‘Gone fishing?’ I don’t think so.




While I do have a live feed from Sasshi’s blog and have for some time now, recently I’ve not paid it enough attention (-∀-`)..as she has been posting much and much less frequently these past months. But when a number of votes totaling 28563 hits your screen I just noticed that she’d gotten an awesome number of votes and so early on into the 48 General Elections, fans have spoken and it’s literally a testament now and no matter what the final results here forth…. of her charisma, personality and ultimately her unwavering perseverance \(^o^)/ ☆!!!Sasshi’s post with her great and as always candid~awesome~Sasshi♥ reaction was written on the 23rd of this month making it just a mere three or so days into the general election so it’s even more amazing that she’s already tallied up this immense number of votes!! The voting will close on June 7th (Japan Time) so it gives chronic procrastinators like me (should be a club really for us procrastinators alike to join forces in our inability to do things in a timely matter) a period of time to ponder….rethink….ponder some more and rethink and reassess my values in life as it applies to AKB48~♥.


I do have my most current AKB48 ranking:


Albeit it’s now nearly a year old (*>ω<)!

However the general election is inclusive of all girls 48 so even my most resent standing ranking may be of not so much use to me now, well really it doesn’t (._.;).

As you can see there ↑↑↑ Sasshi is only second to my Oshi Yuko♥ with Mayuyu ever threatening to make it one luscious and very wet all girl Ménage à trois, I mean seriously how can one decide with a clear mind in times like this (・c_・;)?

rockin' the vote 2013!

So I did purchase all three team editions of AKB48’s new single and likewise my available three votes included with my codes above, so….as every vote counts whom do I vote for?


And getting back to Sasshi’s blog entry you have to love this beginning….


Ahh lol so cute… ‘fishing? fising? e? fishing?’

While Sasshi may have been in disbelief in that moment she surely has earned every bit of her fans~love♥ she’s gotten! And she’s so not gone fishing for sure!!!!!!!!! Fans have spoken in force and Sasshi isn’t at any such fishing hole =D.

So I’m currently looking through the election guide (with Yuko♥, Yuko♥ my cat that is =P)….

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book

Also me also thinks that with the sales so far for AKB48’s new single that the king is indeed not dead and that reports of such have been greatly exaggerated? Well all things must past, just not yet in this fandom and not just yet.

But anyway election releases in the past have sold much better for obvious reasons with voting tickets made available exclusively this way for fans, so only time will tell and yet it’s all very encouraging for what it’s worth.

rockin' the vote 2013!

So whom to vote for?

  • Yuko, Mayuyu, Sasshi?
  • Yuko, Paruru, Mayuyu?
  • Yuko, Mayuyu, Ricchan?
  • Yuko, Yuko, Yuko?
  • Yuko, Sasshi, Ricchan?
  • Yuko, Paruru, Sasshi?
  • Yuko, Sasshi, Sasshi?
  • Yuko, Mayuyu, Mayuyu?
  • Yuko, Paruru, Paruru?

It’s tough because while I’m focusing on my favorites♥ for sure with Ricchan, Paruru, Yuko and Sasshi it’s me widening my votes in a sense and not just voting for my top favorites but still so so so so so many favorites♥ to speak of: Takamina, Kitarie, A~amin, Akicha (who’s fallen way too far =(!!) and it literally goes on and on.

Well I’ll have some highlights from the official guide upcoming here soon along with my final votes decisions as the voting closing day of June 7th looms closer and closer.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to ‘Gone fishing?’ I don’t think so.

  1. hydeo says:

    Where is the option sasshi, sasshi, sasshi for ur votes ? hahaha

    well u know now her is the manager of hkt right ?? so this explain her less posts on blog @.@
    anyway sasshi is get more famous everyday, and akip believe everyday more on her that give to her hkt things 😛 hahaha

    so how i like her hope the best and hope she get center on this voting ;3~~


    • Well at last check Sasshi♡had accumulated double the votes of second place Mayuyu♡ so I’m thinking my three votes would be better served going to some of my other favorites.

      Wait haha I never did question why Sasshi’s been posting less lately as it was just an observation and I do know of her managing HKT48 (it was spoken about in an article posted here awhile back) =), but that doesn’t necessarily mean she would post less even with a busier schedule, and Sasshi’ definitely a driven person no matter what. Well no matter how I end up voting I’m positive you know very well of how much I love and support Sasshi♡ from all of posts and release posts written about her here which you regularly ignore lol =P!


      • hydeo says:

        heheh i understand, but hope sasshi get center this time and the akb go get a big change, dont go be the usual girls as center :P, neither the new sux maeda(paruru)

        i think she stay tired of blog haha, akicha stoped too after go to jakarta @.@



        • I second that hope!..would be awesome if Sasshi won the center of it all!! Of course Yuko’s my Oshi but Sasshi’s right there in second alongside Mayuyu (sort of a two~way tie between them). Heeeeey wait a minute, you’re starting to freak me out schizo like =o!!! Not too long ago you literally hearted Paruru here:


          And now you’re hating on her? Additionally you always say how you root for the less popular girls to get more attention and isn’t Paruru an Undergirl who’s now possibly showing potential of becoming senbatsu? Plus you hearted her…I’m confused to how your reasoning works here. I know you always disliked Acchan because she was so popular, but you’re now comparing Paruru to Acchan in this sense for you disliking them both? Lol don’t get me wrong you’re free to like/dislike however you want but you liked Paruru, if you don’t believe me check the link above, that’s you in the comments ;). I really thought you’d be rooting for her to make senbatsu for the first time, lol you confuse me.


          • hydeo says:

            well the mod of center need change a little and i believe sasshi can do this 😛

            hahaha i remember the post, but that time she dont have de atsuko mod -.-… and now everyone call her new atsuko and she entered in it and start the same personality that atsuko -.-”, so because this i think she dont have the rights to be center… she dont have her own personality….
            and is not hate, is only change of opnion about the side i dont know about her

            haha sorry, but she changed a lot when start to get some attention, she lose her old personality ^^, so make lose my interestes in her

            in other hand peace stay in 16 <3~~


            • I’m guessing you mean ‘mode?/mold?’ I took it to be more of her being inspired to better herself with Acchan being more of a role model than a personality emulation. You did say Paruru ‘sux’ and that’s a pretty strong word for disliking someone. So what you’re saying is that Paruru has joined the Dark Side? Next thing we’ll find out is that AkiP is Paruru and Acchan’s father =O…Lol sorry I was watching Star Wars this weekend =)!

              Is the AKB site updating the voting tallies daily? I know there were early results revealed when Sasshi’s lead was revealed but I haven’t looked for results since. ‘Peace?’


              • hydeo says:

                well u get wath i mean so @.@
                where i said this O.o? i read my last msg and dont found this O.o
                hahaha so akip is sasshi father hahaha she is the good one now kkkkkk
                i watched a program with paruru yesterday… and she really lost her personality :\

                humm i dont look there… i see in the melos no michi blog and a friend alway tell me about hahah
                yes, and some pirate votes hahah where has removed later and stay with the original ones.
                sasshi stay in first yet :3
                peace = kizaki yuria from ske


              • Haha I don’t know I mean ‘mod’ could be some sort of new cool slang or an acronym I’m unaware of =P…just needed to make sure =D.

                Umm look @ your comment from June 1st: I’m quoting you as saying:

                ‘neither the new sux maeda(paruru)’

                lol wait did you forget what you said from just 3 days ago =O!?

                It’s ‘true’, in the fifth film “The Kenkyuusei Strike Back” it will be revealed that AkiP is Paruru and Acchan’s father =O!!!! You know it’s a gooooood thing that Acchan and Paruru didn’t kiss on the lips and make out (or did they =P) otherwise it’d really be like AKB Wars where years later we’d get the ick factor courtesy of George Lucas’ (Star Wars) from that time he made Luke and Leia kiss all the while not knowing that they’re birth twins (/∇\*)!!!It still makes me shudder to this day!!….only thing worse would be if Boba Fett suddenly started getting it on with Jabba the Hutt (;´□`)!!!

                Yikes!! ‘pirate votes?’ I wonder how those occur? as you need an official serial number to vote and they only come with AKB48’s latest single release.


                • hydeo says:

                  i said to u i forget easy the things hahaha

                  hahaha ur imagination is so good kkkkk

                  yah its about the problem with mobile votes @.@


                  • lol okay I’ll stop giving you such a hard time….mmaybe =D.

                    My excuse for being so weird there is that I was amidst a Star Wars nerd marathon \(^O^)/!! And there’s going to be a part VII I was just reading about..so excited!!! Just as long as there’s no Jar Jar or living teddy bears I’m game.

                    Today’s the day!!!!


                    • hydeo says:


                      hahah u really like star wars… someday i need make a marathon to watch all movies too 😛

                      so sasshi really mantain the center position :P, finally the top ones get out center 😛

                      and the other teams dominate the sosenkyou 😛


                    • Yes definitely watch all 6 in a row but in their real order and marathon them all in a single day!

                      We do have a new and first time center! =D Still though if you think about it the top 4 really just shuffled their order. Sasshi’s going to be a great and most unique center and I’m really looking forward to the next single…pre order is already up! Haha did you just take a jab at Yuko?? Overall I’m most happy with all of the results save for just a few tweaks here and there =).


                    • hydeo says:

                      yah, need be in the real order, i know the 6 have make in differente order haha

                      yup, i want see how the new single go be too, probably go have her personality or something like this, this pv i want watch hahaha.

                      why i go jab yuko ? hahah

                      well akarin get yuria position :\ i like akarin but why u put out yuria ahehahea :~~~ bad girl

                      yah i really liked it too

                      and u see mariko go grad @.@


                    • It’s kind of funny when you watch them all together as the second three parts (IV-VI) have older technology than the earlier episods =P.

                      It’ll be fun if they use a bit of inside humor within the pv linked directly to Sasshi~♡.

                      You definitely jabbed both Yuko and I, ouch! that hurt xD!!

                      I’ve just never been a fan of Mariko, nothing negative about her but she’s just never attracted me as a fan.

                      You really must stop hurting Yuko and i =P!


                    • hydeo says:

                      hahaha i remember a friend talking about the difference on tecnology 😛


                      eee why ? hahaha

                      me too, but i thinked she go be the one with 50 years and yet on akb hahaha

                      what i do now ?


                    • Hint: Yuko = Oshi = one of the ‘top ones.’

                      (Something you said) 

                      Haha that was an unconscious jab.

                      And I found it amusing you’d say that to me in particular, of course it’s evident that you said that with no intent and without realizing how it’d sound to me and that in itself is equally amusing =D.

                      Still confused?

                      Okay let’s say hypothetically that you’re most favorite actor in all the world is Jean Claude Van Damme and I know this, and I say something like ..I’m happy that Jean Claude Van Damme’s latest movie bombed….wouldn’t it be odd and insensitive for me to say that to you knowing that he’s your favorite?

                      Haha you see? =D


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