~Catching up w/ UTB (Vol.210)

Acchan x UTB

I’ve fallen behind with the last few issues here and actually the newest April 2013 issue has already arrived, so just to catch up a bit, here are a few highlights from the prior three UTBs♥ beginning with volume 210…..

UTB october 2012 with set C trading cards

UTB Vol.210 October 2012

Koike Rina shows off shots from her latest photo book, the center of Momusu’s universe goes seifuku~~>mizugi, Manoeri let’s us relive the haircut heard round the world!!…(it really depends on which side of the haircut preference you’re on), Up Up Girls’ Sato Ayano explains why we miss Summer despite the heat (and she’s got the most adorable nose =)! ), Airiin goes all Saturday Night Fever on us!!!…well okay so it’s just the disco ball is all =P and Narumi Riko promotes her new photo book “Rico Days”…she’s such a wonderful actress talent!! and so so beautiful!! (“Rico Days” I do have and will scan in a bit).

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (1)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (2)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (3)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (4)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (5)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (6)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (7)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (8)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (9)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (10)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (11)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (12)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (13)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (14)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (15)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (16)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (17)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (18)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (19)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (20)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (21)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (22)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (23)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (24)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (25)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (26)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (28)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (27)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (29)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (30)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (31)

UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (32)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (33)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (34)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (35)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (36)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (37)UTB Vol.210 October 2012 (38)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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45 Responses to ~Catching up w/ UTB (Vol.210)

  1. hydeo says:

    cards @.@

    shawako and mano ❤


    • My first thought with the cards were…Takamina~Manoeri~Narumi Riko♥ =)!

      For SKE I’m just familiar with the senbatsu girls although I do love quite a lot of their songs.

      Is Shawako > Sasshi?
      Is Shawako > Aamin?


      • hydeo says:

        Aamin > Sasshi > Shawako (now shawako graduating :\)


        • I just read that yesterday, to become a voice actress?


          • hydeo says:

            yes, ate least her continue on media only change to her dream ^^

            better than the girls who get out saying “oh is because i need focus on study” -.-”


            • And way better than having a scandal and being forced to graduate xD…if she can succeed as a seiyuu that could be a long time career, potentially much longer than that of an idol as you can never really be too old as a seiyuu =). Mayuyu has the most natural seiyuu voice in all of AKB I think, plus did you see her perform impromptu voice acting to an actual anime? She was a total natural….I think it was an extra on one of their singles but I don’t remember which one but I’m positive that I wrote about it here.


              • hydeo says:

                yah, but i think more of the scandals are the girls who want to do this to get attention, if u look good always is the girls who long time ago have lot of attentions and with the new ones today, the old ones lost their attention, so they try something… i dont look it like mistakes from the girls

                yah and seiyuu is a really good and funny job :3
                i dont like mayuyu hahaha for me she is so false in all she do :\


                • You don’t dare say that most recently Miichan did that for attention =O? I don’t know, seems extreme to do such things just for attention and especially when you consider the harsh consequences and possible fan hatred. U~n seiyuu would be the most awesome and fun job!! Like if one could have such a naurally cute and versatile voice. Oh no you dare hate on Mayuyu =O! She’s totally not fake, I’m not sure of what you’re seeing in her, she’s very personable and sweet~♡ I think and a 100% geniune talent….in fact I’d go as far as saying that AKB is lucky to have her more so than the other way around. Mayuu’s getting a second solo photo book on April 19th…I’m so excited =D!!!


                  • hydeo says:

                    u think its not ? where is the last time michan get something from akb ? and after this have an rumor of yuki sleeping with a old guy… i really dont think this things are by mistakes ^^, if they know the rules, why they go do the things they are not allowed ? is only my opnion, dont want fight with u because of this

                    i never say i hate her haha, only say she dont get my attention…
                    haha like i said i dont want fight with u because of this things aheahea its all only my opnion
                    oh, so much girls to give a pb :\ and go to her again aheaheha

                    but in some way akb is losing credit and the other familly is getting bigger than the akb


                    • First this =’s a disagreement, not a fight =).

                      Miichan was at the time (I don’t know about now..) in No Sleeves and they not too long ago just released new music so she’s still been getting her regular share of attention and even in magazines too yes she’s still in photo shoots and even recent ones with the senbatsu girls, Yukirin?…she’s still got her sub group French Kiss as well as a new solo career and single release. So, I don’t agree that these two were doing any of this on purpose to get attention, it just doesn’t make any sense. I mean get attention so that you can get reprimanded and demoted and gain fan dislike? That doesn’t have any positive sense for anyone in their right mind to do. Sure the girls all know the idol rules, however being an idol doesn’t make any human being and Yes not even girls immune to sexual urges and normal attraction to the opposite sex, sure it’s a bad mistake to sleep with a guy when you’re an idol but mistakes can happen and sometimes the paparazzi is stalking them at that wrong moment….Miichan shaved her head and publicly shamed herself….I don’t think she spent the night with a guy for that attention. She happened to get caught and paid for it dearly =(. And consider this, even if an idol isn’t caught having a relationship that doesn’t mean that they aren’t having one, I’m sure there’s a lot more idol hanky~panky going on than we know of publicly.

                      Okay to phrase you correctly you said you ‘don’t like her’ =P….not hate, but not liking her. But you have to remember that idol photo books is a business so as a business decision the management teams have to decide whom will have a greater possibility of profit if they release a photo book for them. So sadly many idols won’t get solo photo books unfortunately but it’s nothing other than business decisions behind whom is being selected making it much more likely that the popular girls will receive more releases than others.

                      Again, this conversation is a disagreement, not a fight =). We can’t agree on everything and at times will see things differently and I think it’s great to be able to express those beliefs and thoughts and loves and interests openly, so I’ve given my reasoning behind my previous comments and by no means is there any reason for you to agree with me…I respect your opinion fully as I do hope you do mine ^ ^。


                    • hydeo says:

                      hahaha oks :3~~

                      but is a little rare see her on things now 😛

                      i dont know whats going on with french kiss seeing akicha stay in jakarta

                      haha yah i know lots of the girls probably have relationship

                      yah i know
                      talking about magazines, minarun back to appears in some 😛 she get 3 consecutives @.@

                      sure i respect ur opinions, is that why i said to “hope this dont begin a fight” hahaha

                      an i really read onions when i has writiing ahehaeha


  2. strawberrie says:

    Wow it’s been forever since I’ve visited your blog. I’m lucky just to post on mine every once in a while.


    • I totally know what you mean, I took some time off from blogging a couple of times recently so really it’s just something fun to do….to be able to have like a journal of things which I come across and like~♥ =).


  3. @Hydeo♥:

    omG lol it’s so funny reading those narrow comment bars (-∀-`)、sorry I wish there were a way to fix them from getting so narrow. Well with Miichan she’s now back to kenkyuusei and I just can’t imagine what will be next for her from here =/.

    U~n French Kiss may be on hiatus indefinitely I wonder….sad =(. JKT48, never imagined that Akicha would go there. Off topic but before I forget did you see Ariyoshi grilling Paruru and Sae? He’s so funny…odd man but perfectly funny =D~!! Akicha….♥….

    Oh no we never fight, it’s okay to see things differently =)….because if we saw things* the exact same way then you’d have a vagina too lol…kidding…(^q^)!

    haha you mean you thought onions instead of opinions…darn that narrow comment space xD! lol you’re so funny ^ ^♥。


    • hydeo says:

      oh i get a heart in my nick reference :3 ❤
      ❤ for you too haha

      oh when this occours i copy the msg and put in the text box to read kkkkk

      i think soon she back to her team 😛

      haha i think she really wanted learn a new language 😛
      no i dont watched more the ariyoshi program, have a time that stay so bad i stoped, but look like the program has making some competition against the familly

      hahahaha, baka

      yup, i really read onions hahaha


      • U~n~~ (*´∀`) ♥、you’re sweet!

        I saw on her blog that she’s now returned to Japan =)….I really thought that she was there for good and just not seeing her recently made me worry (・д・`*)!!

        Oh I didn’t know that, that doesn’t sound good. I’m not sure what may have occurred but Ariyoshi surely does push the buttons at times, more often than not.

        lol you know I truly think you’re lucky, like your man stuff has much less…mmmm what is the word I’m looking for?….mmm I don’t know, maintenance? lol xD And you can stand when you pee…I could go on and on =P.


        • hydeo says:

          i think u are the only girl who think it of me :\ hahaha

          is so rare she post something :\ so sad
          but if i remember she go stay in jkt for one year no ??

          sometimes i get one or another to watch when i see in pics the girls i like hahaha

          hahaha ok i get it, but if u want talk more about it go ahead, go be a funny talk kkkk


          • That cannot be true!! We’ve been speaking for some time now I think I’m a pretty good judge of character and you definitely come across as a thoughtful person with a good heart.

            I’ve noticed the same thing with Koike Yui, she rarely posts on he blog too =(. I guess just busy with other things. Mm maybe just a brief return for now I wonder….1 year seems so long =/….but I’m sure JKT can grow more this way and get instant exposure too.

            lol I think I’ve already said too much =P!


            • hydeo says:

              haha bad this character is note the one much girls like this days haha

              well or they are not used to post ^^, is not like they need post something every second aheaheha
              yah 1 year so long @.@ hope she back soon and get to the blog again aehahea

              hahah ok 😛


              • Aww i still say can’t be true!! You just need to garner confidence and that can go a long way, I think you’ll realize that confidence can be a very attractive quality =D. Just confidence but not cocky lol xD.

                I like those hundreds of posts challenges that idols sometimes do on their blogs so it’s really like a day to day~ day in the life for them being shared with fans =). True…they’re probably most busy with other things to blog ^ ^. U~n me too!

                ... (。ーωー。)♪。


                • hydeo says:

                  ok if u think O.o

                  haha i remember sasshi do this 2 times kkkk


                  • Yes! and besides how will girls get to know you if you’re too shy to speak? =)

                    Sasshi takes the best candid blog photos! She doesn’t post very often anymore either though but when she does she always gets a great response too.


                    • hydeo says:

                      a little and im anti-social a lot jhahahaha
                      the ppl here only think in go on party where play funk and the main themes are sex and alchool, so i dont like this things and normaly dont have much friends because of this

                      humm lot of girls stoped the blog because G+ activities too, there they post a lot aheahea


  4. @ Hydeo, sorry….this is a separate comment (-∀-`)、

    Just wanted to say that there’s so much drama in AKB these days….departures of so many girls and especially with Sae’s I just can’t get over sending her away like that..what gives?? I try not to get to emotionally involved with how AKB evolves/changes/grows/shrinks/makes questionable decisions but sometimes it’s difficult to love a group when they take away so much that you love without a seeming rhyme or reason. I really try to keep with the songs and releases and try to block out the drama but sometimes it gets to you no matter how much you try. I really do at times try to live in a bubble like as if social media and the rest of it weren’t the now

    I understand that AKB must grow and that there are so many girls and so many wanting/ needing to move up and yet how does one embrace a body when that body is ever changing so quickly barely allowing one to hold onto what you once remembered the day before? It’s…..just xD, and yet I sometimes need to live in a bubble and not take it all in as it’s sometimes too much. You naturally get attached to particular members..you follow them..support them…cherish and can’t wait to see them in the next releases and shows and yet it can all go away so quickly these days. What’s of the idol group of the past, the one where you can grow with for the long haul~♥? Huh, it’s mid evening here and yet all I can think about is this overview of the way that idols get dealt….and for fans I know it can be a deterrent and at worst heartbreak all over. My thoughts are over….expand I get it. Other countries, more exposure, more revenue, more potential senbatsu girls for the senbatsu won’t change much over close time it makes sense or does it? When one (AkiP) has something great and at times unmatched one may be drawn to growth in large but what of the roots? Can one grow too much or outdo their means? AkiP is old school. By heart. You know it by his direct influences, his past. How he’s single handed brought back to the forefront that golden age of J~pop writing in his compositions….you hear it in the melodies, the nuances and jingles and even see it in the choreography….(chicken wing~gesture anyone?). His fingerprints are evidencing that the ‘old’ is new again or perhaps that it never was old but just overlooked…outsourced to outside musical influences, that the fans of new and ‘old’ can embrace this. That, what J~pop is built upon can remain Japans….free of American or European or any other countries’ musical influences…..foreign~free range~J~pop♥. PUre in this sense. I can remember when I first heard J~pop….chart topping from the Oricon not Billboard. And yet with success beyond borders and it beckons. What will ultimately become of AKB. I still call the whole the ‘HKTJKTNMBSKEAKETC’ one. I remember when the whole Menudo~theory hit with Momusu all those years ago, persevere~change~grow~last~for the generation~fan~next. Never grow old. Never Grow Old. The idealism of an idol group you can grow old with is dead? Where a group naturally matures and along with your psyche endears to its hearts content? No such silly~ness.So I sit here tonight in my bubble listening to the new singles and appreciating their packaging and what I still find lovely about the uniqueness, safe, as the never ending revelations of the new order of J~culture continue to churn, loudly enough so that I can’t ignore it forever, however with the culture and evolution one can still find love~♥ love~♥ in your own perspective, just that I’m ever on the cusp….ever embracing the new breed as if it were still the days of excitement of waiting outside a record store’s doors waiting for that Tuesday’s new release you’ve only read about or head word of mouth, that breed which you can still hold physically which isn’t just a file on your pc, a breed which excites as if our parents were laying down the needle to vinyl, a breed now dying and yet a breed which still inspires ^ ^。

    Just added this to a separate post, sorry…


    • hydeo says:

      hi ^^ MB, i appreciate ur post with all ur thoughts about this things ^^
      i understand all ur felling ^^
      and again thx for share it with me ^^

      sorry if in later posts i said something that make u angry or sad, u know this is not what i wanted ^^… u know how much i like talk with u ❤

      and why say sorry ? (getting out the meaning the msg stay so big 😡 hahaha joking ^^, remember the onions 😡 hahahaha)


  5. @Hydeo….aww surely you can find non party animal types too =)? So you’re the antisocial type?…well with a good crowd I’m sure you’d break out of that.

    U~n G+ has grown in popularity a lot, just not my interest right now…but maybe later.


  6. @Hydeo lol you got that =)!

    Ohh it’s definitely not everyone who’s like that though ^^…unfortunately some are materialistic to a fault for sure =/.


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