Figure 1

(Figure 1)


Surely we can all recall our very first inevitable reaction to the Dead or Alive series when it first arrived bounced onto the video game fighting scene many many years ago =)! I know I was personally wondering how the girls managed to stand straight up much less even stand up at all and if it weren’t already enough for just about every fashion magazine giving us boob/body envy already of these perfectly shaped girls then why not a video game as well(´∩`*)。Actually though even the earlier prototypical Barbie pushed a bit too far in the boob region making that hourglass just a bit too top heavy for reality….however at her 1/6th to real life scale not even Ken really notices I think…?? Or rather that’s most likely the reason he’s got that smile stuck on his face all day long no matter if the doll house is broken, the Ken is gay rumors persist or if Barbie has secretly taken his sports car out for an all girls night out on the Mattel town in search of an actual man with an actual penis (see figure 2)…(^q^)!

Ken in the buff

(Figure 2)

Sorry Ken =P!

Ken in the buff


See, he’s still go that swagger and smile no matter the doll difficulties =D.

Anyway getting back to the DOA boob series it seems that they’ve just unleashed their latest part 5 series and to commemorate this most bouncy event there are even “3D” mouse pads to along \(^o^)/ !!!I for one was expecting much more than three ‘D’s =/….oh wait I get it it’s like 3D as in their boobs appear to be coming right at you! (= Still I’m a bit puzzled by these…. you take a look and decide for yourselves while I’m completely convinced that Kasumi, Hitomi and Ayane all went in for the dreaded breast reduction procedure before posing for these mouse pads =O.

Dead or Alive Kasumi 3D mouse padDead or Alive Hitomi 3D mouse padDead or Alive Ayane 3D mouse pad

lol I mean they’re still giving off the feeling of boob~envy but now this…

Ken's reaction to the boob reduction by the DOA girls

..and even Ken isn’t so happy about this recent event(´∩`*)。

Anyway to shop for these slightly less bouncy DOA 3D mouse pads you can click~* here ^^

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