~Raychell 「L>R」



The birth of an extraordinary talent has been on the musical horizon since her debut upon the music scene which began in 2009 and since changing her stage name from originally Lay to Raychell her unique brand of soothing to edgier vocals and song writing have only gotten louder since. Amongst Raychell’s numerous variety of live appearances and events is her most recent and impressive tie~in theme song performed for the highly awaited game release “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” by Capcom for which Raychell gives an equally worthy vocal performance. Coinciding with the game’s release is Raychell’s debut album titled “L>R”, both of which just hit store shelves on April 24th.

Prior to her debut album Raychell has released two singles also, with her debut “Kono ai de aru youni” and maxi release “Smiling!” being produced by none other than music giant Avex whom she is signed to with the latter also featuring Luna Sea’s Kawamura Ryuichi as acting producer!

Raychell’s music can be ordered @ cdjapan.

Raychell’s music can be ordered @ HMV Japan.

Lay Kono ai de aru youni (CD   DVD jacket type A)Lay Kono ai de aru youni (CD only version jacket type B)

~Raychell “Kono ai de aru youni”~

Raychell L R (CD   DVD version)Raychell L R (CD version)

~Raychell “Coils of Light”~

~Raychell “Pray to the Moon”~

Right from the very opening notes of the classically~rock inspired “Coils of Light” (theme for: “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen”), Raychell’s vocals shine through it’s immediately evidenced just how strong and wide her vocal control and range truly are and it’s through listening  through the complete works of her debut album “L>R” where a full appreciation and realization enlightens the listener as Raychell’s vocal nuances, deep projection and strong character are heard in a variety of musical genres from the sensuous of ballads to the electro~rock driven with many shades in between…all composed with a brand of musical arrangements which are as unique as they are intricate in their instrumentation delivery. Still Raychell’s vocals never play second fiddle to even the deepest of compositions as hers are easily comparable to the likes of Hikki, Amuro Namie and those of Ito Yuna~….Raychell, a true voice…talent and face, one to watch for.

~Raychell’s “Face Free” music video can be previewed here:





Visit Raychell’s Official Website: http://www.raychell.com/

Visit Raychell’s Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/laysinger?fref=ts




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4 Responses to ~Raychell 「L>R」

  1. Such a wonderful review! I’m glad you like the album. Thank you so much for all your support, MorningBerryz! I shall notify Raychell and her management xx


  2. hydeo says:

    oh she sings the style of songs i like to listening :p

    go get somethings from her :3


    • The entire album is so diverse and Raychell’s voice so powerful, controlled and complete! So happy you liked these songs.

      Do you have an iPod? I bet she’s on iTunes and it’s so low cost for music and of course no shipping charges to worry about which has always been your concern. Cents per song, you can’t beat that.


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