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~Fuzzy memories…”SmapxSmap, the one with the AKB48 medley and lots of ‘wan~wan’ style.”

~AKB48 x Smap (SmapxSmap AKB48 medley)~ Of course “Heavy Rotation” is one of my most favorite in song and choreography and of course with Yuko♥ at center! And looking back to this day we learned how the AKB girls have … Continue reading

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~Fuzzy Memories…”SmapxSmap, the one with Justin Bieber and SMAP.”

~Justin Bieber x SMAP “Never Say Never”/ “Baby” medley~ You just never know who’ll appear as music guest on any given episode of Smap x Smap and after a collaborative medley….the best part comes when Justin pays Nakai~kun $20 for … Continue reading

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