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Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age CD single first press purikura sticker sheet

It’s aloha~♥ Friday! and for tonight’s Unzipped I just wanted to add a bit of a companion post for the original Ishii Yuki post which was done a few years ago here.

Truth be told my original intention was to finally be able to transfer Ishii Yuki’s single VHS release to digital format so that I’d be able to post it up here but unfortunately macrovision continues to keep me from being able to (ノロ≦。)!(sigh….) but anyhow since I’ve already done the new scans and such I’m still going to add this companion post here anyway ^^.

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age VHS release

Released on October 17th, 1997 this VHS is quite a rarity to say the least and it’s pretty frustrating to have this release in hand and yet not be able to share any of its features which include the original music video for Ishii Yuki’s single “Neat Girl Age”, her visit to Central Park and Times Square as well as in studio dance lessons which are always fun. Perhaps one day macrovision will be able to be defeated allowing me to unleash all of the rare cuteness found on this tape….but until then you’ll just have to take my word for it as it’s pretty cool and rare material for any Ishii Yuki fan =).

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age VHS release jacket scan

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age poster scan

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age poster (reverse side 1)Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age poster (reverse side 2)

Here above I’ve scanned the supplemental giant two sided poster which was included with Ishii Yuki’s “Neat Girl Age” VHS release which gives a gist of what’s on the program. Really the music video is such a highlight but sadly it’ll have to remain in tape~world for now =(.

LUV 2 SHY LUV 2 SHY I CD album


Ishii Yuki release pamphlet

Ishii Yuki debuted in July of ’97 with the group “LUV 2 SHY” as she appeared on one of the album’s stand~out tracks “Baby Cool!” and just two months later on September 3rd she would depart LUV 2 SHY and release her official solo debut with the release of her single “Neat Girl Age” both of which were on i NOKS Records housed under J~Pop idol♥ record giant Pony Canyon….(Above is a scan of the new release pamphlet which was included with LUV 2 SHY’s first album release.) “LUV 2 SHY I” was released on July 2nd, 1997 and note the close time proximity to Asayan’s singer contest/auditions which produced both Morning Musume and Heike Michiyo’s solo career.

LUV 2 SHY I booklet scan

~Ishii Yuki (in LUV 2 SHY) “Baby Cool!” mp3~

And just as you can go all the way back to the very earliest of Amuro Namie’s singles while she was still with the Super Monkeys (later known as MAX) with the likes of “Rainbow Moon”~~> (you can find the single track “Rainbow Moon” posted here by searching the ‘featured’ sidebar to your right), you can hear even at Ishii Yuki’s extremely young age too just how much vocal potential, strength and range she also possessed. “Baby Cool!” is such a well written and stylish R&B song and if you pay close attention to the pre~chorus and I mean specifically the lyric line immediately before the chorus section you’ll notice a very distinct Amuro♥ism as in a very Amuro Namie like vocal trademark in style and delivery of said lyrics…it’s really uncanny! “Baby cool!” appears on both LUV 2 SHY’s debut album as well as Ishii Yuki’s album “Fantastic Voyage”….and I swear Togashi Akio must have been listening to…..

Chaka Khan

..Chaka Khan when he penned this one~* ( ̄▽ ̄)!!。。。and Yukichan performs a most rapid and *cute~* rap during the middle break ^ ^。A~h! this is so so Chaka Khan!!…(^q^)! Release date of Ishii Yuki solo album: March 4th, 1998.

Ishii Yuki in LUV 2 SHY Neat Girl Age CD single with first press purikura stickers

And it all led up to the release of Ishii Yuki’s debut single (advertised in the pamphlet) “Neat Girl Age” which hit record store shelves on September 3rd, 1997. The first pressing gave fans a cute purikura sticker sheet which by the way I think would be a most wonderful idea if only AKB48 and family would insert something like this into their single releases as well as a first press bonus =D!! Only dilemma would be that they’d turn out to prove much too cute to stick anywhere =P….and as you can see I’ve still got my Ishii Yuki purikura sheet intact after all these years ^^.  And I love how at the very bottom it says that these ‘characters (depicted in the purikura) are Ishii Yuki original characters….’ \(^o^)/!

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age CD single first press purikura sticker sheet

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age CD single jacket scan (front)

~Ishii Yuki “uki uki baby” mp3~

I’ve always liked the coupling track a bit more when it came to her debut single “Neat Girl Age” and “uki uki baby” is full of *Motown~* love!!!! I mean with Motown~* hooks♥ galore!!!!….and here you’ll readily once again here Amuro~isms as in Amuro Namie like vocal phrasing…it’s unmistakable ^ ^!And Yukichan was so young when she recorded this making it even that much more impressive…think Michael Jackson in his early days with the Jackson 5~! Really!..it’s that great!!

~Ishii Yuki “Neat Girl Age” mp3~

Again I really wanted to include the original music video here for “Neat Girl Age”…..darn that macrovision (ノロ≦。)!!!=(。”Neat Girl Age” is really rhythm~funky too with that special Motown flair and it only fairs here in comparison because “uki uki baby” is just soooooooo much its coupling with track =P.

And all of the aforementioned Amuro~isms aren’t an accident or random coincidence by any means as Ishii Yuki in interviews would often times mention how much she idolized the now legendary singer way back when. And keep in mind that these specific Amuro~isms are from this time period so I’m not making reference to Amuro Namie’s vocals stylings of now but rather the style of vocals she commanded in her earliest of singles which goes back to her Super Monkey days and from that time period. Amuro Namie is one of the J~pop artists whom I have collected every single release from going back to her very debut till now. You can find some early Amuro Namie single love♥ here by searching………..yes! Amuro Namie in the sidebar search thingy =).

Ishii Yuki Neat Girl Age CD single jacket scan (back)



(for the original and much more extensive Ishii Yuki post~~>

~~> click~* here ^^)

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