my bubble…

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…AND amusingly that’s just a glimpse of what may be occurring in my mind at any given time as there’s lots more where that came from … (*´∀`*) ♪

The way I write. The way I experience. my bubble. It’s probably not the normal of today.

There’s so much drama in the world, likewise the world of AKB these days….departures of so many girls and especially with Sae’s and Akicha’s I just can’t get over sending them away like that..what gives?? I know it was long ago now in our social media terms and yet I try not to get to emotionally involved with how AKB evolves/changes/grows/shrinks/makes questionable decisions (Sasshi) but sometimes it’s difficult to love a group when they take away so much that you love without a seeming rhyme or reason. I always keep up with the songs and releases and try to block out the drama but sometimes it gets to you no matter how much you try. I really do at times try to live in a bubble like as if social media and the rest of it weren’t the now. It’s probably going to sound far fetched but there was once a time where groups and artists and idols were groups and artists and idols. You’d listen to the new songs of your favorites, love them or otherwise, find magazine clippings to post on your bedroom walls, rejoice, love and share with friends and that was about it. Today though technology changes things. Of course it’s inevitable. Time and innovation does its best to taper the change and uphold order. Social media. I understand that AKB must grow and that there are so many girls and so many wanting/ needing to move up and yet how does one embrace a body when that body is ever changing so quickly barely allowing one to hold onto what you once remembered the day before? It’s…..just xD and yet I sometimes need to live in a bubble and not take it all in as it’s sometimes a bit much. You naturally get attached to particular follow them…cherish and can’t wait to see them in the next releases and shows and yet it can all go away so quickly these days. What’s of the idol group of the past, the one where you can grow with for the long haul~♥? Huh, it’s mid evening here and yet all I can think about is this overview of the way that idols get dealt….and for fans I know it can be a deterrent and at worst heartbreak all over. My thoughts are over,….expand I get it. Other countries, more exposure, more revenue, more potential senbatsu girls for the senbatsu won’t change much over close time it makes sense or does it? To ever grow. Stop and you become dead, stagnant. Adapt or fall. When one (AkiP) has something great and at times unmatched one may be drawn to growth in large but what of the roots? Can one grow too much or outdo their means? AkiP is old school. By heart. You know it by his direct influences, his past. How he’s single handed brought back to the forefront that golden age of J~pop writing in his compositions….you hear it in the melodies, the nuances and jingles and even see it in the choreography….(chicken wing~gesture anyone?). His fingerprints are evidencing that the ‘old’ is new again or perhaps that it never was old but just overlooked…outsourced to outside musical influences, that the fans of new and ‘old’ can embrace this. That, which J~pop is built upon can remain Japans….free of American or European or any other countries’ musical influences…..(foreign~free range~J~pop♥). PURE in this sense. I can remember when I first heard J~pop….chart topping from the Oricon not Billboard. And yet with success beyond borders and it beckons. What will ultimately become of AKB. I still call the whole the ‘HKTJKTNMBSKEAKETC’ one. I remember when the whole Menudo~theory hit with Momusu all those years ago, persevere~change~grow~last~for the generation~fan~next…graduate, and NEVER grow old (NeverNeverLand). Never Grow Old? Have you aged any? And yet your idols never age.The idealism of an idol group you can grow old with is dead? Where a group naturally matures and along with your psyche endears to its hearts content? (The Rolling Stones with your parents or grandparents, they aged nicely together less those group spats.) No such silly~ness.So I sit here tonight in my bubble listening to the new singles and appreciating their packaging and what I still find lovely about the uniqueness, safe, as the never ending revelations of the new order of J~culture continue to churn, loudly enough so that I can’t ignore it forever, however with the culture and evolution one can still find love~♥ love~♥ in your own perspective, just that I’m ever on the cusp….ever embracing the new breed as if it were still the days of excitement of waiting outside a record store’s doors waiting for that Tuesday’s new release you’ve only read about or head word of mouth, that breed which you can still hold physically which isn’t just a file on your pc, a breed which excites as if our parents were laying down the needle to vinyl, a breed where you only hear the new when it physically arrives at your door, a breed of bundling orders to help save on crazy shipping costs =O, a breed of only experiencing what one can afford~never downloading as likewise it’d be odd to take a package of hot dogs from a market without paying and then declaring them salty would seem unwarranted or odd, a breed now dying and yet a breed which still inspires ^ ^。

Silly rant over.

It’s late,

Anybody got a taco? =).

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to my bubble…

  1. Couscous says:

    Lol sounds like someone’s had too many long island ice teas last night! Jk…’Taco?’ Actually I like long island ice tea MB a lot =). Remember we’re miniature so two of anything is like six for an average sized human :-)↑. Are we still going shopping today?


  2. philipleslie says:

    What a great paragraph!


    • LOl you read that =P!! In hindsight I’m not even sure how that all got started on that day, I don’t rant very often but at times you burst I guess =D.

      And somewhere my English teachers are thinking….WT#? =O


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