Sleeping with the past


GadgetI’ve recently gone ‘Gadget’ here and it’s just a little bit of reliving the past or precisely my pre~adolescence (aka: on the cusp of puberty) when just before my eighth birthday I was rather obsessed with the Disney Channel and in particular the Rescue Rangers series which looking back sort of served in its own way a learning media as well as a role model vibe for me. Sure lots of the episodes had far fetched plots and workings within them but more importantly were the values taught and well…..the animation and humor sure were cute♥! which never hurts. Naturally Gadget became my favorite character and seriously how could a seven year old resist those adorable pink ears, her now iconic headgear, those overalls, that tiny tail, her seductive eyes and her MacGyver~like know know and instant wit with tools and mechanics which broke down a preconception barrier that girls weren’t meant for the tool shed =D!! And speaking of those seductive eyes Gadget sure knew how to turn the charm~♥ on anyone including but not limited to her enemies and criminals as over the series length those eyes also charmed the heck out of her very own counterparts in the feisty leader in Dale as well as the goofy charm and amazing timing in Dale alike~. Let’s just say that that whole Gadget flirty eye knack really must’ve taught many a young girl how to convince the opposite sex of just about anything given a natural attraction already existed (。ーωー。)♪。See cartoons really are educational…(^q^)!


However now after all these years I’ve found during my reconnecting with Gadget that her imagery in various minds has also literally grown up over the years as in Gadget’s now being depicted in some let’s just say not so family fun oriented imagery and that’s placing it lightly (・д・`*)!!Who’d have thought that her Chipmunk companions would one day start making moves on her and oh no Gadget I refuse to believe that she’d have any part of that either (。p_q)。That’s not to say that there’s in any shape way or form anything wrong with sex it’s just that it’s all a bit too much when one of your childhood idols is suddenly doing a Rescue Ranger literally ohhhh not good (-∀-`)!


The image above will go no further here as things get most explicit! You’ll just have to use your imagination =P.

Now here’s ↓↓ the Gadget I’ll always look up to =)….



I’ve been imagining a grown up Gadget too now only in a much different way so this is what I came up with =P…

Gadget's doctor visit


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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