~Matsu Takako~ “Time for music” (an exquisite journey through classic folk, pop & musicals~)


(Update: media previously lost 1/27/10 during my move from Vox has been updated back into post)

With the same laser process that goes into Blu ray discs, Sony has yet again improved clarity and now in the audio market where their audio releases have begun to appear since 2008. Happily their Blu-spec CD technology doesn’t require one to purchase a new player to be able to listen♪♪~ to them as they’re compatible with all standard CD players ^ ^。

Matsu Takako’s “Time for music” album release comes beautifully packaged…with a lyric/interview/track by track commentary booklet w/ photos~* and two discs all housed in an extra sturdy outer slip case~.

Matsu Takako’s musical career has truly evolved so much over the years and upon listening here~ it’s quite profound how her compositions and performances have brought her to this new plateau…all stemming from pop roots~♪. More on Matsu Takako’s history in J-culture can be found here~.

And for Matsu Takako’s live release for “Time for music” which features her incredible jazz~tastic~* live band you can visit here~…for performance clips.

Matsu Takako’s “Time for music” LE w/DVD can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Matsu Takako’s “Time for music” can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Much of “Time for music” has a Nelson Riddle meets Linda Ronstadt *feel~* as track by track you’re taken through a deep journey in early folk to stage musical offerings as well as a touch of lounge jazz~iness~♪♪。All recordings were done in Los Angeles and there’s an amusing bit in the included recording documentary (covering everything from photo shoots to rehearsal to recording & behind the scenes) where Matsu Takako’s name plate upon her studio door is just across from Britney Spears~*…(^q^)!

Matsu Takako underwent vocal coaching for her English language songs to be recorded, with much additional preparation…much done just prior to recording. A most impressive note is also made by the American recording engineer working on this project as he notes how most female vocalists that he’s worked with don’t like to sing *live~* for their recordings, whereas Matsu Takako tackled this entire album project by performing *live~* recordings alongside the live musician’s performances~ on the fly! So rather than vocals over a previously recorded track…what you’ll hear throughout this entire album are true *live~* recordings with every aspect being done in single completed takes~ ^ ^!

Always so impressive are Matsu Takako’s musical variety in her ever growing writings and here four of the ten tracks have been penned by herself in both lyrics & music♪ including the songs~ “Kimi to nara” (my most favorite♥♥♥ of her compositions on this album…such a sweet~* song ^ ^), “Kitto tsutaete”, “So Long” as well as the title track “Time for music.” All are elegantly~* arranged with full ensemble of orchestration and chorus lifting a heartbeat♥ into each note brought to life in vivid clarity~.

As aforementioned Matsu Takako took on much vocal practice and coaching for the English language songs which are notably quite abundant on the album and while the English dialect contains much sounds that simply don’t exist in the Japanese dialect…her *live~* performances and pronunciations are most impressive making way for splendid versions of an amazing array of American standards as pop culture is celebrated~.

~Songs of note include Hedy West’s “500 Miles” which remains as one of folk’s most popular compositions. Hedy West produced a steady stream of folk releases through the 60’s into the 70’s with no doubt, “500 Miles” being her most celebrated and recognized of songs~.

~”Kimi to nara” which is just the sweetest~♥ of ballads!!!

~”Nobara saku michi” has a special place here as it was recorded as a surprise for Matsu Takako’s father Matsumoto Koshiro who recorded this very song back in the 60’s o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

~”Half Sixpence” is a stage musical number, written by David William Heneker.

~”I Need You” really caught me by so much surprise and delight~* as it’s the classic pop/folk song by America!! I remember when I first realized how many songs I had known by this group which had long been gone before I was even born….just through memories of hearing my parents listening to their songs when I was little had stuck with me although back then I had no idea whom they were recorded by and it wasn’t until years later that I realized they were all by this one group America when an older friend~* had asked me if I knew who they were and I stupidly said…”um, no”…(*´艸`)。 They’ve written so so many catchy~* songs and some of my other favorites♥ by America include “Ventura Highway”, “Sister Golden Hair”, “Muskrat Love”, “Only in your heart”, “Daisy Jane”, “Tin Man”, “A Horse with no name” and “You can do magic” ^ ^♥!

~”Getting Tall” appears in the second act of the Broadway musical “Nine” which was performed through the 80’s, music & lyrics by Maury Yeston.

~And there’s also a most beloved~♥ classic of mine….it’s the “RAINBOW CONNECTION” ♥♥♥…I can still hear Kermit singing♪ it accompanied by his banjo~* (*´∀`*)!Matsu Takako performs so *beautifully~*…..and now my nostalgic heart is most *happy~* Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!♥♥♥

~Matsu Takako “Time for music” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “500 Miles” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “Rainbow Connection” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “Kimi to nara” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “Nobara Sakumich” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “Long Ago//Half a Sixpence” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “Kitto tsutaete” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “I NEED YOU” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “Getting Tall” mp3~

~Matsu Takako “So Long” mp3~


And from the documentary…



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18 Responses to ~Matsu Takako~ “Time for music” (an exquisite journey through classic folk, pop & musicals~)

  1. 500 miles & rainbow connection ~ I love it ^q^.. Nice renditions. Thanks for sharing.


  2. pettomomo says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂
    I just preordered Arashi's LE and RE singles. Pretty broke now… so thanks a lot for sharing this! If I have the money, I'd like to get this album in the future too.


  3. *Thank you~* for listening o(*´∀`)o゛♥ I've been listening to this album for the past days and every track I mean is just so memorable and I love how she recorded them *live* too with a complete orchestra ensemble~ ^ ^。Those are such classic songs ne~….*beautiful~* in this new light and interpretation (*´∀`*)。And I was reminded of Kermit….lol it's been awhile since I thought of character w/ banjo~*…(^q^)!


  4. I'm *happy~* you enjoyed this album too (*´∀`*)♥!。。u~n! it's so worth it to get, just every song performance is top notch and the song selection so *amazing~* too! Arashi's pre~orders for their LE was gone so quickly!!!….so *happy~* you ordered your copies too! U~n! both editions a must have ne~ and I'm hoping for both covers to be *pretty~* too ^ ^!


  5. I agree ^q^ The melody of the songs are so relaxing~ for the Japanese track, I like track #4, though i don't understand it ^q^ .. 500 miles is already a fave way back , I'm a glad she did a wonderful rendition of it.


  6. A~h "Kimi to nara" ("When I'm with you")….my most favorite♥ Japanese song on this album too~! Matsu♥Takako also released it as a blu-spec single~* and I've only been familiar recently with the song "500 miles" but its melody is so so moving and memorable~* that you fall in love instantly when you very first hear it ^ ^。


  7. Thanks for the translation ~ No wonder the song is truly so beautiful to my ears.. ^q^ such a sweet sweet song ~♥


  8. o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。you may also like some of her earlier songs♪ posted here~ ^ ^ like "Akari no tomoru hoe", "Kisses" (also there is a live clip~♥), "Akubi", "days", "Stay with me", "Natsu no kioku" and "your birthday"…sorry so many。。(*´艸`)!I had a few more pv clips but sadly YouTube ate them all awhile ago (;´□`)。


  9. Thank you ^q^ I'll go to that post in a short while. *Stay w/ Me* i love it, i heard it in ur other post which u linked for me before. I forgot the title.


  10. Ah~I was reading it. This is the same post ^q^ Thanks again~!


  11. A~h! (._.;) I'm so sorry I didn't realize that I had linked that post before…I must must keep better track of things…(u_u*). You must have been thinking…E~h?? it's this again :P.


  12. It's Ok ^q^ I don't like that.I also forgot the title so when i got there I listened to the songs again and…read more 🙂 Thank you.


  13. A~h* I'm so glad~ (*´∀`*)。。I was so thinking omg I'm being so over~redundant (ノロ≦。)!I'm usually so excited~* about music and sharing so I forget myself in moments~ (人∀`*)。Thank you~* you're always so sweet♥! ^ ^


  14. I understand that ( I'm kinda like that for some reasons that my friend wud always reminds me that i already said this n that hehe).. Thanks to u too:)


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  17. Hello xD
    Thanks for sharing the information about Matsu Takako-san xD.

    I happened to find the link to your blog from this Youtube video

    I really love Matsu Takako-san, she is my most favourite J actress and Jpop female singer xD.

    I love her perfomance in this youtube video (LIVE Koishii Hito) so I hope I can find concert’s download link, if it’s possible, could you share the link again xD. If not, I’m sorry for bothering you :P.

    I also tried to find Mirai PV

    with good quality version xD, do you know where I can download it xD?
    Thank you very much :P.

    Thank you again for all the post about Matsu-san. I found myself jump off the chair when I read your blog xD.

    p/s: I’m a Vietnamese, and I’m not good at English, so please forgive me if I made any mistakes or something like that :P.


    • Hello~* =) a~h I wonder how I got linked from YouTube as I do have an account there but it’s mostly unused now as most things tend to get deleted there sooner or later. I don’t download many things so I’m not sure where to begin looking other than with searches with key words….sorry I can’t be of more help to you =(. I love her so much too!!! and both in music and drama….oh and plus movies! I noticed that the link here is broken =/ but the link atop should’ve gone to…..



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