior to this performance it was announced that AKB48’s Team 4 would no longer be, Paruru’s open emotions here perhaps a result of the moment or rather a result of Team 4’s last performance together? Difficult thing is that I’ve grown really fond of Paruru and it goes beyond that of her cutest of voices and those oh so adorable dimples which she possesses.

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (3)

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (4)

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (5)

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (6)

Shimazaki Haruka in Weekly Playboy April 22nd, 2013 (7)

~Paruru in the latest issue of BOG NO.016 (covergirl)~

BOG no.16 with Shimazaki Haruka poster

Paruru’s tendency to appear to have a lack of interest at times has created a very arguable comparison to Acchan whom I think is nothing like Paruru save for Paruru now having her hair styled similarly and Acchan herself not deserving of that criticism herself to begin with, and really could it be much more a case of shyness or a lack of confidence within her which she perhaps has difficulty expressing openly?

Maybe Dr. Phil can find out for us what’s going on with Paruru?? =P


This issue of BOG is my very first and similarly to UTB it boasts a flat spine design, glossy covers as well as a poster extra and amazing photography throughout! BOG does however also share a rather pricey price tag as this issue’s marked at a whopping 1470 yen!

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (1)

The article within is titled with quite the praise for Paruru who’s interviewed here and may I add, also whose puppy~dog eyes for me are a bit reminiscent of one YES Kasai~♥.

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (2)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (3)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (4)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (5)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (6)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (7)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (9)

Shimazaki Haruka in BOG no 16 (10)

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3 Responses to ~The Melancholy of Paruru Shimazaki

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  2. Paruru is a really interesting idol! The quiet ones always have interesting stories to tell. Also, seeming uninterested is another way of protecting oneself. Not connecting with others prevents one from being hurt…so I’m wondering if it’s like a defense mechanism for her?


    • I really adore Paruru too, she’s blessed with the voice, has the looks and it’s just this sort of mysterious barrier she has. That’s very plausible and could very well be a defense she has within her and going further could there be an incident or something from her past which prompts her to be this way? Thank you for your thoughts and insight ^^.

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