and so the journey begins….

Miami Heat♥Miami Heat

Lebron James2

…game one! Go Heat♥!!!

ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!

(still forever sobbing for the Suns =(….)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to and so the journey begins….

  1. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    You have a sun shine blog .Very artistic and .I appreciate your visit and liking my post ( We are the Master of our Destiny) Wishing you success.


  2. Game 3:

    U just knew that the Bucks @ home would come out with a bang! Now they lead by 9 after one quarter of play, of course it’s still early….


  3. @ the half:

    Can U say Ray Ray Ray Allen!!!! Not only will he own the 3~point record for the playoffs but he’s also helped to bring The Heat back~♥!!!


  4. the Heat are selfless♥, team ahead of individual…………….., no greed, no need for shots, no need for stats, no need for attention. Find the open player with the best opportunity to score on each precious possession and that’s who gets the ball.


  5. End of 3rd:

    Heat 78 MIL 68



  6. 321 playoff 3’s!!! Ray Allen now surpasses Reggie Miller as the all time 3~point post season king~♥ \(^o^)/!!!


  7. Wade may be having an offensive off~night but he’s still as always effective in the team play, assists anyone?


  8. Bosh….Bosh….perfect for his last six.


  9. Under 2 minutes…expect the bench reserves in soon.


  10. Final Heat 104 Bucks 91.


  11. Game 3:
    Losing a bit of respect for the Bulls as I’ve always thought of them as a respectable organization and class act in the NBA. This game is craaaaaaaazy. so many fouls, technical fouls, Bulls’ players ejections, it’s just down right ugly =/. Things going on on both sides but the Bulls have in my opinion been much more the aggressors in the ugly of this game.

    Heat 104 Bulls 60…..4th quarter with just over 7 minutes remaining…


  12. Game 3 final: Bulls 78 Miami 115

    And with Derrick Rose perhaps coming back for game 4 which will be held in Chicago after a season’s absence from injury…..what more drama could unfold in this series?!? This game was UGLY UGLY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy that the Heat won!! but that was UGLY seriously UGLY.


  13. So the Heat will face the Pacers in the conference final which begins this coming Wednesday. Should I be nervous? Will I need to wear my lucky undies? The Pacers won two out of their three regular season meetings this season and they’re no doubt a formidable defensive team, should be exciting!!….can’t wait for hump day now \(^o^)/!!!


  14. Game 1 of the eastern conference finals: that was pee in your pants nerve wracking/ amazing!!!!!! OT…w/ 2.2 seconds remaining and the Heat down 1, Lebron goes to the rim and wins a thriller @ the buzzer \(^o^)/!!!!!! For the Pacers though that was kick you in the crotch fantastic =P!!!! Go Heat~♡!!!!


  15. Game 5: I don’t know it I’ve ever seen Haslem dunk??? Stress time for sure! Just under 24 minutes to decide the pivotal game.


  16. 4th quarter’s just begun and it’s now gone from stress time to sweating time as I haven’t been this stressed and sweaty since a boy in high school fell asleep on me during a ‘party’ episode…he was drunk though and nothing was going on between us! in my defense, and boy was he sweaty and heavy just saying (;´□`)!!!


  17. Heat now lead 3~2 going back to Indiana for game 6, can you say LeBron LeBron LeBron \(^o^)/!!!


  18. Simply nothing better than a game 7!!! The Heat were amazing as they won the series against the Pacers who themselves were a most formidable opponent. LeBron was incredible as always getting everyone involved, D-WADE looked like D-WADE and Bosh played better too, also Ray Allen and of course the Birdman~Birdman all contributed so much! Most importantly though was Miami’s defense which was off the charts. Finals start on Thursday @ Miami against the Western Conference Champion Spurs…can’t wait!! Go Heat!!


  19. Series now tied 2-2, with the demise of Dwyane Wade♡ being greatly exaggerated!!!! He had the look of one Black Mamba aka Kobe Bryant tonight and the entirw teams’ defense just incredible !!!! Go Heat♡ !!!!


  20. Well this could be my last comment here and that all depending on how the Heat play tonight (actually in just a few minutes from now…). Will the great team appear and take this finals series to the pinnacle of all sporting events as in a game 7? Or will the Spurs close them out on their very own home floor? =( Whatever the outcome I just hoooooooope that they play well!!!! Go Heat~♡!!!!


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