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~AKB48 studio albums now available for pre~order!

A little over four months ago AKB48’s concert DVDs and various DVD magazines which were previously only available for purchase at their official store in Japan along with their online official site became available through retail shops online, this saving … Continue reading

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~Yajima Maimi “Hatachi” off shots

With the majority of Hello! Project girls being published by Wani Books we’re always assured to see a lot of great off~shots which weren’t included in their photo book’s final cut courtesy of Wani Books bimonthly idol magazine UTB, here … Continue reading

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Now scanning…

…Fukakyon~♥’s photo book “Blue Moon” shot here in Hawaii was well worth the wait! And now with its release date pushed up a month exactly from its original December date, “Blue Moon” has arrived! Scans upcoming….

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~Sasshi Said Knock You Out

So happy my November issue of SWITCH magazine arrived today!! SWITCH remains as one of the premier Japanese entertainment and culture publications and you can count on whomever is featured on their covers to have a most extensive article feature … Continue reading

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~Sasshi♥ in Weekly Young Jump 10.4.12

Never a bad day for more Sasshi~♥! And I’ve gotten a bit behind on UTB issues as well, here the October and December issues lie in wait…and I haven’t even checked to see which sets of trading cards I’ve received … Continue reading

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~I want candy!

Atlanta Hawks basketball, who knew that they were handing out candy these days during games?? Looks like only the expensive courtside seats though get this special sugary treatment~*. And just think how much your child would love and appreciate the … Continue reading

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~「Colors of the Heart」 Kuninaka Ryoko, from Okinawa ~~>Tokyo…

I originally intended to include Kuninaka Ryoko’s “COLORS” shashinshuu in her “…from Okinawa with Love” post and there are actually a few photos included therein, however I always wanted to finish posting the remainder of this most beautifully shot photo … Continue reading

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~Fukakyon♥, Weekly Playboy Covergirl!

I can’t believe that Fukakyon is now 30! And how time flies and what makes this covergirl appearance as well as Fukakyon’s newest shashinshuu release “Blue Moon” which just released on November 24th ( release date bumped up a month … Continue reading

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~Saturday Night Fights!! 2!! Presents Idol Beach Sumo

Idol Beach Sumo (Bali basho) Checklist~ Creepy Ariyoshi~lookalike imposter as host & referee =O Cute bikini attire Exotic locale Sumo ring Constant bantering Funny wrestler nicknames I’m not even sure what’s more amusing….the fact that the ‘imposter’ host/ referee is … Continue reading

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~The Hollywood Girl Crush♥ List.

Every now and then I like to make note of my current girl crushes~♥, nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy right?…as if in some parallel universe. So if I dreamt of a bit of girl x girl time these … Continue reading

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