~Very Bunny~♥


AKB48 (4)


Takahashi Minami♥Oshima Yuko♥

Watanabe Mayu♥Itano Tomomi♥

Minegishi Minami♥Watanabe Mayu♥

Oshima Yuko♥

Oshima Yuko♥

Another oldie but goody…awwwwww♥!!!!!!!

In love yet?

Love bunnies? Who doesn’t love bunnies and AKB48? (*´∀`) ♥♥♥!

AKB48 (1)AKB48 (2)AKB48 (3)AKB48 (4)AKB48 (5)AKB48 (6)

AKB48 (7)

The lighting is a simple idea and yet so so effective in these….dynamic photos AKB48 style!! Ohh and you gotta love everyone’s dress style here too…seXy x 1,000,000!

AKB48 (8)AKB48 (9)AKB48 (10)AKB48 (11)AKB48 (12)AKB48 (13)AKB48 (14)AKB48 (15)AKB48 (16)AKB48 (17)AKB48 (18)AKB48 (19)AKB48 (20)AKB48 (21)AKB48 (22)AKB48 (23)AKB48 (24)AKB48 (25)AKB48 (26)AKB48 (27)AKB48 (28)AKB48 (29)AKB48 (30)AKB48 (31)AKB48 (32)AKB48 (33)AKB48 (34)AKB48 (35)AKB48 (36)AKB48 (37)AKB48 (38)AKB48 (39)AKB48 (40)

AKB48 (41)AKB48 (42)AKB48 (43)AKB48 (44)AKB48 (45)AKB48 (46)AKB48 (47)AKB48 (48)AKB48 (49)AKB48 (50)AKB48 (51)AKB48 (52)AKB48 (53)AKB48 (54)AKB48 (55)AKB48 (56)AKB48 (57)AKB48 (58)AKB48 (59)AKB48 (60)AKB48 (61)AKB48 (62)AKB48 (63)AKB48 (64)AKB48 (65)AKB48 (66)AKB48 (67)AKB48 (68)AKB48 (69)AKB48 (70)AKB48 (71)AKB48 (72)AKB48 (73)AKB48 (74)AKB48 (75)AKB48 (76)AKB48 (77)AKB48 (78)AKB48 (79)AKB48 (80)AKB48 (81)AKB48 (82)AKB48 (83)AKB48 (84)AKB48 (85)AKB48 (86)AKB48 (87)AKB48 (88)AKB48 (89)AKB48 (90)AKB48 (91)AKB48 (92)AKB48 (93)AKB48 (94)AKB48 (95)AKB48 (96)AKB48 (97)

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~Very Bunny~♥

  1. hydeo says:

    i remember wtaching the making and kasai really scared of usagis hahaha is so funny


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