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~HYDE’s Dead Man Party (゜Д゜;)!!、the most dark fun you’ll have with your clothes on.

This release is really amaZing~*~~*!!! Windowed slip case, panoramic art gracing the jewel cases’ backing, second to none Halloween video clip~♥ and ohhhh that first press poster? Yep it’s not made of the typical paper sort… no no I’m not … Continue reading

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tsunami warning!

Only a two and half hour warning but if you’re in any of our evacuation zones evacuate now!!!

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~Counting naughty sheep….

Anime has a natural knack to stretch one’s imagination and when it comes to the wide variety of seemingly endless licensed merchandise they spin off nothing perhaps stretches the imagination more than the art of the extra long body pillow! … Continue reading

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I won’t go into any of the songs included in AKB48’s latest “1830m” album as I’m pretty everyone’s heard them about a zillion times already (=. Instead here’s a look at its exceptional packaging and presentation which is always a … Continue reading

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Not so deep thoughts…

The following is a result of curiosity, idols♥ and the internet. One evening not too long ago my dear Couscous was eager to learn much more about AKB48 so we talked a bit she read a lot and this collaboration … Continue reading

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I originally hesitated to get Gakisan’s solo cover album as it was exclusively being sold at the official UP FRONT site and label affiliate making the need for a proxy necessary for most of us across sea fans. Luckily~* though … Continue reading

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(Figure 1) Surely we can all recall our very first inevitable reaction to the Dead or Alive series when it first arrived bounced onto the video game fighting scene many many years ago =)! I know I was personally wondering … Continue reading

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My second favorite Koike Rina photo shoot and although no doubt Rina~chan’s growing up so quickly her playful charm here keeps us adorably from remembering any of that~~~ \(^ ^)/♥. And Rina~chan’s sort of like a cute and cuddly bunny … Continue reading

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~Next time don’t have the Big Gulp…

…you know I think I’ll just hold my pee…(^q^)!

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~Will that be 1 lump or 2?

Sometimes bundling pre~orders together makes me most forgetful as this isn’t the first time I’ve managed absent mindedly to pre~order multiple copies of a same item (-∀-`)。 So now I have not one but two copies of UTB+ volume 9 … Continue reading

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