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AKB48 official presser, Tuesday 2 pm....Deep thoughts with Jack...Deep thoughts with Jack....

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Site News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


September 18th, 2014

Site news and personal updates are now being posted under the category “MorningYolk”, you can click ~*here for those post updates =).

January 17th, 2014

Now relishing in the Australian Open =D!!!

Can you believe the heat!!?

111 degrees and a water bottle actually melted on court along with a player fainting just before seeing Snoopy♥?

Yes, it’s scorchingly true =O!

I’m happy to see fave Federer back in form and with a new bigger racket too..I mean this was long overdue (okay Sampras played with that 85 square inch Wilson for so many years and dominated) and yet age….power…bigger racket surface…yup =D! Oh and today (not sure of when it occurred Australian time as they’re like nearly an entire day ahead of us here, Ana Ivanovic won getting into the fourth round?..wait yeah i believe it was…but anyway she’s in Serena’s side of the draw (=’s bad luck because Serena’s the best tennis player in the world =D!) and yet she fought hard and is playing great! Forehand a weapon, backhand solid, and her serve too held up which has been a bit of a question mark in recent tournaments. And let’s face it, Ana Ivanovic has the sexiest tennis grunt around…I mean Sharapova I love to watch and root for too but her’s is much more of a squeal!….Ana’s….yup….sexy grunting! I kid you not! Just tune in to the Australian Open and catch her on court……oh! and did I happen to mention that she’s absolutely gorgeous?!?!! Sweet demeanor….gorgeous…beautiful..okay! lol my tennis crush! =P

December 6th, 2013


Just wanted to note that Friday’s regular posting of “Idols♥ Unzipped” will be back next Friday (December 13th, 2013) soon…tanoshimi kudasai =D.

November 22nd, 2013


Okay this has sort of become a mini hiatus now but I do have happy news that I do certainly have a few post projects in the works right now and as some of these are like those bit more lengthy and involved posts done in the past here so they do take much more time to properly compose…just think one has already gone past nine hours of composing and it’s still not nearly done. Anyway I just wanted to do a little site update here just so that you know that no I haven’t fallen off of the edge of the earth and that I’ve just been a lot more occupied with life in general which often times this time of year in particular can become a lot more demanding of your time. Be back posting soon =D.

November 14th, 2013


Seems I’ve been having less time lately to blog here properly but it’s just a bump really so you never know when I’ll resume posting ridiculously unstructured writings here =P! Seriously though, I should soon be back to ‘normal’ activities here or at the very least I’ll be here a lot more than I’ve been recently….sorry for my bloggy~absence~lameness but in my defense I’ve been lately weighing the scales between:

great-orgasm* or bloggy-time?…just kidding,





October 20th, 2013

Big sports day today!!

First it’s Talladega, the wild card event in the Chase no doubt where anything can happen and usually does….the big one? Can/ will happen you just know. Go #48…#24!!!

And then there’s Peyton’s return to Indianapolis for the first time as the quarterback of the visiting team. And the week that was with Irsay’s comments and back peddling and the highly anticipated return of Von Miller!!!


October 15th, 2013 4:37 pm

Just spent the afternoon finishing up scanning Tomochin’s “Tomochin” graduation photo book, a must have for any Tomochin♥ fan it’s quite a book for collectors too! Yesterday was filled with thunderstorms here with the early mornings being much cooler too, today it’s sunshine although our atmosphere is still quite unstable. Been watching some baseball today, playoff baseball always exciting ~*.

October 12th, 2013 11:40 am

Last night began my “Modern Family” watching marathon~♥ as all four seasons on Bluray have arrived, I’m completely in love with this show \(^o^)/!!!

This afternoon will be occupied with the Saturday night Spring Cup Race @ Charlotte Motor Speedway, all four Hendrick drivers qualified within the top 6 with #48JJ♥ starting in 4th! Remember when for years this track used to be called “Lowe’s Motor Speedway?” after JJ♥’s primary sponsor Lowe’s Home Improvement and JJ♥ would dominated those events yearly….hoping for that kind of success for tonight’s race under the lights!

October 8th, 2013

This past weekend I’ve become addicted to the television comedy series “Modern Family”..there was a marathon running for how long I don’t know but anyway it’s so so funny! And the characters are the best!…witty and very original story telling and you just never know what may be coming next. So far my favorite characters has to be Claire Dunphy and her husband Phil, their lives and minds are surreal and when it comes to television escapes we all could use a lot let reality and a lot more of this and humor on many days =D! Just ordered seasons one through four on bluray…can’t wait for them to arrive so I can marathon-watch them hopefully by this coming weekend♥.

October 7th, 2013

Spent the better part of this afternoon scanning Manoeri’s♥ latest photo book “Manochan~Dear Friends~” and personally what’s extra special ~* about this one is that it was entirely shot right here in Hawaii, hopefully I’ll be able to post it up soon.

October 6th, 2013

The Broncos just squeaked by the Dallas Cowboys in a wild shootout and as they say everything’s bigger in Texas and this one was definitely living up to that billing!! The back and forth scoring and I don’t think the Broncos ever punted not even once through the entire game which in itself is amazing and Romo had a career day with over 500 yards through the air but alas a fatal final mistake as he through a much needed interception with just over 2 minutes to go with the score all tied up at 48. Yes…48 =O! Manning♥ then masterfully managed the clock making sure that the Cowboys wouldn’t see the ball back on offense and he ran down the clock, picked up the needed first down and finally got his kicker into perfect position to boot one through for the win just as time expired. Final Broncos 51, Cowboys 48! Go Broncos♥!!! Oh and btw Brad didn’t wreck Kyle although Kyle did wreck Kyle himself or rather it was his tire/car that did it in the waning final laps. Jimmie Johnson♥ now just three points out of the lead where Matt Kenseth currently sits atop the Chase standing! Go #48♥!!!

October 5th, 2013

So during today’s Nationwide Race at Kansas Kyle Busch kinda booted Brad keselowski out of the way and into the wall as he spun out..wondering now if there’ll be payback tomorrow between Brad and Kyle as the Sprint Cup Series takes the stage at Kansas =O.

September 19th, 2013 4:48 pm

Just finished editing and adding in 733 images to the post, wooooh took much longer than anticipated xD. So now ‘all I need to do’ is upload them =D. Will probably take a few hours to do so, so I’ll finish it tomorrow.

September 18th, 2013 5:05 pm

Been placing the finishing touches on a rather large posting earlier today till now, looks like one more day until I’ll be online again though.  Hint: it involves kisses ♥.

September 17th, 2013 4:07 pm

While Sundays are set aside for family time keeping me away from the blog for the most part, early this week’s been a bit busy too w/ numerous errands and commitments to keep….will hopefully be back on tomorrow (Wed.).

I’ve recently had to change comments to needing approval here as the ridiculous spam has gotten ridiculously active and also akismet which protects WordPress blogs from spam has been letting through a lot more ridiculous spam than usual and it’s definitely no reflection on anyone commenting here, it’s an extra step for the blog but I think it’s for the best as unwanted spam is so annoying and often times contains much unwanted content. Thank you for your understanding =).


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Site News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Sasshi ♥'s the Big Lebowski!

Sasshi ♥'s Seinfeldgothic seX toy


…we now interrupt the high level of cap~spamming 😛 to bring you
the following live interview…

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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167 Responses to ~~Eat Fresh~~! 「Site News」

  1. zush says:

    Hi MB! Nice to meet you here @ your new blog home! So all is fine again?! WP seems to be much faster loading than VOX used to be. 🙂


    • Hi Zushy~*! It’s still a bit under construction but maybe by tomorrow I’ll be able to post a link @ Vox saying that I’ve moved here♥. Hmm…just curious but how did you find your way here?…it’s just that I thought I was invisible :P….here alone? U~n =)! the site loads much faster here and when you search in archives other than the main page, posts aren’t displayed in their entirety so it’s much easier to navigate. Now I just need to learn how to actually use WordPress…it’s so unfamiliar right now and I don’t know how to use all of their functions. Posting here for me may be a bit difficult for awhile I think XD.


      • zush says:

        heh he, just used the search feature @ WP’s front page and my first try was “morningberryz48”. Quite logical, wasn’t it.

        when you learn to play with WP you gonna love it even more than VOX


  2. maiZe says:

    Woohoo!! WordPress! 😀 I hope you grow to love wordpress as much as I love wordpress. Though I’ve offered before, I’ll offer again – if ever you need some wp help, just give me a shout and hopefully I’ll know what the heck you’re talking about. XD

    Or, I could probably recruit the help of my brother. ^_^


  3. maiZe says:

    Oh… I see your question to zush.. I assume you’ll wonder the same thing for me. XD
    I got a pingback for the link you made to my blog in the If you only had a minute to turn someone on giveaway results post. ^_^


    • Hello~*…that’s confusing (._.;)…what’s a ‘pingback?’ I don’t know how to do anything here :P..but I’m trying to learn. HarimaKenji suggested that I embed my videos or link them as it’s way too expensive to use the space here XD. But I think I can add audio okay and I’m going to have to shrink my photos by a looooot!! I had no idea that I was uploading such large photos to Vox all this time :P.


      • maiZe says:

        Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of a pingback. Basically, on wp (and a few other blogging clients), unless you change a setting somewhere (can’t remember where), every time someone links to one of your posts, you will be notified through a new comment to the post which was linked to. I figure this wasn’t an automatic feature available on Vox.

        It’s a good way to know who and what is linking to your blog.

        For example, check out the pingback you made to me in the last comment of this post. The first comment on that post is a pingback from IW.


  4. Okay~*, I feel like an idiot I don’t know many of the terms and features here (._.;)! I also don’t know how to turn of the approve comment thingy here….I mean I don’t want the Spam monsters to attack me (;´□`)!!。。but at the same time friends should always be able to speak with me without approval.


    • maiZe says:

      No worries… There’s always a settling in period, right? You’ve been on vox for years, you can’t expect to be a pro at wordpress right away. ^_^

      As for approving comments, on all my blogs, what I do is set it so that in order to post a comment, someone needs to be approved by an admin for their first comment. That way, you can make sure that it’s not a spam comment coming through. After that, if the person comments with the same user info, their comments should post automatically.

      If you wanted to try that, you do the following:
      1. On the dashboard, go to Settings.
      2. Go to Discussion.
      3. Under Before a comment appears, unclick An administrator must always approve the comment and choose Comment author must have a previously approved comment instead.

      There are other useful settings in that section, so check off any of those that look like you’d want to use.


      • Wow that menu is amazing~*!!…so many settings!! I was just about to ask why your second comment appeared without the same notification requiring approval…but duhh :P! I think it was in default and that’s so so helpful~♥!!


      • I still need to work on a few things here but I really need to finish by tomorrow or I won’t be able to post a link~* @ Vox anymore (/∇\*)!。。the site is sort of a mess right now and I still need to add categories properly to all of posts from Vox, could take awhile and I think my very first post here will look absolutely awful (ノロ≦。)!!!Can’t be helped though ne~ XD.


        • maiZe says:

          Lol.. Okay. Good luck!! 😀 I’ll stop bugging you then. 😛
          I’ll come back and bug you tomorrow or something. XD Just give me a shout if you do need help. I’m getting e-mail notifications every time a new comment is made in this post. ^_^


  5. I was sad that Federer lost in the semis but Nadal was amazing~ \(^o^)/☆!!。。and now he’s won every Grand Slam at least once! Maybe it was inevitable as the French seems to be the most alluding title and Nadal owns the French =).

    ps. I just wish~* he would stop picking his butt after every point lol (・д・`*)!!


    • maiZe says:

      I meant to watch the final, but then it was rain delayed when I got home from work, and then I got into doing some posts on Lovely Bean (seeing as it Aichan’s birthday!!! :D).

      I did watch the semis and I was absolutely shocked when Federer lost. The 2nd and 4th sets were just so random. I really haven’t been paying enough attention to tennis recently. Maybe it’s because my fave guy retired? XD But I’m totally looking forward to the upcoming bball season. I’m quite interested to see how my Raptors do without Chris Bosh.


      • It did start so late..I got home late from work today (overtime is beginning to kill me I think (+_+) !)and it was still only in the second set….Oh~*! Aichan! I’m the worst at remembering birthdays….I need an idol♥ calendar (._.;).

        Mmm…….the last image I have of basketball is seeing Steve Nash crying after their loss last season (;´□`)。I think the Suns are going to struggle this season….no Amare….their president of operations quit…..it doesn’t look very promising :/. Hmm….but at least Lebron, D~Wade, C~Bosh and Acchan will be together:




      • zush says:

        yep that was a bit shock that Federer got beaten but not a surprise that Nadal won the tittle. Federer was so phlegmatic and was almost like he didn’t want to win. But still Federer Express is the number one… at least for me.


        • I think so many of the fans in NY were rooting for a Nadal~Federer final…..after watching the final though I think Nadal couldn’t have lost to anyone on that day~*. He’s always relentless and plays each and every point fully with so much energy and poise…..it’s still unreal to think that this was his very first U.S. Open title as amazing~* as he is!! U~n agree! Federer=♥.


  6. maiZe says:

    LOL MB. Looks like you’re working hard on your blog… I can tell ’cause my feed is getting flooded with your old posts. 😛 I’ve got 46 sitting unread right now. XD


    • Oh dear sorry about that (._.;)…I have been editing like crazy and especially over the past two days as I knew my deadline to post @ Vox was ending by today. I still have a lot to do yet but first I must really learn how to create a normal looking post here….ugh! the first two didn’t come out so well as I thought they wouldn’t. HarimaKenji is tutoring me on a program I can use which works with WP so that I can add photos much easier with better downsized options so that they won’t be so large….I hope I can learn it okay, will be starting now っo(*´∀`)oーーー>!!


  7. Pingback: ~Since I’ve been gone… | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

  8. strawberrie says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I will update the link on my blog.


  9. Greg says:

    Woot! Welcome to the world of WordPress MB.


    • Thank you~* Greg (*´∀`)♥!!。。I was in such a panic when Vox announced that they were closing (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ !!!、and I’m slowly but surely getting used to using WP here and now that HarimaKenji has taught me how to use Windows Live Writer it’s sooooo much easier to compose here I’m finding out ~♥~. Still there are a lot of features here that I don’t understand but I’m really loving WP~♥.


  10. mikeymikez says:

    Hi MB! Looks like it’s going better for you now. 🙂 I decided get a WP too, after I saw how good yours converted! Oh, btw Microsoft Live Spaces gives you 25gb free and you could have more than one, I think. Get you over the hump anyway.

    I can finally type replies on my iPad!! ^^ I knew there were people that would help you, and as someone said I think you will be happier here in the long run. I miss Vox too, but they never seemed know what do with it. I think they cheeped out on it. Like running so slow, and all the weird problems you had remember?

    I am so glad you found a new home dear!!



  11. mikeymikez says:

    Btw Wodpress just came out with an iPad editor that looks really nice. I know you don’t have an iPad… Yet! Hehe


    • I have a bit of extra space here too now although I just know I’ll use it all up very quickly :P! I do think the WP layout is much better than Typepad’s or maybe it’s just the types of things that I like to do is made much easier being here as I’m sure Typepad works great for lots of people too =). Well I’m thinking future~future~*! so I’ve accepted that my audio and video from Vox won’t be here after the 30th so I think I’m okay with it….took me awhile though! I was really heartbroken by that for a long time.

      U~n I remember all of those times and issues I had with Vox….funny they’re all posted here somewhere XD. I received a lot of help~* and there’s no way I could have done this alone…I owe so much to HarimaKenji for being so patient with me (*´∀`)♥。It’s so great that mobile devices will be able to type in comments here too as I know it wasn’t possible at Vox so that’s definitely much better. Wow WP has so many tools that they create to help everyone..that’s awesome!! Thank you~* Mikey♥!


  12. haha Hiya~
    don’t forget about me bcoz i havn’t forget you nei chan ^ ^ \V/
    i will be following your wp site K!
    bye bye to vox and welcome wp… happy moving, hope the new environment is refreshing for you haha :’)


    • Hi~* Gregory!!…I hope~* you’re doing great and that everything’s working out wonderfully with your special someone♥! Oh yes it’s been at first a bit of a challenge moving so much here from Vox after being there for so long but it’s really great here @ WP and they have a lot of amazing and easy to use features here too =). Keep in touch~* ne♥!


  13. Hi MorningB,
    I have moved all my blogs to TypePad until I can figure out a better solution.
    Every time I see a cute J-Pop girl here in San Francisco I think of you!

    Joseph aka SubCommandanteUno aka The DollarMan aka Brother Joseph aka The KingOfTwilite…..


    • Hello~*! (blushes* (*´艸`))。。。a~h I’m sure there are so many cute~♥ Japanese girls there!!…in Hawaii I’m really a dime~a~dozen lol or at least that’s what I’ve been told by well…..hmm my some of my girl friends who tell me so (/∇\*)!。。lol but we’re competitive that way :P!

      W~ah! you have so many nicknames!…sugoi~ (*´∀`)♥!!I’m usually only called “baka” here although I think it’s meant to be endearing~♥ XD!


  14. kevin says:

    hiii! ^^ i hope everything’s going well
    this is really random but u have the Resonant Blue Event V DVD right??
    i was wondering if the cd case is like a regular one or is it one of those really thin cd cases? lolol thnkss


  15. Shirow says:

    Welcome to WP!

    I really need to catch up with this place and stuff,

    Lately I’ve been so busy with work to dedicate much time to blogs :/

    I’ll make time 🙂


    • Hi Shirow~* ヾ(^∇^)、。。I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch. Thank you~* so much for your warm♥ welcome o(*´∀`)o゛!I’m still learning more about WP each day and I’m really loving it here!

      I hope~* you’re doing great! I’ve been having a lot of overtime hours and not much sleep recently (+_+)、and then I slept all day today…well after work that it XD! I’ve missed you (´⌒`。)。


  16. thank goodness i found your blog full of cute … i got a wordpress too and just subscribed to your wordpress


  17. NyNy says:

    When will you update with a new post?

    Also, do you or anyone you know who writes stories preferably short stories? Why not post more of your fiction there, review others and get some inspiration from other writers? You can build up an audience around your story by starting small writing short stories now and allowing your readers to download and share with others. If you are aiming to be an author, novelist or writer, this is a great way to start to market your stories online. So please check out the site: http://readwave.com


    • Hi NyNy, I’ve been taking a bit of time off from blogging here but I’ve still been writing for future posts….I think in just a few more days I’ll be back here =).

      Gosh I haven’t attempted at writing fiction for some time now and the most involved I got writing a short story here was part of a collaborative effort between a friend I used to know awhile back and he and I would take turns writing the next chapter of a single story and it was at the time when I was freshly tuned into the Battle Royale movies back in early 2008, you can see our collaborative story here: (and it was a way for us to combine our mutual love of all things Hello! Project along with a fictional storyline) then….


      I placed the six first chapters into this one post later on but originally they were posted singly chapter by chapter with us taking turns….was a lot of fun to do back then! I hope you find some amusement in these.

      Thank you for the link! I’ll be sure to check it out and see if I feel the urge to create too once again =).


    • Forgot to mention that the ‘Taka~san’ and Nakaikun in the short story are the then hosts of the Utaban variety t.v. show =)….a bit of inside humor and tongue and cheek ensue from there….


  18. george-b says:

    Morningberryz, Love your storyline style… No wonder you get so many nice comments.
    Forget the spammers: zap them!
    So nice coming over for a visit!




  19. aaronread says:

    Can…….Can I have a toe?


    • Hahah are you a fan of “The Big Lebowski” too?! \(^o^)/!!! I couldn’t resist cartooning Sasshi here with one of the great quotes from that film!..she just had the most perfect expression when I looked at that particular cap that I had created a few days earlier =D.

      Sure. Sure you can have a toe! But what will you do with it?


      • aaronread says:

        Oh the things I could do with a toe! Paint is, suck it, pretend its an egg!
        and the big lebowski!? It was my first glimpse at what surrealism could do!
        Back to the toe, how does one send a toe without being investigated by the local customs officer?


        • You remember when lucky rabbits’ feet were in? =O In hindsight that was sort of gross even if they were all painted to be cute. Anyway you seem to have a definite toe fetish~♥?!? Glad you love The Big Lebowski too!! It’s classic cinema for sure and just the dialog alone is memorable but then the situations the characters find themselves in…just omG =O great! Lol you mister Toe Fetish Man should readily know that, one would think ^ ^。


          • aaronread says:

            Haha another name for my collection!


            • And well deservedly so! You know I don’t know any guys who have a foot fetish so you’re quite unique in that regard too =D!


              • aaronread says:

                you know secretly feet make me vomit, but for the purpose of the continuation of this conversation ‘oooohhhh feet, i love feeet’


                • Okay so your fetish is only for a single toe lol =O? I imagine it could make quite the impact upon seeing it worn on a chain around your neck and quite the conversational piece =D.


                  • aaronread says:

                    or stored in some brandy!! or any alcoholic beverage!!
                    I’m not motivated for my next drawing, either a cat having therapy from Edgar Allen Poe, me being covered in electric eels while playing the piano or a statue of me being worshiped by feet people. none of them inspire me 😦


                    • Ohhh you’ve seen those liquors with snakes and stuff in them too?! Very freaky!! Sort of gross too actually (*>ω<)!!Anyway =D. I'd go with the Edgar Allen Poe idea although instead I strongly feel that it should be the cat who's giving the therapy to Mr. Poe, dontcha think.


                    • aaronread says:

                      thats going to need some elaboration! cats can give therapy!? maybe i should un-bury my several hundred cats!!! my mind surely cant be well maintained, what with all the nakedness and animal involvement! unless you’d like to take a stab at curing me?


                    • Sure they ‘can’ ;D! Well I was sort of envisioning a very prestigious looking cat with the whole smarty glasses and doctor garb going on, so of course he’d (the cat) be posed in human fashion and there you lay naked upon his couch….a confused man with a wonderful imagination and yet a very….well you know you get the picture right ^^.


                    • aaronread says:

                      no no! no picture gotten!! explain the entire process!! this is inspiration right here!


  20. xmangerm says:

    733 images to the post…..Wow! Have a nice upcoming work week.


  21. aaronread says:

    who’d rather have boobs, robin or yoda?
    im thinking yoda, with his tiny hands! groping away. Robin was always about his dominator, batman. I don’t think he feels the same way about breasts. imagine robin and kinky catwoman getting it on, he’d be defenseless!


    • Huh that’s a toughie. Well with Yoda he may not be all that interested as he could probably cop~a~feel whenever he wanted so to speak, and at lightning speed so the girl probably wouldn’t even notice xD..something green whizzes by~~~~~> and your tops undone…huh??? Robin. Robin. Robin. In some ways I’ve always imagined that secretly Robin is in an analogy…whay Ernie is to Bert or vice versa =P. Oh no not Catwoman!!!..she’d break Robin in two with just a few butt clenches…I hear she works out =D!


      • aaronread says:

        Oh that dirty green pervert!!! although I do envy his force! that sounds weird, I envy his ability to use the force to do things, not his power…..
        I would so be bert’s ernie, or ernie’s bert!! think of the mad puppet intimacy! think of the cuddles!!!!!!
        I always thought of catwoman as more of a breast bitch, rather than a butt bitch? or maybe thats just my sordid thought filtering through into the entire batman canon?


        • OMG we’ve ‘unintentionally’ slandered Yoda =O!!! You know although he did walk with a cane for most of the time and very slowly I think I could have him do a few things for me which he’d be better at than any man would =P. Oh Aaron it’d be a bad thing if you somehow acquired the green one’s Force powers ~*…like you the probably would never leave your couch/sofa/bed and would only lift a finger now and then to get whatever you wanted…and don’t even get me started on you abusing his Jedi mind tricks on other unsuspecting humans…I imagine mostly on girls xD. Oh you do know that that’d get people talking in your circle of friends and acquaintances, such rumors of you getting your puppet on with your roommate who’s been living with you for waaaaaaaay way too long for anyone’s good =P. Just one request. If you happen to inherit Ernie’s puppet body whether in dream ~*or reality…please please get Bert to do something about that unibrow xD…even when I was little I so wanted to go right up the television set and shave that middle part =D. On the other hand Ernie eerie-ly has no eyebrows to speak of which makes me most suspicious…like maybe in the middle of one night Bert secretly stole Ernie’s eyebrows and added them to his which then created the very first puppet unibrow! Mmm…Catwoman’s breasts are definitely much more readily eye popping I imagine however a girl really can’t hurt a man with those…well that is unless she’s keeping her guy from them because he never listens to her =D. And it’s a good thing that guys like them so much as it gives us a certain way of getting attention..albeit sometimes most unwanted though…so call breasts a double-edged sword for that matter. I think you need to read up on hot animated girls (got a favorite♥?), so here:



  22. phr says:

    Hello MB. How are you doing? Hope you’ve had a great Christmas.

    I’ve been away from the online idol world for a few months since I have no decent internet connection at home and I have no idea how I’m going to read idol blogs from now on. I come to my parents’ home once a month and then I download a month’s worth of AKB shows, but I never have time to read anything while I’m here. Oh, but now I’m on vacation =D so there’s plenty of time to go over who knows how many MB posts await me. I’ll figure out some way to start reading regularly again, I’ll probably program something to send me your posts by e-mail without the dozens of images. BTW, I’ll just send comments to you by e-mail when I’m there. Hope you don’t mind.

    Every time I look at this post, I have the feeling that there’s some images in here that I’ve never seen before. I recognize a lot of Yu Satsu in here ~ love them. They were such a good idea.

    The weirdest thing about this time without internet is I miss the most unexpected things. See, right before I went off you were giving me a tour of some Johnny’s posts here. And now I’ve spent months with the Aoi Inazuma chorus popping up in my mind and no access to it. I had downloaded a bunch of SMAP albums but it wasn’t there. Oh well, it’s all good now, I already found it.

    Ohhh, there’s another thing I wanted to ask you. I got Sayu’s last PB, and it’s this giant monster. Really, it looks so enormous on the shelf next to all the other AKB stuff. It’s like a lonely Godzilla looking down on the tiny skyscrapers of Tokyo… I wonder if other H!P PBs are like that so I can get it some company?


    • Hello….Christmas~* was wonderful this year!! I hope your holidays are going wonderfully too…?

      Awww but you do know that my posts are all images and no substance lol =P!! Haha at times my writing may seem even odder with the absence of images XD but I understand your internet situation =). Oh a vacation sounds nice, how long are you off for?

      Ah you’re suspicions are correct!…as from time to time I do tend to add in a few images here and there whenever inspirations for silliness arrives. And now I’ve got the White Album Yu Satsu…(makes me think of The Beatles!) so I’m thinking about creating silly conversations for that book too….I’d have to be in a very funky mind set to create those though =).
      That’s so AWESOME!!!! Nothing says I like you like having a song stuck in one’s head! Oh and if you can find SMAP’s Woo & Loo double album collection which was packaged most uniquely I might add!…do get it as there are unique versions of songs on those collections and they’re in no way crappy remixes YAY! ^^ There’s really an even greater heightened jazz sense on that collection which is way awesome!! Some really great musicians being featured too from American jazz roots.

      Ohhh it’s like 100+ pages or something like that? Mmm well some of the select few H!P girls do have mammoth shashinshuu collections from a ways back with Aichan and Kamei’s being my most favorite! They come housed in a really really thick outer slip case which is like bullet proof in the book world by any standards and are all glossy too on the outsides.


  23. phr says:

    Another thing not really related to any post here that I just thought of and must be asked: is it just me or have you ever thought that the numbering for magazines in Japan is seriously messed up? Like, I already read the January 2015 UTB weeks ago, the February 2015 UTB is on sale, and the March one is already available for pre-order… and the other magazines I buy all do things similarly: BOMB, BUBKA, ENTAME, I already got the January edition and the February ones are to be released in the next week or two… =/ isn’t that weird? am I weird?


    • U~n they’re like always sooooo in front of the actual dates aren’t they xD. It’s quite odd I think too…here too our magazines are similarly dated way ahead of their actual release dates, I do wonder the reasoning….? Oh no you’re definitely not weird!!! Educated, bright and colorful you are =).


  24. Matthew says:

    These are some funny comics. Nice job 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  25. dougstuber says:

    This was quite a delightful visit for a first time entrant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Doug!

      Just a bit of my random humor posted here, this was originally supposed to be an update post but it soon turned into something quite different and it tends to keep growing over time as new thoughts are added. I hope you enjoy the site as it’s grown to be pretty large here over the years. Welcome! ^^


      • dougstuber says:

        OH this site cracks me up, for sure.

        Curled hair bobs and flows
        loves this nut who is
        not very kinky for a
        man who wears
        knee-high stockings, but…

        She waits, feels
        abandoned except
        during busy days.
        PC discussions
        mingle with game playing as

        energetic child
        asks which sport is next.
        No friend lives without love, as
        only life’s
        loveless souls are shunned.

        Spirit breaks
        if oppressed. We knew
        we could not impose
        or survive any
        more: our common ground.

        I long for
        your laugh, enthusiasm,
        lust for life,
        knowing glance, heartfelt
        hand stretched out for me.

        Birds move fast
        in cold Korea, scurry
        for scant seeds;
        determined women
        do all for children.

        Liked by 1 person

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