~Sasshi~~> HKT48

Sashihara Rino♥

So when did AkiP become Roger Goodell? Actually he’s always been such…judge, jury and executioner. And no chance for an appeal here as everything was done so publicly in the media and now her transfer to HKT48 final.

HKT48? REally? I don’t want to ever sound demeaning but it is what it is, this is perhaps the end result of Sasshi biting the hand that fed her so much till now…solo career just beginning with great success….first solo photo book a great success….making senbatsu at #4 an amazing success and all of this climbing up which she deserved every bit of. So once again it’s the idols and forbidden dating rule and I could argue till the cows come home in her defense as I wholly believe that a girl’s natural health and wellbeing and development so much includes in these years of adolescence the essence of dating and romance…a heart filled relationship. However when you place pen to signing that idol contract one becomes forbidden from this part of life and now like so many before her Sasshi’s relationship has become public and AkiP has spoken in finality. In some sense I can believe that AkiP himself must perhaps feel betrayed to a point and even through his well rehearsed words and in his statement it’s all too clear I think…the ‘yellow card’ warning of a few years ago and now Sasshi’s gotten the red. Sasshi’s transfer to HKT48 will have some days yet to stir in hers as well as her fellow members minds and upon her final stage performance as an A team member of AKB48 on June 20th all will truly feel much more final. I can’t even imagine how much emotions will be running high on that day leading up to and including the performance. And what of Not yet?…is Sasshi also out of Not yet? =(

One thing that must be understood is how big this really is going beyond the title of AKB48 member being stripped from you in that Sasshi’s move to a single generation group who’s still finding their identity and is very much still in the building stage without even a “whole” 48 to speak of…not only will HTK48 rise as a group with her addition and at the same time perhaps fall individually with the other girls as Sasshi’s larger than life presence there relatively speaking will surely be the center of their very being now, but Sasshi’s life in entirety will have changed drastically. Again the group change is the backdrop to the direct affects on her life and lifestyle as Sasshi will have to now move far away from her familiar surroundings and perhaps the only positive spin akiP could afford for Sasshi’s happiness if she can even muster an ounce of that now is in her relocation meaning she’d then be living much nearer to her family~.

How Sasshi connects with fans and really her personal fandom and connection with fellow idols from near and far stand out so much, this is so unbelievable it’s cornering on surreal like Sasshi’s living out some sort of Greek~tragedy or something.

For me I really don’t know how I go from here. While I’ve never seriously considered following HKT48 as AKB48 and all of its sub~groups and solo ventures already keep me happily and fully occupied with so much, what about Sasshi? I’m pretty certain that her debut solo single is now at least for the time being her only solo work in akiP’s mind but like any fan you’d want so much to continue to support your favorites♥ and when it comes to Sasshi my heart is with her.

Sashihara Rino♥

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Sasshi~~> HKT48

  1. hydeo says:

    poor sasshi, its really normal this day an ex-bf envy about the girl get so much fame and success so they try to broke her in pieces with old things and lot of lies

    if u look the date he said the things, sasshi has 15 years and i doubt she do something so wrong there -.-‘

    but weel get the media = get the bomb on hand and wait to explode

    hope she dont lose much more ;\
    i remember she posting her real fans has encouraging her on handshake ^^ (after the rumors)


    • It’s really sad and unfortunate that this nobody decided to do this suddenly and really what was the point….his five minutes of fame? He got them and now they’re over and Sasshi now has to suffer the consequences. She handled it so well I think…the best you could do with such an unexpected and unfair situation. U~n I totally agree. A lot of this is his word against hers and she took the high road and didn’t say too much although I know it can’t all be true….there’s no way it can be. On her blog yes! her fan support has been immense!!!!! It’ll be difficult moving to HKT48 but if anyone can make it work and succeed it’ll be Sasshi~♥ =).


      • hydeo says:

        well, the guy who do this with her probably go suffer later in life ^^, because he do this because of his angry or envy about sasshi

        the problem is they dont know where put sasshi there, team H has formed, and is unfair put her in other teams seeing the kks of hkt has fighting to enter in the other teams ;\\

        so i dont know what going on to her :\

        i think when the fire get out, she go back to akb, akip mantain her in not yet so i think she is not out of akb too ^^

        and in akb page she is not removed, only placed in other place outside the team


        • U~n they only have Team H formed so that is a dilemma =/….and a very good point that the kenkyuusei there would be most likely bothered if Sasshi takes one of their potential places in the next formed team….although no one would say that publicly I imagine but they still may be thinking it in their minds. Still Sasshi is like a~all~star for lack of a better term to use here in regards to going to HKT48 from the mothership AKB48 so they’d need to really honor her presence and know that it can only help drive up their popularity overall in time.

          I was wondering about that exact thing the other day like what will happen with her being in Not yet…..very very relieved to know that she’ll still be with Yuko and Kitarie there as best friends so at least they’ll still be together in a sense even with her being in HKT48 for now. I do wonder if this could only be a temporary move by AkiP?? I do hope so but I’m not confident that that’ll be the case….I wish~* wish~* for it very much to be true!

          So she’s still listed in Team A? Very interesting in a good good way =).

          I firmly believe in karma so Sasshi will be okay and that guy maybe not so much with girls in the future.


          • hydeo says:

            yah, i dont know whats going on so… and a tv program show other pics of sasshi… if that ones is really true, sasshi go be more troubled yet…
            yah agree with sasshi can make hkt be more popular, but i think she dont go enter in a team so early

            i think she go back to akb if dont have more pics on media -.-”, otherwise if appears more explicit pics shasshi go be really in trouble… ;\

            well i really like sasshi, so hope 70% what has said is false things, so we dont go lose her :\


            • I’m thinking that AkiP will stick with his current punishment although he tries his very best to make it sound not like a punishment. I can’t blame Sasshi for any of this…I mean I totally side with the idol rule being overly stretched although at the same time I totally understand it and why it’s there. lol I sound conflicted but hopefully you know what I mean by that. There must be a plan so that Sasshi will be in a team right away I hope~*.

              Humans are sexual I don’t know what to say….but I hope nothing more comes out as it’s all so unnecessary at this point really =(.

              U~n me too….very much.


              • hydeo says:

                i think he know what to do 😛
                well if u see is something before she get on idol places -.-‘ so dont make sense, but u know wotas are the worst ppl on there -.-
                yeh i htink she go to a team so soon too

                i think have fake images there on the pics the guy show haehaea only to broke her popularity they do this


                • It’s sad for this to all come up so so much later and I agree it should be irrelevant now…it’s gotta be jealousy of some form or another just no other reason for any of this to come out now.


                  • hydeo says:

                    … the things i has reading this days… that is a joke they make with sasshi, but in the deep of this they get this things come from here….they know about sasshi relationship, and wanted she put it out…… so i dont understand why akip give permission to the ppl do this to sasshi………………


                    • Sounds a bit complicated…I don’t know of all the angles here. Like she was asked to admit those things publicly?….at first I thought it was all retroactive after that guy put those things out about her but you’re saying she brought it up first? If that’s true I did not know that….sounds like a strange situation and really all of this….why?


                    • hydeo says:

                      i dont get why all of this too…
                      maybe the staffs know about this… or maybe has some plan to change her to hkt “?” “oh she broke the idol rules”.. so trnasfer her to another group as punishiment….

                      i really dont get it too
                      today she performed the first time with hkt… she looks happy there


  2. @Hydeo…saw her post the other day and she does sound to be very happy there so we’ll see how this all turns out for her :). I hate to think it was all to just make an example out of her so that the other girls will think twice about breaking that rule so it’s hard to say what other motive there could have been otherwise.


    • hydeo says:

      look like her really get inside team H, so i think the team go stay with 17 girls.

      thinking in this way make a lot of sense, seeing 80% of HKT girls are U-15, so make they think about what they can do or cant do.

      talking about hkt girls, they released a magazine with hkt :P… is a mizugi scans… and a little strange seeing all girls are really young to mizugi gravure yet ….


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