UTBPlus May 2013 Vol.13 with trading card set A

“みーんなに幸せを届けたい。ウィンクキラー永尾まりやです。よろしくお願いします ”

UTB+Nagao Mariya

A silver lining in Team 4’s break up were the promotions to AKB48’s teams including Mariyagi’s entrance to Team K~♥, and I say any girl whom lists one of her “favorite animals” to be an alien is most welcome in my heart anytime, in fact that’s 10 bonus points (*´∀`*) ♪~♪!!Maybe she’ll move up from Next Girl status when this year’s AKB48 general election is cast later this year by fans.


UTBPlus May 2013 Vol (21)


UTBPlus May 2013 Vol (22)


UTBPlus May 2013 Vol (23)


UTBPlus May 2013 Vol (24)


UTBPlus May 2013 Vol (25)


~The truth is out there~

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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40 Responses to ~Yagishan+

  1. hydeo says:

    this magazine is new ?

    i dont remember see those pics

    mariyagi is beauty a lot :3~~, and she is really cool, bad they dont give much attention to her

    and im the only one who answer :\ sad :\ aheaheha


  2. drahzaar says:

    Yeah its new, she’s actually been in several good shoots recently. I love her thing with aliens. So cute


  3. @Hydeo, okay =).

    It’s just a percentage so someone may be stuffing the aliens are real ballot box ^^.


  4. @ Hydeo, =D…it’s true and that’s why men and women can’t seem to figure each other out through thousands of years =P.


    • hydeo says:

      yah this old tale make sense until now hahahha


        • hydeo says:

          humm the book stay something like half year in the best sellers
          good work so 😛


          • It really had an impact on social life and perhaps still does today..definitely a popular best seller =).

            So you Martian how do you like earth?


            • hydeo says:

              talking about books, i thinking in back to write something and maybe this time go to the end and publish this, have some ideia about what i can write ?

              humm i dont like much the place i came, wanted to change to know the other places on earth, and u Venus girl ?



              • An idea for a book? I’m thinking maybe you could write about a personal life experience which means a lot to you? About your culture? Or a personal interest? A favorite hobby?

                Let’s see…I left Venus for earth because I heard that earthlings can have sex unlike aliens =P…ever notice how all alien drawings show no sign of genitalia?? Haha how do aliens not become extinct??…and it’s no wonder that aliens never look happy, I mean…no outerspace sex? Would make for great conversation too like ‘where’s the oddest place you’ve ever had sex?’….lol =P! Sorry I’ve gone from aliens to sex…what is wrong with me xD!?


                • hydeo says:

                  nah, this dont make sucess if published(in brazil at least)
                  i thinking maybe in something medieval…

                  hahaha really what a change of topic hahaha

                  and for ur question, yes


                  • Lol i’m confused…’medieval? But sure people write about personal life and experiences all the time =).

                    Hmm.. I asked so many odd questions there that i don’t know what you’re answering yes to =P.


                    • hydeo says:

                      humm i mean that historys with barbarians and elfs, and this things, but i get an ideia of something futiristic 😛

                      about sex aheaheha


  5. @Hydeo, oh wait! Don’t tell me you’re a Dungeon & Dragons dork?? =O….kidding!!! I meant Dungeons & Dragons intellectual =D! LORD OF THE RINGS was awesome!!! And yes I am a DORK っo(*´∀`)o!



    • hydeo says:

      yeh i like this kind of things too haha ^^

      and the best books i read are in that subject


      • Oh so you are a DORK like me =D. I’m trying to think of other fantasy things that I’ve liked which were medieval themed…OH I know “The Princess Bride!!!!!!!!!!!” it’s one of the very best movies!!!! I also like “The Chronicles of Narnia” epic! “Willow”..was fun! and perhaps “Braveheart” is considered medieval too…in any case a great film also! And for best in DORK t.v. sitcoms it has to be “The Big Bang Theory!!!!!!!” love~love~♥! this show so much!!!! I’m so happy that I was born a DORK っo(*´∀`)o!


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