~Say honey you did promise to not post those nude photos of me? or show them to friends….right? right? (゜Д゜;)!!

One minute you’re auction~shopping for Hello! Project related goods and the next moment Yuko is naked (・д・`*)!!!It’s funny how those ‘o~susume’ links lead you to unlikely places and such and first and foremost I have to ask why (・c_・;)?As in why is Yuko naked in photos being auctioned off on the web to begin with???

That notion alone and with the context of whom we’re speaking of begs a bit of preliminary thought before reaching any profound conclusions surely and Yuko you just would never expect such a thing from her albeit these are I’m pretty certain not directly ‘from’ her. Still why pose for any such nude photos to begin with and what could possibly be gained from doing so I mean nothing good can come of this, unless of course you’re an AV girl or a nude model or well just enjoy the feeling of being gawked @ while in the buff っo(*´∀`)o! And with social media and just how quickly stuff covers the entire globe within seconds of someone hitting send whether wanted or not surely you weren’t counting on your bf’s promise to not share these with anyone ‘no matter what and under no circumstances’….like he would need nude photos of you so that he can think of you in ‘fond’ ways even while you’re not present (。p_q) 。And just think of the possibility of a future break up and what that would entail for any such then unwanted (by U) photos being out there and the uglier the break up the more likely he’ll do something bad with them. So was Yuko falling into such a trap of promises and lies?, did she set a timer for herself as these aren’t self taken or at least not being taken with camera in hand as evidenced by their context which is pretty clear. And if so (any of the above or any other possibilities included), just why???????


Nakazawa Yuko nude shashin

Nakazawa Yuko nude shashin

Both are said to be of rather low resolution and the seller themselves appearing unaware of their origin (cough* lie!) and whether they are of mobile phone or digital camera sources makes these even more bizarre…(lie! lie*! uso!).

Well after all these are already out there so I’ll at least say that Yuko you have pretty breasts~♥ just wondering why are U sharing them with the world at this time (・o・)?

Well shame on you if you want these (just kidding =P….) but if you really do think that nude Yuko photos would so complete your Hello! Project photo binder times a ticking away rapidly as these only have a few hours left to be bid on them and check out the bidding action on these!

Nakazawa Yuko private nude photo on Yahoo! Japan Auctions

Nakazawa Yuko nude photo on Yahoo! Japan Auctions

lol @ the ‘private’ notation in the first auction above….I know what they mean but still the word ‘private’ and these just don’t seem to associate together very well…(^q^)!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~Say honey you did promise to not post those nude photos of me? or show them to friends….right? right? (゜Д゜;)!!

  1. NyNy says:

    O_O So this is real? And what? Her husband took it??


    • They appear to be although I can’t say for certain and it’s interesting to say the least that the people auctioning these photos are very vague in their descriptions as you can see in the above links. Stolen photos, old bf….it’s a mystery really. To begin with I just can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would ever pose for such revealing photos for anyone (exempt of course nude models! =P) just why oh why? you like to believe in forever however love doesn’t always deal our lives what we intended so I’ll just say with certainty don’t take nude photos or allow anyone to take them of you EVER!!!! Let’s just say that the only one ever seeing my breasts or vagina are my love~♥ and at that it’ll be in the flesh and not on any film or digital otherwise =D.


  2. Rikki says:

    These don’t look recent to me. I think they might be several years old. She doesn’t have crow’s feet around her eyes, so they were taken either before she got crows’ feet in her early thirties or after she had “work done” to eliminate the crow’s feet in her mid-thirties.
    Another thing I noticed: Her make up is not smeared and her lipstick looks freshly applied. So this wasn’t an entirely spontaneous set of pictures. She made sure her makeup was right and then posed. That would suggest that she wanted to look good in them.
    As for why she did it, I read somewhere that people, especially in their thirties, want to have a record of how pretty/sexy they were before they get middle-aged and everything starts to sag and wrinkle.


    • Great assessment Rikki! I never thought these to be recent either and you’ve given a most logical reasoning I totally agree with (=, my mention of the old bf leaking these or otherwise was my initial suspicion as that can get ugly or perhaps greed alone and a bit of financial gain on a celebrity had some play in these appearing now. The timing in any case is odd with Yuko’s life status now and I just can’t imagine her wanting these out there )=. Your reasoning for the why people pose for these before they get older makes a lot of sense too, me personally though will be just fine with an array of fully clothed personal photos if for anything else for memories and preserving one’s youth. Thank you so much for creating a light on these photos and your insight I applaud greatly (=!


      • Rikki says:

        I thought about this some more and a couple more things came to me. One is that she is not smiling. I think if a BF or any man was taking the picture, she would be smiling or even giggling. So I think she either used a timer or had a girlfriend take them. The other thing is the “V” gesture she’s making in the first one. That’s something people do as a greeting or a message to the person they are looking at, or the persons they expect to see the picture. People don’t do that in a photo that they intend to be seen only by themselves. (Why send a greeting to yourself?) So, I think she must have intended these to be seen by someone, and who else could that be except a BF?
        Also, if she wanted a record how she looked, why stop with just topless? Why not a couple of full standing nudes from a multiple angles. So I’m less confident now that her motive was just to make a record. I think these were a gift to someone special.
        But I agree with you that she doesn’t want them seen by the public (as they are now). They probably originate with the BF. Maybe he’s the one selling them or perhaps he foolishly gave copies to a friend and the friend is selling them. Another possibility is that either the BF’s or Yuko’s phone/computer was hacked. Some nude photos of Scarlett Johansson were leaked by someone who hacked her phone.
        At any rate, it is puzzling that she would take such photos. It is stunningly risky for someone in the idol business. It is hard to believe that she is stupid, so she must have had an extraordinary degree of trust in whoever she sent them too.


  3. Sheila says:

    I think the second one is definitely a fake edit. I’ve seen it before in a certain H!P perv board.

    Dunno about the first one though, but if one of them is fake, most likely all of it is fake.


    • Amazing that these are still being ‘presented’ as being real and that they’re people making money off of them, sad =(. First time for me seeing these and I was just shocked coming across them on Yahoo! Japan Auctions of all places.


  4. H!P#1 says:

    I’ve seen those fake pictures a long time ago before and they are photoshoped. They edited her face and put them on some random girl. Don’t believe everything people post. Someone obviously was broke and auctioned fake photos for cash, because those have been floating around the internet from years. The ones I posted are from official H!P photocards from this site. Which is why I didn’t bother to believe it the first time I saw it, because her real fans know that shes not dumb enough to that.


    • First it’s complete relief to know that these are not real =)! Sad to know that people would create such things purely just to make a profit at the expense of others, really sad and shame on them. I was just shopping on Yahoo! Japan Auctions when these came up as related searches and I’ve never seen these before so it was naturally a total shock for me, thank you now for setting these straight as being fabricated that makes me feel a whole lot better and especially on Yuko’s behalf. I’m not sure if it was your intention or not but I was however taken a bit aback by your comment on ‘real fans’ readily knowing these aren’t real =/. I for one was most bothered by these not knowing the truth behind them so I think it’s understandable not realizing that they are indeed not real as an initial reaction. I’ve been an avid fan of all things Hello! Project since their debut back in 1998 and have been following them since purchasing everything (no downloading ever) I’m capable of including every single and album version of all first pressings and Limited editions, their shashinshuu, videos, photos, and various collectibles both rare and common.

      The post below is in much needing of updating as it’s over 5 years old and I’ve since amassed in chronological order many releases since (with Momusu in particular in entirety) till this day but as far as my fan status as a Hello! Project fan it’s indicative of my adoration, love and loyalty….


      Again I’m not sure of your direction of that comment specifically but was a bit taken aback by it in terms of you saying ‘real fans’ and Yuko, well I’ve written about her many times here as well and yes I do own the majority of her solo releases (no downloads) and still believe that she was the best leader the group ever had to date and she was also by far the very best host (Hello!Morning) they were lucky to have all those years ago =).


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