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~SMAP serenades Olympic gold

~SMAP “Moment” (pv)~ A most bright and uplifting presence delivered by the boys in celebration of the 2012 Olympic games, and o~my~gosh! the dynamic film editing throughout so alluring within a mist of per~second flash….don’t blink! imagery you just can’t … Continue reading

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~Red White and Sheer, a tribute to our nation’s hottest pastime~!

It’s summer! It’s hot! Been glued to the London Olympics? Well I have (that and my candy~blue fan♥) and I often times find myself magnetized to events which I never previously thought myself capable of in years past…in many ways … Continue reading

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~ Thinking outside the bun♥ in celebration of her new shashinshuu, Risa ‘forgot’ her underwear~♥…

On the dawn of “La Lisa” released on July 27th I can say it easily features a leap of sensuality for even the already sizzling Yoshiki Risa who’s known for her erotic photo layouts~♥. You know a girl’s butt can … Continue reading

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I’m still amazed at the immense size of these monthly comic publications I mean we’re talking a lot of times 400 pages~+ and still their cost ranges in the low price range of a friendly 300~500 yen typically which is … Continue reading

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