Kill Dragon Vol.1

Kill BillKill Bill

Complete with Uma’s iconic (Bruce Lee) jumpsuit, this is soooooo clever/fun/cool/amazing!! Best baby video ever! Great production and so cute how the baby kicks that stuffed dragon’s ass!! Hm. Words I never imagined I’d say before =D. I can only hope~* that there’s more to come….♥!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to Kill Dragon Vol.1

  1. SagSousuke says:

    LOL, this is great. Also love the Iron Baby one linked to at the end of the video ( ). And the Linux reference, although I imagine you didn’t mean it. The penguin in the second picture is Tux, the Linux kernel mascot ( ). I’d buy a T-shirt with it if I found it.


    • OMG! Iron Baby is awesome!!!! I foolishly didn’t further click~* on any of the linked videos xD! What you can do with video is amazing!!! (well what others and I can’t lol =P!!!) that is just wow too…..I love the Iron Man movies and Robert Downey so perfect for the role with his natural humor and jolts of energy!!! The baby in the role so so funny!!! ~♥~. The Kill Bill films were such a big thing for me….love Tarantino movies going back to “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction” just his vision in directing and how he did so much with the time lapse trip! Like the opening in Pulp fiction….how later you realize that in the background of the scene is a ‘latter scene’ with Samuel Jackson and Travolta just heading towards the entrance of that diner and yet in the opening they’re in no way the focus of the conversation….stuff like that Tarantino is a directing genius. His love of the retro is so great too….the retro music…styling all so shamelessly awesome!!!! Oh I had no idea =P….Tux.. =). I stupidly just thought it was wickedly cute/cool with the whole Bruce Lee/ Uma jumpsuit thing going on lol =P haha….these videos are so fun and amazing…the creativity behind them luv it!


  2. aaronread says:

    Normally I hate babies, but I’d probably adopt that one and call him Horatio. I’d adopt Uma Thurman too, just for the hell of it!


    • He could be your guardian for those times when you meet any ruffies XD… =). ‘Horatio?’…I like that! Uma Thurman may kick your butt though lol like have you watched her in that ‘my girlfriend is a super hero….’ movie I can’t remember the exact title at the moment…I think it was with funny guy Steve Carell love him he’s so natural and even in his ridiculous roles somehow nothing seems forced ever. Awwww but one day there may be a little aaron jr. running around =D. And he’d act just like you, my mom says it’s God’s way with humor in the child bearing/ raising realm so you can experience just how much trouble we once were for our parents lol =P.


      • aaronread says:

        My super ex girlfriend? With that wilson guy…….luke!? She threw a shark at him? haha

        Haha!! I don’t think anybody wants to see an Aaron jnr right now 😉


        • I totally goofed that up!!! Mixing up two actors who don’t look anything alike =P!! Haha that was so great!!…I just remember laughing a lot watching!

          Hmm..oh I’m sure your parents would love to see Aaron Jr. running about….if for nothing else then to love and pamper him!!


          • aaronread says:

            Haha I can now be happy that I’ve taught you something useful!

            Or…..I could create thousands of tiny Aaron Jnrs, and invade some crappy country to take it as my own! I’ll give you a job if you like!


            • lol yes you have! My brain is half on scatter I may be way beyond help though =P.

              We’ll call it AaronTown population: thousands of Aarons/ one other =D. You’re sure gonna need like a lot of aaron~sperm~*~~* to accomplish this goal =O!


              • aaronread says:

                I’m going to need a bigger bag then, or have a multiple testicle transplant to store it all in!


                • Oh I know! You could save it up in tubes…kind of like donating for your own cause (you’re going to need lots of Victoria Secret catalogs to look at! or maybe a nude model) =P…and then pass it out during a well organized event and since you offered me a job earlier I could be the greeter and help to get your sperm out to as many citizens as possible =). I’m still trying to grasp your idea of an extra ‘bag’ lol I usually say sack…hmm would be interesting to see a guy with an extra bag/sack lol…you could then be the sperm superhero guy! Delivering sperm to all those in need \(^ ^)/!!! Of course you’ll then need a very cool tight as can be costume with a most excellent theme and symbol~~~*~~~~* ^ ^.


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