Not so deep thoughts…

The following is a result of curiosity, idols♥ and the internet.

One evening not too long ago my dear Couscous was eager to learn much more about AKB48 so we talked a bit she read a lot and this collaboration between us is just a taste of what she/we came up with.

by: Couscous & mb

(note: a little over half  of this post was edited out prior to posting as it well let’s just say became a bit too~Couscous explicit for your eyes or ears /minds I guess, as you’re reading not listening =P ).

(Haha random transitions throughout this post maybe still intended xD…)

Sometimes I think as a fan or blogger you’ve got to develop a knack for not taking anything too seriously and in my case especially which always helps like how the world of AKB48 resembles more oft than a group a revolving amusement park where the hands above

The Godfather

work, publicize and rearrange accordingly to their own best judgment just what ‘ails’ the moment and which remedies of the next~girl publicizing, team switching and/or graduations are in much needed order.

If you thought that the inner workings of your favorite NBA teams’ roster/merry go round of in and out and round and round at times resembles very much that of an idol group in this realm then your perception is most keen. Management needs for their product (cold word for your players/idols alike) to sell, grow and produce endless dividends (yes the endless part solidified as far back as the Momusu formula of a never ‘aging’ group which will never ‘disband/end’ became and even further back with research even in other countries as with the Menudo~formula which stood very much the same in its era) so…girl shuffling

Dog poker

very much like a good game of trumps amongst familiar friends and rivalries alike inevitably ensues with deeply rooted friendships and the like playing

Cat and the fiddle

second fiddle


to the machine~like genius which conforms, produces and sells it so well.

Surely there are reasons.

Just as

Diet Coke

“Phenylketonurics – contains phenylalanine”,

what the heck is that?

(Diet drinks don’t want you to know xD!!!)

Fans will adore idols♥,

idols♥ will allure fans,

and cute will trump all 7 times a week


and twice on Sunday.

And let’s not consider true friendships

Mayuyu & Yukirin

or feelings.

Yukirin & Mayuyu

It’s all business and perception which in the end equals one in the same.

A tiny inkling here.

And this a minute…

(no not that kind of minute =/.

Minute as in relative size~ability )


(where was I xD….)
And this a minute…


example really as the ever charging future and its prospects and visions require change.

So why did Sasshi cross the road?

(‘road’ an analogy for…well you know (= )


Chicken with road

Sasshi’s not poultry though and far from it and who knows which came first the idol♥ or the manager? the manager or the idol♥?

One thing’s for sure.

Sasshi’s♥ a super~idol♥ really.


Still in hindsight there may have been a soft landing abroad in


the land far away in Hakata.

And somewhere in far far away Akihabara Yuko♥ may have a minute tad

(redundANT but useful =P)

bit of Sakuratan envy~♥ I think…?

In any case,


mesmerize in those eyes….





yes those eyes.

U know U can’t look away





^ ^~♥


And it’s not at all about Sasshi♥, Mayuyu, Yukirin or any idol♥ alone.




It’s really like a portal in mentioning.

All idols♥ alike really.

So what does an idol entail?

Well let’s see….

its an appeal a universal one really it’s an aura

yummy aroma

and/or yummy aroma


of unmatched cute♥


And Purity!





No not that kind of Purity =O….!


A~h yes there we R that’s more like it (=.




Purity and ice cream.

What could be purer?

ice cream

Ice cream♥

Ice cream♥♥

Ice cream♥♥♥

Yep, that’s the spot xD!

Don’t stop..

You know what I like~♥

If you do that* too.

Almost there….!





Ice cream♥♥♥♥

OKAY that’s enough ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more ice cream!

No more.

I don’t even like ice cream (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓

Now let’s just cool down with a bit of Sasshi~♥….





Oh a bruise that looks painful (;゜□゜)!!








 The most pure idol♥ you’ll find.

In mind,




idol IQ,

real persona,


real sexuality,

personal idol fandom

and life~.

Sasshi~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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