AKB48♥ Member Ranking (6.25.12)


Team ATeam KTeam BTeam 4

It’s been awhile since I last did a bit of a more extensive ranking list for AKB48 and Team 4 didn’t even exist back then, so today I’ve gone as far as 30 and for me that’s pretty good you know considering that there are still members in the group whom I don’t know very much about other than their appearance and including everyone at this time would seem a bit of a stretch and unfair to many whom I’d be just ranking based on looks alone which so so so much a tiny part of the mind set while creating one of these lists for me. So here are the thirty whom I can relate to much more in my personal favorite~♥ order and you may notice a bit of a difference in these images which I’ve scanned today as I’ve also done a bit of editing to each so I imagine they won’t appear exactly this way anywhere else =).

Oh and I’m also so including Sasshi here! I mean she may have been moved to HKT48 but she’ll always be Team A Sasshi to me ^^♥。



Masuda Yuka

Team B



Kikuchi Ayaka

Team K



Akimoto Sayaka

Team K



Nakagawa Haruka

Team A



Ota Aika

Team A



Fujie Reina

Team K



Katayama Haruka

Team A



Umeda Ayaka

Team K



Kuramochi Asuka

Team A



Kojima Haruna

Team A



Shimazaki Haruka

Team 4



Iwasa Misaki

Team A



Tano Yuuka

Team 4



Kashiwagi Yuki

Team B



Sato Natsuki

Team B



Minegishi Minami

Team K



Miyazaki Miho

Team B



Itano Tomomi

Team K



Kawaei Rina

Team 4



Miyazawa Sae

Team K



Takajo Aki

Team A



Maeda Ami

Team A



Kitahara Rie

Team B



Yokoyama Yui

Team K



Maeda Atsuko

Team A



Kasai Tomomi

Team B



Takahashi Minami

Team A



Watanabe Mayu

Team B



Sashihara Rino

Team A



Oshima Yuko~♥

Team K

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to AKB48♥ Member Ranking (6.25.12)

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  2. Mina says:

    You always have the best pictures.


  3. hydeo says:

    humm first where come from this pics ??

    a top 10 so ?
    only akb?


    • These pics are from my imagination =D…no actually they’re mizugi surprise and the new one’s coming out i think in early August (ordered!) but I did do a lot of editing to them so that they appear this way here….lol it took me several hours to edit them completely =).

      Okay I saw your top 30 comment elsewhere and no you don’t need to include any photos…even if I don’t know some of them well I can always check my ‘AKB48 for Dummies’ manual ^ ^。I can’t wait to see your top 30!!! Thank you in advance for doing this with me!


      • hydeo says:

        ahahah so u have a good imagination hahaha, lol so u make a good job on editing these pics 😛

        humm i think i need this manual sometimes hahaha, what site do u using? generasia ?

        dont need to thx ^^, is funny stay here talking with u ^^

        so let me see the top 30 go be a little hard to say hahah

        1- Maeda Ami
        2- Matsui Sakiko
        3- Chikano Rina
        4- Kizaki Yuria
        5- Abe Maria
        6- Nakamura Mariko
        7- Umeda Ayaka
        8- Suga Nanako
        9- Kinoshita Momoka
        10- Kitahara Rie
        11- Furuhata Nao
        12- Takajo Aki
        13- Jonishi Kei
        14- Uno Mizuki
        15- Nakaya Sayaka
        16- Katayama Haruka
        17- Ogiso Shiori
        18- Nagao Mariya
        19- Ogasawara Mayu
        20- Kinoshita Haruna
        21- Deguchi Aki
        22- Fukumoto Aina
        23- Takayanagi Akane
        24- Azuma Yuki
        25- Iwasa Misaki
        26- Kondo Rina
        27- Shiroma Miru
        28- Kuramochi Asuka
        29- Yagura Fuuko
        30- Yamauchi Suzuran

        My UnderGirls (haha)

        31- Kadowaki Kanako
        32- Kotani Riho
        33- Fujie Reina
        34- Kasai Tomomi
        35- Sato Sumire
        36- Iwata Karen
        37- Kawaei Rina
        38- Mukaida Manatsu
        39- Takahashi Juri
        40- Hirata Rina
        41- Oya Masana
        42- Akaeda Ririna
        43- Abiru Riho
        44- Kato Tomoko

        I think is this, get a long time to do it hahehae but is here the thing

        i put UG, so much girls a llike and lot cant enter in top 30 yet haehahea


        • Thank you for taking so much time to do this…I really appreciate it!!! I know how much effort it takes to put one of these together so thank you again! Oh it’s really a book…AKB48’s general election guides and their results books have great references for every girl in Akip’s groups which participate in the general elections and this year with everyone there the guidebook was really helpful to have handy =D.

          What a great list!!! It’s so wonderful your list has so much diversity in it and I’m beginning to sense a particular type of look~♥ which attracts you. Of course I know their personalities have a lot to do with it too and maybe even more so than looks alone. Little shocked to see Akicha and Kitarie not a little higher although I know it’s probably because we speak about them here a lot. Ehhhh no Sasshi as even an undergirl for you? Or is it because she’s now officially an HKT48 girl? I still included here in this top 30 as the general election just occurred and I just wanted to keep her in AKB48 for a bit longer even if it’s only in my mind ^ ^。



          Where’s Yuko~♥??

          lol just kidding…(^q^)!


          • hydeo says:

            haha dont need to thank so much ^^, has funny order they
            looks good :3~~ bad i dont know japanese ;\

            u think really is a good list haha ?
            if u look close u see i like more the “lost” girls in the group hehe, normaly is the ones who get my attention 😛
            what is that particular type of look ?? explain to me haha 😛
            oh they stay in the rank 😛 middle of it so i think is a good position at least 😛
            omg now u talk about it O.o… where is sasshi hahaha, i really thinked i put her name there O.o, so its really a mistake she is not there
            haha i really dont noticed i dont put her there, i has deleting a lot of names until i go making the list… so i think i get her name on mistake too damn it

            anyway what u think about the top 30 ?? tell me everything ^^ ? u say about particular types and all so say everything u can haha go be fun talk about

            (and sorry the late answer on msgs, i has trying to suit to my job yet, i wake on 6am and back home 6pm so i get tired and normaly dont look all the things i want in the net, but i go try answer u fast as before when i suit to the job 🙂 )

            u really liked my top 30 ? have lot of “dont know” girls there


            • You have so many non senbatsu girls so it’s very interesting…like I don’t see as much of these girls usually so you have a very different list from mine :). Haha the ‘lost’ girls! Mmm..there’s a type of look I can see in a lot of them which you seem to be attracted to. First thing that came to mind is where’s Sasshi? lol but then I figured because she’s officially in HKT now that’s probably why she isn’t in your list…still I think of her as AKB @ heart. So you intended to have her here….you could still add her in, I’m curious to know where she’d rank for you.

              Wow you have a lot of travel time it sounds like…like you’re out for half of the day!! Take as much time as you’d like…definitely no rush on comments :).


              • hydeo says:

                i said u before i dont go after the top girls hahaha, i love the “lost” girls, they have so much talent what ppl/fans normaly dont see :P, because they only look for the top ones

                what is this type of look u see there, what is that attract me ?? onegai tell me everything u see in this selection about me ^^ ?? i really want to know ^^ (sure if dont go bother u)

                noooo i dont get sasshi out of my list because of she is now on hkt hahaha… its really i make some mistake, is a big list and so much girls hahaha
                ok so i go put her in: fourth position with yuria chan 😛 (can i do this without get anyone out of the top30?)

                yah i stay all my day out of home, and when univ days back, i probably only go come home to sleep hahaha ;\… good is the last year, so in some months this over and i go have my nites back hehe

                no i dont want late answer to u so u go think i dont read more, and u go leave here :\ and i dont want lose a friend again…


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