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~Happy Easter!!!

I bet you were expecting cute bunnies, colored eggs and chocolate treats for the festivities…. …but you never know. Sometimes it’s Kitty =)! I mean why bunnies? Which brings me to. Why also the coloring of hard boiled eggs to … Continue reading

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..and now it’s time for deep thoughts brought to you by Jack.


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~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays presents Checkicco (Volume 39)

チェキッ娘...Sweet J~pop never goes out of style! ~Trends for all time and their successes breeds copies or emulations~ It’s Friday♥!!! ending of another long week of work (;゜□゜)。Tonight we’ll take a trip down memory lane and revisit the idol group … Continue reading

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~Today’s arrivals….

There was an abundance of Bluray releases which were being released this week as well as quite a few on my wish list~* and now they’ve all arrived! The bundling of orders continued today as the ‘complete’ music video collections … Continue reading

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Sad that the streak is over…

=(. ..but Miami accomplished something amazing!!!!! Nothing at all to hang their heads about and in the bigger picture it’s still about the season and playing for a championship =)♥.

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~タッキー&翼 reminiscing, + 横浜アリーナ live 2010.11.7….

I’ve been wanting this concert for awhile (like from over two years ago and then it slipped my mind (-∀-`) ) and luckily the limited edition was still available so it comes with the extra DVD containing a documentary of … Continue reading

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Best race of the year so far!!

Kyle sweeps Cali, Joey in the wall, Denny on a stretcher, Tony blocked has a post race profanity laced Joey-tirade..says he’s going to ‘bust (Joey’s “butt)’ wonder how much Smoke will be fined for that just OMG=O!, Jr. now the … Continue reading

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~川島海荷- [海風~side story~]

A few off shots from Uminii♥’s photo book “UmiKaze” (posted here)… ..and by the way she looks nothing like this anymore! How much her looks have changed in the recent months….a lot!

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AKRamen♥48 part 1

Realizing that I’ve done poorly at keeping up with so many AKB (and family) releases over the past months, much of it not helped by my extended hiatus from blogging, I’ve decided to place much of (but not all) their … Continue reading

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~~Eat Fresh~~! 「Site News」

This is a stationary post (“sticky”). Please scroll down for updates…. This site is best viewed using your full browser (full site option) due to some of the post’s layouts/formats here. Viewing the mobile site or through the WordPress Reader … Continue reading

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