got nana?

got milk...

Yamada Nana

~The Sayaka vs. Nana battle continues~

Yamamoto Sayaka in UTB June 2012vs.Yamada Nana in UTB June 2012

In hindsight I sort of wish that AkiP had sent Sasshi to NMB48 instead of HKT48 I mean just trying to imagine the slight awkwardness of being with one of the younger groups in the AKB family must be quite the adjustment for her although she seems to be adjusting very well :). Still I can’t help to think that it’s all like being sent to the:

kids' table

At least the NMB girls have generally older ages and Nana @ 20 would look sooo cute w/ Sasshi and they could no doubt pour milk on one another =P…just an afterthought :). Seriously though Nana and milk now synonymous in my mind forever, I can’t help it after that video, Nana’s so cute~♥! =D.

Anyway I have only a few HKT pictorials in magazines that I own and here I’m finding it so odd visualizing Sasshi next to the girls of HKT48 or rather she is a girl of HKT48 now so soon it’ll sink in…

Matsuoka Natsumi sort of reminds me of Yukirin and there’s even a cute Yuko here…it’s like AKB in an alternate universe albeit a very young universe!


HKT48 Kodama HarukaHKT48 Matsuoka NatsumiHKT48 Miyawaki SakuraHKT48 Sugamoto YukoHKT48 Wakatabe Haruka

Okay back to the milky~Nana ^ ^.

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana

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1 Response to got nana?

  1. hydeo says:

    all hkt girls are really amazing kawaii hahah

    and nana wins agains sayanee hehe 😛


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