Jeff Gordon in The Chase by the slimmest of margins!!!!

Jeff Gordon

Felt like I’ve been watching the race @ Richmond all day!!…pesky rain delays yes there were not one but two =/ and yet it was all so worth it! Wearing my lucky Jeff Gordon T~ I witnessed his lap by lap resurgence to the front missing by just one spot as he finished an amazing second to Clint and by that effort beat out the very talented Kyle Busch whom very much like Gordon had seen his fair share of awful bad luck throughout this 2012  regular season which set them both back now on this night literally battling for each individual point just to make it into the coveted Chase!

I mean Gordon’s car was literally crap to begin with from the opening laps and that after qualifying 2nd and all =O as he slid back and even went down a lap in the process of struggling early to mid way through the event…..rain… hindsight the rain itself played a crucial role tonight in that the gamble to stay out and hope it would end the event played into many a drivers and crew chiefs’ minds alike and it also dually breathed new life and a a chance into Gordon’s run to make The Chase itself. The rain delay gave himself and his team the opportunity to regroup and ultimately get his car set~up where it needed to be and it shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiined in the ending laps…..he was fastest on the track and was passing his competitors on a rapid and desperate pace lap by lap! It was in a way nostalgic watching the amazing talent he’s always possessed come to the front on this nerve wrecking evening like the Gordon of old or rather yesteryear altogether realizing that his past and present are one in the same, and after all these years the great champion shone like he’s always been capable of in championship form~* upon this eve of a make or break moment, Gordon is happily once again in The Chase♥.

Oh and here’s Jeff’s gorgeous wife…..yep this one is very very reminiscent of an idol shoot dontcha think~ (=.

They’re such a beautiful couple~♥!

Ingrid Vandebosch

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2 Responses to Jeff Gordon in The Chase by the slimmest of margins!!!!

  1. mikeymikez says:

    I saw it too – amazing!! When they had that rain Red Flag and he was so far down, I thought there was no hope at all. He had to win by at least 13 positions over Busch and he just squeeked by that for the points! Talk about excitment! It must have been *really* late when the race ended for you!

    I’m not sure if you know about my diabetes issues lately. Had to go to the hospital and have an operation on my foot in early July and have been recovering from that and related eye problems since. Have to be a good boy now with diet and exercise to keep by blood sugar down. I’ve been reading a lot about it and apparently a lot of Asians are genetically susceptible too, as well as diet.

    Anyway I am doing better and thank goodness for iPad so I can make the characters bigger and easier to read! 🙂



    • Please please take care, diabetes is so scary and good to know that you’re following a healthy diet =). I hope you’re feeling much better now ♡. Was really suspene filled and nervous last night and even after two delays so amazing to see so many fans there staying till the conclusion! I think it was nearly 1:30 in the morning there when the checkered flag waved =O. So awesome that all four Hendrick teams made The Chase this year too!!! My best wishes that you recover fully soon, please take care~♡.


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