AKB48 @ Anime Expo 2010 autograph session…

AKB48 @ Anime Expo 2010

A couple of days ago I was taking some time to clean out my e~mail and reorganize a bit when I found an older message from a friend whom was lucky to attend the 2010 Anime Expo (yeah it’s been that long since I last cleaned my e~mail (-∀-`)) where AKB48 were the guests of honor, and just when I was about to delete it I noticed an attachment was there that I’d never noticed =P….when I tried to play it I realized that it’s actually footage from one of their autograph events held there in L.A. where he was able to get eight of the girl’s to sign a shikishi for me =). So in retrospect it’s like being able to see how my shikishi gift♥ was born! I was trying to find him in the video but I don’t see him so I’m thinking that he may have already passed through the autograph line by the time this video was shot, but in any case the familiar faces of Kitarie, Sasshi, Aamin, Reinyan, Sayaka, Akicha, Moeno and Mocchi are all there. At one point you hear a woman announcing that there’s just five minutes remaining for the session and I was kind of expecting a riot to occur xD…luckily no such occurrence however if you watch Sasshi towards the ending she’s noticeably sad that not everyone will get through the line =(.

AKB48 autographs

(My treasured shikishi from the Anime Expo 2010!)

AKB48 (1)AKB48 (2)AKB48 (3)




~AKB48 @ Anime Expo 2010 signing session~




And then there’s this guy ↓↓ who looks like he’s the secret service or something…………….. (・o・)!、...


AKB48 (4)AKB48 (5)AKB48 (6)AKB48 (7)AKB48 (8)AKB48 (9)AKB48 (10)AKB48 (11)

(Akicha strikes a pose ^^♥。)

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5 Responses to AKB48 @ Anime Expo 2010 autograph session…

  1. Angie says:

    Does AKB48 have an autograph address? I’ve searched for this but can’t seem to locate one, any idea? I live far from Japan so it may be difficult to get there, please help!


    • I’m not 100% sure but I haven’t known there to be an autograph address for AKB48 unfortunately. Typically autographs from the girls can be obtained in several different ways although some would require attending specific events such as: Meet and greet event ticket holders usually can acquire autographs from the members participating in that particular event, some live events include autograph sessions, overseas live events almost always include an autograph session with select members, new release events often times offer autograph sessions with a ticket acquired by purchasing a specific release which includes a ticket (usually first pressings only) however all of these would require travel.

      Another option would be bidding on a Yahoo! Japan auction where there are frequently autographs from AKB48 being offered. Sellers in Japan typically don’t ship overseas though so you’d then need to go through a proxy service where they’d place the bidding for you and if you’re able to win an auction then the proxy would then ship them to you after it has arrived at his/her home. This can be very expensive though as bidding could go high if popular members are included in the autographed item or shikishi which is usually the type of art board that they sign for fans outside of photographs. By searching Yahoo! Japan Auctions I’m sure you’ll find lots of AKB48 autographs there, a while back I got this Team Dragon autographed shikishi from an auction in Japan when a friend of mine bid by using a proxy he later told me:


      I hope you can acquire AKB48 autographs soon =)!


    • Oh and make sure that the kanji: 直筆サイン appears in the description as this means that the signatures are hand written and not printed. There are many poster boards with printed autographs on them that are sold in stores in Japan so you want to make sure that the one you’re bidding on isn’t printed and really a genuine hand written autograph. I hope this helps ^^.


  2. philipleslie says:

    What a wonderful shikishi! And a very enjoyable video of the signing event. But how sad for those people who couldn’t get anything signed.


    • Fun to watch the girls interact with fans at this (second) signing! Sasshi’s reaction especially shows just how many went without getting autographs =(…I’ve wondered why they didn’t allow for a bit of an extension as so many fans had made their way there but I’m assuming they had a tight schedule to keep. Andy also told me that on their concert day, just a bit after it had ended you could see many of the girls just walking about the sidewalks of the area near to the hotel they were staying at in a group…just sounds so surreal!


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