Amuro Namie「Big Boys Cry/ Beautiful」

Amuro Namie "Big Boys Cry"/ "Beautiful" single (jacket)

Amuro Namie Big Boys Cry & Beautiful single

Amuro Namie’s first single of the new year features a double a~side just released on March 6th. Interestingly no LE + DVD edition this time though the pv has been broadcast in full and is linked just below.

“Big Boys Cry” is an up tempo dance track while its coupling with song “Beautiful” is a most sweet ballad. The styling perhaps even more than the lead off track itself has a memorable fantasy theme complete with street ballerinas and a set built for royalty which Amuro~chan is perched upon. Sleek dance choreography as always, accompanies the colored and vivid rich visuals throughout and while at times I could easily imagine Beyonce doing this number it’s still got that Amuro charmed style overall despite a song which perhaps could have benefited from just a bit less producing on the vocal side. We all know how awesome she sings naturally and I totally get the whole glossing of vocals in producing a particular stylized sound but here still I think it was a bit heavily done in that one aspect as the song itself could have benefited from a more lively vocalization. Sometimes it works great having a densely digitized vocal but with the heavily repetitive melody of “Big Boys Cry” surely any bit of nuances from Amuro~chan’s vocal chords would have given the final product a much more memorable vibe. Still the song gets a thumbs up overall and the visual aspects are truthfully a saving grace here.

Amuro Namie’s “Big Boys Cry”/ “Beautiful” single can be ordered @ Cdjapan

Amuro Namie’s “Big Boys Cry”/ “Beautiful” single can be ordered @YesAsia

Amuro Namie’s “Big Boys Cry”/ “Beautiful” single can be ordered @ HMV Japan

Amuro Namie "Big Boys Cry"/ "Beautiful" single (inner jacket)

~Amuro Namie “Big Boys Cry” mp3~

~Amuro Namie “Beautiful” mp3~

(full pv can be viewed here)

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3 Responses to Amuro Namie「Big Boys Cry/ Beautiful」

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  2. NyNy says:

    Enjoying the single, it’s been a LONG time since I liked a single from her and look out! I’m going to learn the dance (or well most of it since there isn’t a live performance yet)


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