12212012…everyday is like Sunday (and other songs for the apocalypse)

The Lost book of Nostradamus

~Morrissey “Everyday is like Sunday” mp3~

I’ve always found this song by Morrissey from back in the late 80’s to be beautifully tragic, with such lyrics the music can’t help but remain hauntingly pretty. Morrissey’s voice a past addiction of mine with it being so expressive and sweet on the ears, and yet I’ve always thought I should be listening to The Smiths as well but just never got around to it…you know in my retro~music exploration days~.

Everyday is like Sunday

Trudging slowly over wet sand

back to the bench where your clothes

were stolen

this is the coastal town

that they forgot to close down

Armageddon- come Armageddon

come Armageddon- come

Everyday is like Sunday

everyday is silent and grey

hide on a promenade

etch on a postcard

How I Dearly Wish I Was Not Here

in the seaside town

that they forgot to bomb

come, come Nuclear bomb

everyday is like Sunday

everyday is silent and grey

trudging back over pebbles and sand

and a strange dust lands on your hands

(and on your face)

everyday is like Sunday

“win yourself a cheap tray”

share some grease-tea with me

everyday is silent and grey.

~10,000 Maniacs “Everyday is like Sunday” mp3~

Back in 1992 coinciding as a single release for “Candy Everybody wants” to their then new album, Natalie’s uniquely beautiful voice also produced a most awesome version of Morrissey’s “Everyday is like Sunday.” It was included exclusively on this maxi single release and never made available on their album back then….ohh the days of bonus tracks on maxi singles~♥~!


While the talk of 2012 and so many scenarios exist today many also believe that there’s absolutely no truth to any of these matters, or at least not this year =).

There’s first of all the mysterious planet Nibiru which is said to be on a side swiping course en route to planet earth however astrophysicist say that there’s no such planet and that we would have seen a planet or anything of that size heading here a long time ago.

Then there’s the huge asteroid heading here which invokes the belief it may be what caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. While at some point it is said that we will be hit by an asteroid that ‘when’ is sometime in the next 100 million years. And there’s always the possibility that knowing it from afar we could then do something about it such as deflecting it and NASA estimates that there are 4,700 ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroids at least 330 feet wide within Earth’s 5 million mile neighborhood but those would most likely threaten a city if they hit closely but not the entire planet.

In 2013 Russian astronomers say they’ve discovered a comet in September which will light up our skies and it’ll still be a distant 37 million miles away…so no threat there.

Then there’s the poles flipping and it’s an occurrence which happens every 400,000 years or so and is related to the planet’s iron core changing over time. The process is said to take many centuries to complete then shifting North and South but the good news is that there’s no evidence of these polar flips to coincide with any major earth disasters.

The sun itself also spooks fears as well and every 11 years or so the sun does reach a peak solar max of its regular cycle of sunspot activity. According to NASA the next such occurrence will be in 2013 and they say it’ll be a relatively mild one at that.

The black hole theory also pops up leading some to worry that spontaneous black holes will eat us up! No such evidence exists though to support such a thing and what of the December 21st date when the sun, Earth, moon all will line up with the center of the milky way?…an occurrence which only happens every 12,000 years or so? Still experts say that with it occurring in the past, gravity doesn’t turn off instantly like that depending on planetary alignments.

And perhaps in the forefront of the discussion are the Maya. Ever since the discovery of a scribe’s hut that contained Maya calendar markings corresponding to dates after the year 3500, it’s evidence that it’s not the end of the world as that’s long after 2012. The Maya civilization of pyramid cities located in Central America collapsed around A.D. 850 and their elaborate calendar system starts a new “baktun” which is a 394 year century, tomorrow. It’s a noteworthy date for the Maya but still no evidence that it’s anything more than that.

I do hope! =)


Other songs for the apocalypse….

Mr.Children “Worlds end”

R.E.M. “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)”

George Michael “Praying for Time”

Metallica “Blackened”

The Lost Book of Nostradamus

Nostradamus did say that the future is what we make of it and nothing’s necessarily written in stone, it’s ours to change and form, if only we can find that change for the better of everything~.

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