She’s a maniac….


…maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before….

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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56 Responses to She’s a maniac….

  1. hydeo says:

    hahah is ur cat ?
    that bandana is cool hahaha


  2. @Hydeo, ours are house cats so we never let them outside but we did for a short while initially have one of our cats outside before we brought him in but he’s now passed away and a girl kitten was a stray that we took in.


  3. @Hydeo, all so cute~♡! Cats really do love to the checker board design too. Thank you for sharing your photos ^^.


  4. @Hydeo, the tenth episode is “I love Tenchi” but the series did continue to episode 13 (still have the whole series on vhs) but that was the end of the original series which they happily transferred to DVD just to episode 10…it just wasn’t as good after that and the movies were only so so okay.

    Sasami’s such a cute character…she had the Sammy spin off and even the funny and ditzy Mihoshi had one too. This series cracks me up so much!!


    • hydeo says:

      i loved the anime too when watched… if i remember after the 13 epis, the anime start to be really long no ??

      sasami is cute and cool :3~i like the cientist, i forget her name aheahea


      • It was really the very first anime that showed me how naughty and yet funny anime can be and that was followed shortly by…………

        Not only longer but Tenchi Muyo! also I felt lost a bit of the charm that existed with the original plot for the first 10 episodes.
        Washu♥!!!!!!!!!!!! the red haired mischievous scientist lol =P!!!! She was sooooo great in the series for sure! That time when she was um….’doing experiments’ on Tenchi omg so so hilarious and yes naughty! Washu was definitely rated NC~17 at times lol =P!


        • hydeo says:

          haha i think the first one i watched has saint seya and yuyu hakusho

          i have heard about dragon half, but dont get the chance to watch, is an action comedy one no ?

          hahah yah, she is really nosense ahehaha
          i remember one epi when she get out the lab all covered in black(and have occour an explosion inside there) and faced mioshi (write right ?)
          and mioshi stay so care about
          so washu looked to her and say something “oh its nothing, only error of some experiments”

          or something like this hahaha


          • I’ve heard of those two anime but have never watched them.

            lol did you check the link above? It’s total hilarity with just some of the very best off beat humor I’ve ever seen in any anime. I recommend it x’s a million x’s whatever that means haha let’s just say I swear by it that it’s that that good!!!

            U~n Mihoshi…the ditzy police galaxy girl =). Washu is the best!! I mean Ryoko and Ayeka were the main focal point for Tenchi’s affection but Washu really could steal an episode so easily. I think it was the “Night of the Carnival”…episode? where Ryoko and Ayeka were busy reading manga thinking that the romantic adventures and antics within those pages would lead to ‘real’ life romance opportunities and success that was soooooooo funny!! How they would try to reenact the manga romance scenarios and try them on an unsuspecting Tenchi…(^q^)!


            • hydeo says:

              i go try to watch, need find sometime @.@… in weekends i get all my time to rest and take some study @.@

              haha i dont remember the name, has long time ago @.@

              i like the 2 bodyguards of ayeka too haha they are really fun, principal the red one who alway make disaster things kkkk


              • Haha those guardians had the best voices too and yes their dialogue was always so amusing and timely.

                I hope you can watch Dragon Half, it’s so so funny!!! One of the very best anime comedies ever i think…the dialogue throughout and quirky animation style so hilarious!


  5. @Hydeo, please let me know when you get a chance to see it. I promise it’ll be so worth your time! It’s that funny =D!!


  6. @Hydeo, lol don’t say bad words very often…(^q^)!

    That’s going to be a lot of meals before you finish the series =). Both look like great historical drama series…both are quite long too. If you’d like to watch a Korean movie set in old historical times which is full of action with a great story…plus you can watch it during just one dinnertime meal I’d suggest:

    Oh and all of the main cast are gorgeous actors and actresses! Above is an older Vox post so the video media was lost and I just haven’t re~uploaded it..but even without the trailer I promise~promise it’s awesome! A friend at work suggested it to me awhile back.


    • hydeo says:

      but i think is the first time i said hahaha

      yah i go get fat aehaheahea and the serie dont end kkk
      yah really long but amazing series 🙂
      i go take note of this one 😛
      the images look a good one 😛

      i dont care who is the actors haha being good ones and a good movie its ok 😛


      • Haha that was suppose to read…’I don’t say bad words very often (._.;) .

        LOL…if this Korean drama series makes you fat then you must go outside and play more often =D!

        “Legend of the Shadowless Sword”….!!! If you don’t watch it you’ll just be a DORK like me only you’d not have watched this awesome film….so not good for your life~resume =D. I think this new DORK pressure is a good thing dontcha think? (。ーωー。)笑!And the lead actress Yoon So-Yi who actually kicks more butt in this film than anyone is soooo gorgeous!!! How gorgeous? Well…let me put it this way to you, if I were a 100% lesbian I’d totally make out with her without question! Mmm…disregard that previous sentence, I’d totally make out with her without question right now and I’m not even 100% lesbian (。ーωー。)♪!You see now you must watch “Legend of the Shadowless Sword” otherwise you’ll just be a DORK like me only you won’t be able to begin to imagine my ‘secret’ sexual fantasy with Yoon So-Yi which I’ve just mentioned =D.


        • hydeo says:

          hahaha no, i never get fat hahaha

          ok ok take easy i need end the serie im watching first aehahea
          hahaha yah u pressuring much me 😡

          if u ara 100%? so u are some %? hahaha joking

          hahaha, ok ok calm down i go watch, but i have other girls too to my secret things ahhahah

          ah u like horror movies too right ? watch bushinsaba (i think is like this to wrote aheahea)


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