Senran Kagura Tees and the art of sexual mischief fighting


NEOGDS-72881 Asuka

I especially love this design above  inspired by the video game “Senran Kagura” and with a Nintendo 3Ds you can fight from a variety of girl~ninja who interestingly lose clothing as a result of damage inflicted upon them. lol what a brilliantly naughty idea! And to begin with and throughout most video game history female characters in the fighting genre typically aren’t wearing very much to begin with which is both ironic and expected as seX sells and well if you were designing a video game’s characters surely you’d noticed this trend linked directly to success and yet what of a realistic wardrobe designed to protect rather than entice? Foolish talk surely so we go from battling in seifuku to underwear a result of “injury” from your on screen foes…again complete naughty brilliance like giving your target audience exactly what they want or even if they hadn’t previously “wanted” it then surely that want is now born within with just the mind’s eye~vision of half dressed females handling katana and sais while kicking the opposition all in the palm of your hand or in an anime upon a nearby LCD screen =). The manga appears to be extra naughty if that was even thought possible still for the video game you gotta giggle a bit at the whole dressing room aspect of the game which brings about gasps of embarrassment from your character as you dress them “appropriately” and for the gameplay itself it sort of reminds me of the Street Fighter style of battle and while I’m much more of a “Tekken” style lover this is most entertaining too~.

And so back to the T~shirts as they’re mostly of the fun~naughty nature as they should be based on their source of inspiration and here there are a few more designs available for pre~order by a September 25th deadline. Would make sexy gifts for a friend and with Christmas not too far away any of these could make a most unique present on that special day.

NEOGDS-73075 IkarugaNEOGDS-73078 AsukaNEOGDS-73072 Hibari NEOGDS-72878 Mirai

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to Senran Kagura Tees and the art of sexual mischief fighting

  1. aaronread says:

    I’ve never been to Japan, as you’ll see from my question, but do Japanese women really look like this!? haha. Do they also dress like ninjas and…..pirate maids?


    • Yes and it’s to please you naughty men =P no I’m kidding! The genre and interest of the maid culture though is of foreign origins as Japan really does take much influence and culture from other wordly phenomenon and natural dress. It’s wonderful too in the sense of where Japanese culture has grown from as a deeply rooted and isolated place…to now a most embraceable and widely much more open state. Lol though I will say that it probably wouldn’t be out of skin to have an intimate Japanese counterpart of yours to willingly dress up in such garb~♡ if you so desired and she very much fond of you (;.

      The seifuku though, breathes Japanese culture to its core as it embraces and is symbolic there unlike in any other culture with likewise dress codes…and that even is stating it lightly.

      Woman are seXualized in vastly different ways and means in different countries and this just a taste of one shade of genre…both fascinating and at times freaky by their own tastes (=.


      • aaronread says:

        I wish my region was a little more open minded in terms of this. Cornwall seems to be perpetually stuck in the 1300’s, where anything ever so slightly outlandish gets greeted with frowns and tutting.
        I do love the seifuku!! So much better than my school uniform used to be!!


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