I’m still on a little blogging break here, however this just sent from Mikey would cause my mind to explode if I didn’t have the chance to write this.

‘Scandals’ and idols are nothing new as it’s always like just waiting for the next shoe to drop at any instant, with Miichan here though it’s most unprecedented. I’ve only watched three of these difficult to watch clips this morning and all of them have a narrative over Miichan speaking so I’m not totally sure of what she’s saying in entirety but it appears that in a preemptive decision she’s shaved her head in order to show her apology and regret for breaking the no~dating rule (written or unwritten) for all idols. Here she asks fans for their consideration and acceptance for her apology which resulted from her being photographed seen leaving a ‘boyfriend’s’ home after staying the night. Miichan’s a senior member and at first I thought this had been ordered by her management which though would overstep many bounds and be way beyond cruel for any punishment. Still it’s exactly just that. Way beyond cruel and even if self done it’s about all in the same as punishment for such actions by idols in the past has led to ‘graduating’/ resigning from the group and in a sort of recent case, being ‘reassigned’/ demoted to another group changing one’s status significantly. The public~ness of it all too plays a major part with everything being lived out openly in the media and on one’s own sites, and in that perhaps to send a ‘message’ to all other aspiring or current idols that when you sign up for this career there will be indeed consequences for any actions deemed inappropriate or unbecoming for an idol if she breaks any of those written/ unwritten rules of conduct. From the business/ governing body/ management’s side it’s totally understandable that their ‘product’ must at all times shine with a untouched purity and the reasoning therefore for these ‘no dating~rules’ keeps their product embraceable for the fans (not all though) whom I guess in some form or another buy into the fandom first and foremost for this very reasoning of virtual/ or true virginity. For me personally it’s always been about the music and entertainment and personalities of it all and yes! of course the adorable♥ appeal and seXiness each in an embodied cumulative at once. But I do see the other side and its reasoning clearly as well. That all being said, this to happen to Miichan is heartbreaking beyond words and I just wonder how management will react to this….I mean will she be allowed to stay with the main group AKB48 or will she be sent to a sister group? And how if allowed will she be able to perform or appear in any of their publicity music videos or shows? Hair, well if you don’t know is first in a girl’s appearance and really in her core of confidence and feeling good about herself and still our body types play second fiddle by far I believe for many (hmm yup even my breast size can be overshadowed by a great hair day~♥!  because I’m silly that way =P). Miichan’s sincerity in both her words and actions are in an extreme and shows just how important and how much she feels for being an idol and in AKB48 and to go this far I mean is just unimaginable. I know her group mates will no doubt support her and that’ll mean a lot but at the same time it’s the fan reaction which will speak volumes, and just how will the consensus react I wonder? How can one not forgive and move on with all that Miichan has done to ask for her fans’ forgiveness? I know it’s of little consoling at this time but hair will grow back and I believe that Miichan is strong enough to get through this ordeal as difficult and heartbreaking that it is. I just hope that fans will rally for her and give support for an idol who’s meant so much for the building of AKB48 and all of its successes till now.

So for the paparazzi who endlessly stalk stars in hopes of getting that shot which humiliates or in this case leads to humiliation and unimaginable hurt, this is for you…



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to Miichan

  1. mikeymikez says:

    I reluctantly sent this to you, but I thought you’d want to know about it! 😦

    Don’t know what to say, but I think many woman around the world will find this degrading and another example of how male-dominated Japan still is. Hope she retains her self-worth though all this!

    Miss you!


    • Although Miichan’s saying that her shaving her head was of her own choice like to punish herself, something makes me think that group management gave her this option. I just find it difficult to believe that any girl would do such a thing on their own accord….and in a proffession where appearance means just about everything?

      So true that the way in which Japan’s society treats and views men and women remains in some ways very much unchanged just as you say =(. I just hope Miichan can get through this, I’ll be definitely rooting for her and after all she’s shown here of her chatacter I hope fans as well as her management can support her too and that she remains active too in AKB48.

      I hope you’re doing well Mikey! Miss you too!


  2. NyNy says:

    Nice post! I don’t know whether I’ve said this before but to shave her hair off in an act of forgiveness to the public does seem extreme from a Western view. I do not believe much that she shaved her hair off according to her own decisions, there must have been some “influence” from her company.

    The demotion is really sad but like others have said, she knew the consequences of her actions. I heard she is a 1st generation member as well. I heard this AKB member and the EXILE member are getting treated the same by idol fans but obviously with the girl’s video and how in most idol relationships, the girl seems to be getting the blame and negative treatment more than the male, the attention seems more on her not only in Japan but also in the West e.g. the BBC and the Guardian over here in the UK have picked up on this story. To be honest it deserves to have international attention and pressure but only if international media do not make assumptions and read up from a translated Japanese article.


    • Hiya~ and thank you! I’ve been wrestling with those two very different possibilities and it does seem most extreme for her to do such a thing on her own decision like what girl would willingly shave their head unless there was an outside strong reason to do so, totally agree. On the other hand how wicked it would be for her management to order such a discipline. Like that would ovestep so many lines and just would be terrible if she was pushed to do so like in a…if you want to remain in the AKB family of groups in any capacity then this is your option =\. That would be so frowned upon and just too much. The double standard you mention is so true and also unfair, like it takes two to tango so the guy should take equal responsibility too, it’s an interesting dynamic how guy idols and girl idols are treated both by corporations and fans…so much can be construed and said about that alone. Her demotion was expected however the whole hair thing, much too much this time. Thank you for your thoughts and reaction. I wonder if one day pehaps after Miichan’s idol days with AKB are behind her that we’ll then know the truth, the whole truth.


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