~Reminiscing Okamo♥


BOMB T.V.’s online photo collection featuring Okamoto Rei~♥ also coincided with her BOMB magazine covergirl feature back in June of 2010. I didn’t previously have them all together at once so here I’m bringing them together for one cute~cute~cute!! encore :).

Okamoto Rei in BOMB June 2010!

Okamoto Rei

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

First, Okamo, a most alluring idol and going back to the Summer of 2007 when I first saw her in the pages of UTB (August 2007 issue) and Reichan was a mostly shy~* idol then notably learning to play the piano ♪~♪~*。。with aspirations to break into the music wold♥. A bit later you can even see a self drawn layout of her bedroom here just below from the latest issue of Bomb! magazine and there it is, a piano to one side of her bedroom next to a pair of her guitars as well っo(*´∀`)o。Then I was suddenly hit by Reichan’s release~* of J~Punk~Rock n’ Roll ♪~♪~*。。with the pv♥ of “teenage days” where there’s a most amusing play on words as when you listen each time surely you’ll hear her singing the line “thank you for my teenage days, kiss my *ass* and say good~bye….!!!” (・д・`*)!!!!!、


….however though the lyrics are written as “kiss my asu” (”明日”)which actually means “tomorrow” in Japanese but hearing the “u” in “asu” a bit subtle here it’s just so funny, amusing….um shocking………………….omg what happened to the shy Reichan from just a short while before this lol (*≧▽≦)♪!!


Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

And then @ 18 Reichan♥ is revealed to be part wota? lol okay it’s just that I can so relate to her collecting of anime♥figures and she even has a special place for them beside her t.v. and closet ….even better is that she also removes them from their packaging as both her and I are collector’s nightmares I imagine as we’d rather play with……I mean take out and display our figures rather than keep them sealed in a box \(^o^)/☆!

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Bomb!’s covergirls also always have the largest feature including a “Growing Up” article where we see everything from baby photos, early childhood till now……Reichan’s so so adorable~* in these mite ne!

And then there’s Bomb!’s trademark “Body Check” feature and here everything from eyes, hair, nose, mouth, ears, hands, shoulders, waist, legs, feet and hips are spoken about from the idols♥ themselves….and it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in my feelings~* about my bust size (/∇\*)!。。。I mean even Reichan has a tiny inkling to be much bigger there* by her self notation and yet we both can be happy~* with how we were blessed to be so um…..tiny!(*≧▽≦)♪

And of course no idol♥ feature would be complete without a bit of seifuku♥, and yet I’m most giddy about her ladybug cleaning mittens as well as her most funny top which I must say speaks volumes and volumes about her so so fun and cute personality~*!!!! In the photos where Reichan is wearing the cute~* black & white polka dot ribbon in her hair you can catch a glimpse of the writing across the front of her top which reads: “Holey Shirt”, however with both the “e” and the “r” being a very very light off~white shade and from a distance perhaps invisible I imagine it’s most funny to then read her top saying: “Holy SH*#”……(sigh*…..) the awesome clothes that idols♥ get to wear (人∀`*)!

~Okamoto Rei♥,
idols just dont’ get any more adorable ne~*
^ ^。

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb magazine June 2010

Okamoto Rei (1)Okamoto Rei (2)Okamoto Rei (3)Okamoto Rei (4)Okamoto Rei (5)Okamoto Rei (6)Okamoto Rei (7)Okamoto Rei (8)Okamoto Rei (9)Okamoto Rei (10)Okamoto Rei (11)Okamoto Rei (12)Okamoto Rei (13)Okamoto Rei (14)Okamoto Rei (15)Okamoto Rei (16)Okamoto Rei (17)Okamoto Rei (18)Okamoto Rei (19)Okamoto Rei (20)Okamoto Rei (21)Okamoto Rei (22)Okamoto Rei (23)Okamoto Rei (24)Okamoto Rei (25)Okamoto Rei (26)Okamoto Rei (27)Okamoto Rei (28)Okamoto Rei (29)Okamoto Rei (30)Okamoto Rei (31)Okamoto Rei (32)Okamoto Rei (33)Okamoto Rei (34)Okamoto Rei (35)Okamoto Rei (36)Okamoto Rei (37)Okamoto Rei (38)Okamoto Rei (39)Okamoto Rei (40)Okamoto Rei (41)Okamoto Rei (42)Okamoto Rei (43)Okamoto Rei (44)Okamoto Rei (45)Okamoto Rei (46)Okamoto Rei (47)Okamoto Rei (48)Okamoto Rei (49)

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4 Responses to ~Reminiscing Okamo♥

  1. wolfychan2 says:

    Ahhhhhh~! ♥ I fell in love with her! Her smile is so authentic and gorgeous. >.< And omg, the "kiss my asu" thing. xDDD it was intended right? If not, what a fail… xDDDD I'm going to check her music album. ^__^


    • I think you”ll love her album!!..it’s really a shame that she never followed it up as she’s so so intuned to music. And the best part is that prior to her album you’d never expect such a style of album, such a wonderful surprise. It was so intended the Asu play on words (=~♥. And I so so agree…Okamo’s so uniquely gorgeous!!


  2. philipleslie says:

    I’ve heard the song before! Love the photos, which are so sunny and cheerful.


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