~Where have you gone, Team 4 Ricchan…?

..a nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)

Well Kawaei Rina or “Ricchan” may be known to be a bit tomboyish in nature but here UTB+ features all of her girlish~charms* and really where did she go during this year’s general election? I don’t hear about her really but what stands out is her popularity you hear about with her interaction with fans like at their handshake events where her queue and even for a recently promoted from Kenkyuusei to Team 4 is said to be quite long~. Anyway I may be a bit “attracted” to the tomboyish types Ricchan included~♥.

UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (26)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (27)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (28)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (29)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (30)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (31)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Where have you gone, Team 4 Ricchan…?

  1. hydeo says:

    so u like kawaeii too 😛 kawaii aheah

    she have a nice body ^^
    and is so kawaii

    if u watch the akb programs, in especial nemouso, u can see her a lot 🙂


    • I’ve seen her a few times but as far as photo shoots this was the first I’ve seen her in mizugi so it took me by surprise here….U~n she’s got the most adorable face!! I hear she’s touted as the ace of Team 4 and yet where is she in the general election? =/


      • hydeo says:

        have other 2 times she appears with mizugi on magazines, take a search and u go found, is little recents too
        i dont know, if u look ske has getting lot more fans than akb this days UG group has make by 80% SKE girls hehe

        and kawaei appears a lot at shuukan akb too ;3


        • Mmm..you find everything don’t you =)!…it’s totally the impression I’ve been getting like she’s so much a popular member with fans…so even more puzzling with this general election….?? I think she’ll definitely make senbatsu in the future, the way she’s going….just a matter of time she’s very endearing♥!


          • hydeo says:

            not everything haha, sometimes i dont find ;\ hahaha
            i dont think have more puzzling
            kawaei i like this because the sound of kawaii hahaha i always write kawaii so i see what the name has wrong haha

            i agree with u, i think she go grow fast inside akb and soon get more attention and this things :3, so hope they dont drop her suddenly like they do with akicha


            • lol you lie =P!! It’s like you’ve seen everything xD. It’s the perfect last name for any aspiring idol….so true with cute nearly spelled right in….ah how perfect is that =).

              I can’t understand how Akicha dropped so quickly in the eyes of fans =(…like she just had a solo DVD last year and she’s in French Kiss with Yukirin and Kuromochi…..it’s very puzzling….plus she’s such a endearing personality from what I’ve seen of her, how could one not adore her? Ricchan…..maybe I’ll vote for her next time I think =).


              • hydeo says:

                not lie ahaha
                haha i think she get confused lot of time too like: “kawaii” rina: “what ?” hahahaha

                me neither :\, she grow so fast and drop so fast… i think is because akip stop give her places and “jobs”… maybe she in the same unit as yukirin make her lost her image, because if u think yukirin call much more attention than akicha… u know body and this things -.-‘

                haha she go be happy if u vote on her :3


                • Kawaei…kawaii..it’s close enough and all idols need some sort of personal catch~phrase sooner or later so she’s already got one in her name =D.

                  I dunno….you mean like Yukirin’s butt and boobs gaining all the attention…nah akicha’s cute too~♥! Mmm you really don’t like Yukirin very much do you lol =P.


                  • hydeo says:

                    i dont remember her catch phrase aheahea

                    yah like this hahaha, and mocchi too, the 2 have much more body than akicha haha, but yuki is more famous there so the 2 lost lots of attention…

                    is not like i dont like yuki

                    but i prefer akicha and mocchi than yuki haha, akicha is really amazing hyper cute hahaha


                    • I wonder what it is….like all idols have a catchphrase or something they like to say all the time even if it’s a bit ordinary =D.

                      Well when I listen to French Kiss they all really sing well together and in solo parts so talent wise vocally I think they’re all pretty even there and next I’d go to their individual personalities and how they interact…Yukirin does seem as sweet as anyone else. So it is her boobs hah!! =P I have her in magazines but I’ve never purchased any of her solo photo books so I’m not sure what type of image she’s sending in those but I imagine she must be seducing the camera like crazy….! I too have Akicha ranked higher than Yukirin and I so agree about her cuteness!!


                    • hydeo says:


                      but probably she use the kawaii hahah

                      haha in french kiss i really only follow because mocchi and akicha

                      hope akicha start to grow again, miss her :\… and she post so low now on her blog :\


  2. @Hydeo…I can’t imagine the disappointment I mean what she must be feeling inside after making senbatsu and now dropping so many spots lower :(. But it’s like it wasn’t that long ago that she was senbatsu so I’m thinking she should keep most positive that she’ll be right back there again. In fact I was just watching SmapxSmap episodes from just last year and saw her in this one….



    • hydeo says:

      oh akicha 🙂
      anyway ppl go much after the choice of others or only look for the top oones and forget in back have more talented girls too :\


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