Former Hawaii news anchor Janet Wu reports on the Boston Marathon tragedy

A really dark day and just unimaginable that anything like this could ever happen and at such a worldly celebrated event. Details of the multiple bombings at today’s Boston Marathon continue to update by the hour and while there are still a lot of unknowns and investigations further pending which will probably go into weeks and perhaps months from now, what is known is that the two bombs set off just seconds apart in crowded areas for marathon spectators along the roadside near to the finishing line has been devastating and beyond tragic. Police in Boston are describing this to be a terror attack and it’s just so sickening that anyone could do something like this….in all over 130 victims being treated at area hospitals with many being critical and three deaths are confirmed. I hope that the person or persons responsible will be caught and brought to justice although I know nothing can heal all of the wounds suffered today.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and their loved ones.

KHNL news clip1

While the news has been non stop from just about every major network since this morning I kept just these three short clips from KHNL as at first I wasn’t quite sure but then I confirmed a Hawaii tie when the news reporter’s name was said, she’s Janet Wu who used to be a news anchor here in Hawaii on our channel 7 news I think it was…but it was so long ago and I was really little then but then our family always had the same channel for news on every~every day so some things stick with you, I think I was maybe about 12? 13? 11? or something like that? In any case I’ve always been pretty good with remembering faces and when they kept showing her I began to think she looked so familiar until I finally was able to place her… something of a big help which perhaps dispels part of my ‘remembering faces’ ability is that one of my cousins had a sort of crush on her back then and he actually got a signed photo of her as he had a friend of a friend who knew someone who worked at the news station so that really helped my memory….so I can’t wait to tell him who I saw today as she’s still really cute I think and just a bit more mature now…and her voice, I so remember it.

KHNL news clip2

KHNL news clip3


I now have a photo of his Janet Wu signed photo…thank U for e~mailing!! and so quickly I might add!

Janet Wu...

…aww he’s kept it all these years and equally important he knew exactly where it was…(sigh*)….♥.

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