~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (Volume 34)

Idols unzipped...

For tonight’s Idols Unzipped I thought we’d watch a performance of my most favorite Moritaka Chisato song♥, the inspiration here coming from C-ute’s recent tribute to Moritaka~san’s “Kono machi” which I not too long ago posted here. Tonight’s song is titled “Futari wa koibito” (“We two are lovers”) and it was released a bit more towards the latter part of her career so there’s just a few live performances to choose from and here I went with Moritaka~san’s 1997 Peachberry Show performance.

First though here’s the original single studio version:

Moritaka Chisato Futari wa koibito 3 inch CD single release

Moritaka Chisato Futari wa koibito 3" CD single

~Moritaka Chisato “Futari wa koibito” mp3~

“Futari wa koibito” was released on February 10th, 1995.

Moritaka Chisato Futari wa koibito 3" CD single (back cover)

Moritaka Chisato 1997 Peachberry Show DVD

Moritaka Chisato 1997 Peachberry Show DVD

Moritaka Chisato in 1997 Peachberry Show (1)

~Moritaka Chisato “Futari wa koibito” (1997 Peachberry Show)~

One of my all time favorites♥! The bouncy piano rhythm with such a lively beat made for a love~at~1st~listen and add in some very candid lyrics of a lover’s quarrel all to a sweetly melodic harmony and you’ve got a most awesome J~pop classic, timeless still.

“Futari wa koibito~

Saikin anata yasashiku nai wa

Watashi no koto mou akita no

Deeto wo shitetemo kikubari ga nai yo

Nanimo kamo jibunkatte no peesu

Deatta koro no anata wa itsumo

Sutekidatta, yasashikute

Sore ga ima wa dou sokkenai taido

Konnanimo kawatte shimau nante


Recently you haven’t been gentle to me

Are you tired of me?

You don’t take care of me when we’re on a date

You do everything as you like

When I first met you, you were always wonderful, so gentle to me

I didn’t expect you to change so drastically


Nakinagara watashi ga suneru to

Awateta kao shite kyuuni yasashiku naru ne

Shaku dakedo itsumo no sono te ni gomakasarete tsui

Yurushite shimau no


When I’m sulking and begin to weep

you look embarrassed and suddenly become gentle

To my anger, I always forgive you in spite of myself

deceived with your usual ways


Hanasei shiteru kuchisaki bakkari

Sono kotoba wa kiki akita

Anata shidai na no futari no naka wa

Uso janakya sono shouko wo misete yo


“I reflect on what I’ve done.” You are all talk

I’ve become tired of hearing your words

Our love depends on you

If your words are true, show me evidence of it


Omoikiri fukigenni naru to

Komatta kao shite sugu ni joudan wo iu

Iikagen watashi wa honki de okotte iru kara

Nani shitemo mudada yo


When I’m in the worst temper

You look bewildered and instantly joke

I’ve got furious with you,

so you cannot calm me however much you may try


Honto gomen ne to

Majimena kao shite hoho ni kisu shite kureta

Shaku da kedo yappari anata ga suki dakara kyou mo

Yurushite shimau no.


“I’m really sorry.”

You seriously kissed my cheek

To my anger, I forgive you today too

‘cause I love you.

Moritaka Chisato in 1997 Peachberry Show (2)Moritaka Chisato in 1997 Peachberry Show (3)Moritaka Chisato in 1997 Peachberry Show (4)Moritaka Chisato in 1997 Peachberry Show (5)Moritaka Chisato in 1997 Peachberry Show (6)

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2 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (Volume 34)

  1. Great post! Love the photo of Moritaka on drums!!!


    • She was such an amazing performer in concert!! Guitars, piano, drums….recorder she always played select songs live on instruments which was always so cool. She also for all of the latter portion of her career wrote all of her own lyrics too and some of her music, she was just so involved with all aspects of her career. Such a legendary J~pop artist, over the years I’ve collected all of her singles and albums and most of her visual collections….she’s definitely in my top 5 most favorite J~artists all time =). I hope you had a chance to listen to the song here, it’s such an instantly catchy melody and Just her vocals~♥!! love love!!


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