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~Reminiscing Okamo♥

BOMB T.V.’s online photo collection featuring Okamoto Rei~♥ also coincided with her BOMB magazine covergirl feature back in June of 2010. I didn’t previously have them all together at once so here I’m bringing them together for one cute~cute~cute!! encore … Continue reading

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got fish?

Jonny just loves his new fishy~toy….of course filled with catnip♥ :)!

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Hoshino Aki in undress sequences, seifuku, naughty girlfriend, naughty maid, naughty nurse….ever wonder why….‘naughty’ nurse? I really don’t get it either I mean what hospital or care center is this occurring @ lol or is it just pure male~female fantasy? … Continue reading

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For more summer heat with Kaho~chan♥ click~*.

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~Adobe/Firefox issues

I’ve been having issues with Adobe Flash crashing here recently and this appears to only occur when viewing posts which include videos here specifically, and if you’re experiencing your Adobe Flash crashing or temporarily freezing your Firefox browser while here … Continue reading

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Hobbies: Bird watching. Lizard Watching. Cleaning….when Jonny was little he used to take our Swiffer duster and drag it all around the house :). Sleeping. Waking us up. And smelling anything and everything, such as my camera whenever I try … Continue reading

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~Nacchi x N.Y.

Just received Nacchi’s new shashinshuu yesterday!..and I didn’t quite know what to expect as Nacchi’s been out of the spotlight for some time now after graduating from Hello! Project and more or less the idol world as well. At 3300 … Continue reading

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~Top 10 Un-Olympic moments~*~~*

Okay none of it’s anywhere near as bad as um losing your underwear while playing tennis in front of millions =O however this little clip is sooooooooo funny…(^q^)! And at #1 it’s definitely funniest!!!! That guy who’s ‘hurdling’ and I … Continue reading

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~Toy tantrum!!!

Yesterday afternoon ‘somebody’ was having quite the moment as he was busy throwing all of his toys onto the ground. Hmm…I wonder who the guilty party is?….funny I didn’t know Jonny♥ was so strong =O!~! So funny his expression here … Continue reading

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~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (Volume 31)

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each post presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan or sharing old clips … Continue reading

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